A/N: This takes place after their ranger-hood. Please R&R!

Mike and Emily were going to get married, "Hey Emily are you excited?" Mia asked as she sat down in a chair beside Emily who was getting her wedding dress on.

"No, I'm nervous!" Emily said as she pulled the veil in front of her face.

"Don't worry Emily, you'll be fine." Mia said as she got up and patted Emily on the back.

"I hope you're right." Emily said then she took in a deep breath.

Meanwhile Mike was fighting Kevin because Kevin was trying to get Mike's suit on him, "Get out Kev!" Mike screamed as he ripped his suit out of Kevin's hands, because Kevin was going to dunk it in water to 'clean it'.

"Mike you need someone who is smarter than you to put it on for you." Kevin said then he tried to take the suit out of Mike's hands.

Everything stops, "Ya know dude that didn't sound right, but when you think about it what you said doesn't make any sense at all!" Mike said then he pushed Kevin on the floor.

"Yes it does! I will put it on for you!" Kevin said as he got back up and pointed his index finger at Mike.

"That's gross man!" Mike screamed then Mike and Jayden shoved Kevin out.

"YOU BOTH ARE IDIOTS!" Kevin screamed as he fell down on a wet floor and slid away from them, and then Jayden left to go check on the progress of the wedding.

At the wedding Mike was standing at the altar trying not to shake because he was so nervous, 'Okay Mike just calm down it's okay, just stop worrying.' Mike thought to himself as Emily came walking down the altar with Ji handing her off.

Then the priest married them, and they would have at least three kids.