Shiki Taiga and Dorumon - Princess Luna (Ruki44)

Gikou Sorako and Watarigarasumon - Greed

Tyson Mills and Impmon - Soarin'

Ari Utagua and BlackGuilmon - Samuel Joesph Pie


Kasami Rin - Princess Luna (Ruki44)

Ishi Amani - Samuel Joseph Pie


kami- God

Urusai yo - You're annoying.

Nan dayo, sore? Omae wa totemo hazukashii patonaa da yo! Chanto ore to hanasuzo! - What the hell is that? You're the most useless partner ever! Talk to me properly! (Extremely rude way of saying it)

Ochitsuke - Calm down

Zen wa ichi, ichi wa zen - All is one, one is all

Kuso ningen - Damn human

Sorako Gikou desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. - I'm Gikou Sorako. Pleased to meet you. (extremely formal)

Ochibi-san - Little guy

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Enter Tyson and the Grand Fight

Oct. 16

It was late when Tyson finally got out of his band gig. The streets were practically empty, save the few assorted people here and there. He didn't pay them that much mind as he walked home, preferring to keep to himself. That was until he was suddenly he tripped. He began to get up when he heard laughter. He looked around to see where it was coming from. What he saw shocked him so much he took a double check too believe what he was seeing.

It looked as though an small imp was laughing at him. Upon noticing that he had seen it, it began to run. Tyson thought he was hallucinating or at the receiving end of some cruel prank, but hurried after the imp nonetheless. Unlike the other kids in his gym class, he could catch up with this little guy.

"Gotcha!" he yelled as he grabbed the imp. He half expected it to be a stuffed animal but nearly screamed when it talked.

"Hey let go of me!" It screeched.

"-the heck!" Tyson exclaimed in shock as he let go and backed away. "You can talk? What are you?"
The imp sighed dramatically.

"Well if you must know, I'm Impmon," The imp introduced itself. Fitting name. "And yes I can talk. I'm a Digimon, but I'm not going to explain too much, things would get complicated." Tyson sighed. This was just too weird. He had known about Digimon from the card game, but that's all he thought it was. A card game.

"Well at least come with me," he told the imp. "Most people would probably freak out more than I did." That would be something which would be great to avoid if at all possible.

"Ooh that sounds like fun! Thanks for the idea," Impmon said with a little smirk. Tyson face palmed. Impmon seemed to be getting the wrong idea, whatever that may be.

"No, no, no, no, no. Since I already know about you, I might as well take care of you." Impmon frowned, and crossed his arms across his chest.

"Fine, suck out all my fun," he grumbled before giving another dramatic sigh. "Whatever, I guess I've got no other choice." Tyson let loose of sigh of relief he wasn't aware he was holding.

"Great, now to think of a way to sneak you back into my house." Tyson thought for a second before an idea came to mind. He opened his guitar case and pulled his guitar out, slinging it over his shoulder. Turning to Impmon, he motioned for the Digimon to get inside.

"It will be tight but you can probably fit in here." Impmon, however, looked appalled at the idea.

"You've gotta be freakin kidding me! I'm not getting in there!" Tyson was not in the mood for arguments.

"Just get in the bloody case."

"Alright, alright I'm going," Impmon grumbled once it realized Tyson meant business." I still think it would be better if we freaked your mom out."

"Great, now I own a pet imp Digimon," Tyson said as a purple D-arc materialized on a strap on his coat without his noticing.


"Are you sure it's around here somewhere Dorumon?" Shiki asked, as she kept checking between her D-arc and the empty night streets.

It was two weeks after Shiki met that weird ass boy in the Digital World, and the two hadn't had a chance to go into the Digital World again, although they were planning another trip in the near future. Hopefully they would be able to do their objective this time. Although Dorumon didn't say exactly what the DLF was ("the DLF is the DLF") Shiki had the distinct feeling it wasn't good. Although what it was exactly wasn't her business, she had just promised Dorumon she would help him out.

But between her duties for school, track and field, cram school and working at her family's music store, it was hard to find enough time to go into the Digital World; although the off and on appearance of Digimon was proving good for getting Dorumon experience in fighting. He was doing rather well, although Shiki was trying to use the least amount of Digi Modify cards as possible in between getting Dorumon to actually fight.Dorumon had the power, he just didn't have the heart.

But on her way back from cram school, Dorumon had told her he had sensed a Digimon nearby, so now they were looking for it.

"I'm positive!" Dorumon insisted before looking around, seeing a boy with a guitar case walking down the street. "Hey, let's ask him if he has seen anything strange."

"OK, but de-digivolve to your In-Training mode," Shiki told him. Shiki had learned the names of the different levels of Digivolution. Apparently Dorumon can evolve further. If they could get him to get to those levels, he would be the strongest ever.

Dorumon nodded and after a flash of bright light Dorimon stood in his place. Shiki bent down and picked up her partner before walking up to the boy.

"Hey you-MILLS?" Indeed it was Tyson Mills, a boy who was in her class. He was an emo, quiet boy who was horrendous in gym.


Tyson hurried off, he didn't want to get in trouble for being home late again and he certainly couldn't use "I found a Digimon and brought it home" as an excuse.

He looked up to see a girl coming toward him. Upon further inspection he recognized her as Shiki Taiga, the popular girl from his class. However, the two weren't on the best terms, so he kept his head down hoping to avoid confrontation. However, that plan was quickly shot when she called out to him.

"Hey you-MILLS!"


"Oh hey Shiki, I mean Taiga," Tyson silently cursed the Japanese culture which required him to call people by their last name. "What brings you out here so late?"


Shiki put her hand on her hip, the other holding Dorimon, ignoring his slip up for the time being.

"I was at cram school," she told him with a frown. "More importantly, what are you doing out so late you slouch? I mean you certainly aren't getting any exercise, that's for sure. Although, it wouldn't hurt. Then maybe you could run fast enough to catch up the 2nd graders."


Tyson paid no attention to the insult; he has grown accustomed to this type of thing, especially coming from Shiki.

"I was at a band gig," he told her, holding up his guitar case as proof.

He then noticed the stuffed animal in Shiki's arm. She didn't seem like the type of person to carry one around; maybe she was just being ironic. He recognized the animal to be of a Digimon; he used to play the card game when he was younger. More Digimon, just what he needs right now.

"Well, whatever," Shiki waved it off, completely uninterested. "Have you seen anything weird around here lately?" Might as well ask, although she didn't expect much considering it was coming from Tyson.

The more things that happened, the more Tyson got the feeling that Shiki knew what happened earlier and was trying to taunt him with it. Why else would she appear asking if he saw anything weird right after he found Impmon? The timing was too perfect.

Then again, if she did know things, she could tell him what is going on. Even if she didn't, showing Shiki an imp that was hiding in his guitar case would probably bring a satisfactory freak out and give just desserts.

"Well now that you mention it, yes, something odd did happen tonight." He bent down and opened his guitar case.

"Aww man it's cramped in there!" Impmon exclaimed as he jumped out of the case.


Gikou was busy studying for his high school entrance exam when he felt a very obnoxious pecking on his forehead. He sighed.

"What is it, Watarigarasumon? You're so impatient ever since you Digivolved, I can't get you to calm down. Urusai yo."

"Nan dayo, sore? Omae wa totemo hazukashii patonaa da yo! Chanto ore to hanasuzo!"

"Fine, fine, I get it. I'll speak English. What is it thistime? Another Wild One?"

"Yes! Yes! Come on, get off your lazy ass! Don't you want to get your blood flowing?"

"Not really. I'm studying. Go fight him yourself."

"But I need your cards, as much as I hate to say it! Move!" Gikou grunted in annoyance.

"Fine. But after this, you let me study, you little prick."

He fetched his D-Arc, which was firmly planted under no less than three pillows, a comforter, and a futon, to make sure he couldn't hear its incessant beeping. At least I'll get more data for Watarigarasumon. Maybe if I get enough he'll calm down.

Throwing on his hoodie and grabbing his aviator sunglasses, he pulled up his hood and left his house, following Watarigarasumon towards the Wild One.


"I knew I was right!" Dorimon said excitedly as he hopped out of Shiki's arms as an imp came out of Tyson's guitar case. "I told you there was another Digimon around her somewhere Shiki!"

Shiki was surprised that Tyson Mills of all people had a Digimon. She took out her D-arc and a picture of an imp appeared.

Virus Type
Main Attack: Badda-Boom

But what was Tyson doing with an Impmon? That's when she noticed a dark purple Digivice on his hip; it was a D-arc, just like hers. Tyson was a Tamer, just like her. She was about to say something when her D-arc (and Tyson's as well) beeped like crazy, a compass appearing on the screen.

Another Wild One.

"Leave that one to the dogs Dorimon," she told him as she grinned. "He won't be worth our time in a fight if he has Mills as a partner. Come on, a Wild One just appeared over by the park it seems. Let's go!"

Dorimon looked up at her and beamed, glad she wasn't forcing him to fight another partner Digimon.

"Right Shiki!" He agreed and in a flash of light he Digivolved into Dorumon. "See you later Mills! Impmon!"

With that, the two ran off towards the park leaving Impmon and Tyson behind without a word.


Gikou stood calmly in the midst of the Digital Field, wearing his aviator sunglasses and looking at what stood at the center. He looked at his D-Arc to get information on the Digimon.

Rookie Level
Vaccine Type
Main Attack: Plastic Blaze

Gikou chuckled. This thing's a total joke. I'll kill it in ten seconds flat.

"Watarigarasumon! Get him!"

"I don't need your orders to know that! Tsubasakiri!"

Wararigarasumon's wings hardened to a razor edge as he dove towards ToyAgumon.

"Plastic Blaze!"

Watarigarasumon had to swerve to dodge the attack. Clearly pissed, he whirled around and began to recklessly attack from behind. Gikou watched dispassionately as he neared his target.


Curses! Not only had Shiki not explained anything to him, but she had cleverly dissed him in the process. He seriously hated that woman.

"Looks like you are officially my partner. So, you're a Tamer huh?" Impmon questioned after Shiki ran off to kami knows where.

"I guess, but what exactly is a tamer?" Tyson asked, confused about the terminology. Impmon seemed to think about it for a moment.

"Well, from what I can tell from your Digivice and from what I know from the stories, you can use some sort of cards and swipe them into your D-arc, that purple thing," Impmon pointed to the D-arc which Tyson didn't realize was on his belt loop until just now. "They power me up and make it so I can fight better."

"I see," Tyson mused. Cards huh? He had a feeling he knew exactly what Impmon was talking about. "Well its best if we get home."

After getting home, and getting an earful from his mother about how he shouldn't be home so late, Tyson went into his room and let Impmon out again. He then went to his closet and began rummaging through his stuff.

"Watcha doin?" Impmon inquired curiously as Tyson threw objects on the floor behind him in his quest to find what he was looking for.

"Looking for this" Tyson replied finally as he pulled out a black binder. He opened it up to show that inside of it were tons of Digimon cards that he had collected over the years. "Would these work with the uhh… D-arc?"

"Yea, where did you get those things?" Impmon asked in wonderment as Tyson flipped through the pages.

"I used to be obsessed with this game when I was younger," Tyson explained. "Looks like keeping them around was a good idea."

He then began to go through the binder and started taking out the best modify cards he had. Once he had chosen 20 of his very finest, he put them in a small plastic box which he affixed to his belt.

"Alright, let's toughen you up so we can prove Taiga wrong about us," he told Impmon, excited at the prospect of making Taiga eat her words. Impmon grinned as well.

"Now we're talking!"


They ran into the park, noticing a rather large Digital Field. Shiki took out her sunglasses from her school bag, and put them on. They were black, just like the rest of her track outfit.

"Come on Dorumon," she said grinning and ran through the field. As they neared the center, they noticed what seemed to be a Lego dinosaur fighting some sort of raven. And the toy dinosaur was winning. Not that it surprised Shiki; Legoes hurt like a bitch when stepped on.

"Dorumon, smash that Lego bastard to pieces," she told her partner. Dorumon looked at Shiki nervously.

"But that raven is fighting it," he told her, obviously not wanting to butt into the fight. Shiki gestured towards the battle.

"And getting his ass kicked," she told him. "Think about it this way; you're lending the poor bastard a helping hand."

"Ok," Dorumon relented before running towards the toy monster. "Dash Metal!"

With a well aimed strike, Dorumon utterly destroyed the monster. Shiki grinned. He was getting better. It was only a matter of time before he could take back his village if he kept improving at this rate.


Gikou was shocked for a brief moment. Some other Digimon had come in and defeated the one he was fighting? But that had never happened! He wasn't even aware anything else could enter a Digital Field.

Composing himself, he began to order his Digimon. "Watarigarasumon. Absorb that dat-"

Watarigarasumon wheeled on the newcomer. "Just who the hell do you think you are, stealing my prey like that? That little bastard almost singed my wings! He deserved retribution from me, not some low-life Dorumon! Get the hell out of my sight!" Gikou sighed.

"Oh, will you just give it a rest? It's not that big a deal, the Digimon's defeated either way. Our job here's done."

"NO! He stole my prey, so now he's my prey! Kamisori Boomerang!"

Gikou could only watch helplessly as Watarigarasumon threw himself at the newcomer. If he would just listen to me, he'd realize I can keep him from losing. Oh, well. Can't hurt to let him get beaten this once, just so long as I can get him away before he gets totally defeated.


Ari lay on his back, staring at the ceiling. He had been trying to concentrate for the last few hours, lying there on his floor, on returning to sanity. It had been two weeks, and the small creature he'd called Orange-kun wouldn't leave. No matter how many times he woke up, or how many times he slapped himself across the face, it wouldn't vanish. He was beginning to think he might be hallucinating, or maybe the creature was some sort of clever trick. As Gigimon bit down on his ear, he tried not to scream. If he was a trick, he was a very, very good trick.

"Mr. Meanie! We haven't fought any other meanies at all! This isn't time for sleeping!" said Gigmon, yelling into Ari's ear as loud as he could. Ari tried to ignore the small creature, but Gigimon wouldn't be ignored. "There's probably loads of other Digimon out there having fights, and all you do is sit here in your room!" Ari didn't respond, and Gigimon grabbed his hood and tried to drag him out the door. "Come on, let's fight something!"

Suddenly, Ari remembered he was supposed to be somewhere. Cursing lightly under his breath, he grabbed a roll of tape on his dresser and a small metal object. Gigimon jumped excitedly, scrambling into Ari's hood. "Oh boy, am I going to fight a meanie?"

Ari grinned despite himself, and despite his rule, talked to the small creature. "Not quite yet, Orange-kun. I've got a fight in ten minutes with a dumb pile of rocks named Ishi." He could hear Gigimon gasp as he started for the door. "Oh boy, are you going to Digivolve if you beat him?" Ari ignored him, but he kept going excitedly. As they passed the living room, Gigimon caught sight of Ari's mom. "Is that what you're going to Digivolve into, Mr. Meanie?"

"Sure, sure," said Ari, headed for the elevator. The fight was supposed to be at the usual spot, an alleyway past the old park, and he couldn't miss it. Ishi had hit him in the back of the head, and he'd punched him back, so they needed to settle things with a proper fight. Grabbing his bicycle, he started pedaling down the street, Gigimon laughing in glee as they sped through the late evening air.


Dorumon was panicking. All he was doing was helping him! If it wasn't for him, this raven would have had his butt kicked! But now he was attacking him?

"Dorumon! Use Metal Cannon!" Shiki's command knocked him out of his revive, and he quickly opened his mouth, following Shiki's instructions. She knew best after all.

"Metal Cannon!" The attack hit the raven at point blank, sending him spiraling backwards. With a growl, the raven flew up high before rushing at him again. He was nose bombing him. Dorumon quickly scampered backwards as the raven hit the ground face first. Dorumon flinched in sympathy. That looked like it had to hurt.

Shiki was watching the whole thing between this raven and Dorumon, and she had burst out laughing when the raven hit the ground.

"Oh my God," She howled, clutching her sides in laughter. "That was so pathetic! You're so weak.It wasn't even worth the effort! There would have been more of a fight from an In-Training Digimon!"


The red blinking light disappeared off the radar as soon as it appeared. Rin clucked his tongue in disapproval. Even though for the most part the abominations disappeared as quickly as they appeared, there was still some lurking around that haven't managed to be killed off yet.

It pissed him off to no end he could do nothing but watch. The firewall had been weakening as of late, and that worried him. He had no idea why this was the case, but he knew that this spelled trouble especially if his superiors had caught wind of it. Luckily so far, there had been no riots due to the weakened firewall, but he wasn't sure how long that was going to last.

Something had to be done, and soon. They needed more power. They needed the power to do something. He just needed to get it.


Gikou swallowed his anger. Ochitsuke. Harsh words solve nothing. Maintain focus. Logic, and reason. Zen wa ichi, ichi wa zen. Peace.He repeated his mantra to himself until he was able to feel his normal calm again.

Composed, he turned his attention to the newcomer. It was a girl of average height, with tan skin and blond hair. She looked too perfect, as if someone had drawn her to life rather than being born an actual human. The type of person you'd see on TV. It disgusted Gikou. Life had flaws; anyone who said otherwise was fooling themselves. She appeared to be on the track team, for she was still wearing her uniform, and by the way she carried herself and talked, Gikou could gather that she had a rather inflated opinion of herself. His opinion of her, however, fell with each passing moment.

"He wasn't weak, he just never landed a hit. Watarigarasumon was always a hasty one; he never likes to listen to me, and he just dives into battle without thinking. I figure he had that beating a long time coming, frankly."

"H-hey, don't talk about me like I'm not here...kuso ningen..." Ignoring Watarigarasumon's weak reply, Gikou went on.

"Just because you beat him doesn't mean he's weak, it just means his strengths weren't applied to their fullest extent. You'll never win consistently with an attitude like that."


Shiki grinned as she placed her hand on Dorumon's head lightly. A Tamer with a Digimon that didn't even listen to him? These two were weak excuses for fighters.

"The creed of the weak," she snorted. "Stop making God damn excuses for yourself and him, and work on getting better. Besides, Dorumon hasn't lost a battle yet, and he doesn't even like to fight. The way I'm doing things seem to be working. Perhaps you should take pointers?"


Gikou's stare turned flat. Inside, he was roiling. This person was really the worst kind of person.

"If you're so good at fighting, I'd like to see you land even one punch on me. As for your Digimon, if you're forcing it to kill other Digimon, you're no less weak than I, a Tamer who is, as of yet, incapable of getting his Digimon to do anything he wants it to. You're too weak to listen to its opinions; Digimon have feelings too. They live just like us. Let it have its own way, and we'll see how much your strength amounts to. As for physical strength, I'm willing to bet you can't even move me ten feet. Care to try?"


Ari slid to a stop outside the old park, leaping from his bicycle and trying to find that dumbass Ishi. He'd just gotten a message; Ishi wanted to change locations. Now it was the park, not the alley, and Ari could only help but wonder why he hadn't been informed of this change of plans.

Wrapping the tape around his knuckles, he placed the small metal object between two of his fingers and wrapped it in the tape. Gigimon looked at it with curiosity and whispered into his ear.

"Uh...Mr. Meanie, what's that?" Ari grinned a little, then finished wrapping his knuckles.

"That, my friend, is what I like to call my tsuribari, my hook. If things look bad, I switch hands and-" Ari made a slashing motion with his fist. "Hooks em'. Doesn't do much all wrapped up, but it causes more hitting then my normal punches." Gigimon stared at the hidden object with distaste.

"Seems kind of unfair, Mr. Meanie." Ari shrugged it off and scoped the park. Where was that idiot? He'd probably forgotten where the park was. Suddenly, he felt a sharp bite on his ear. Yelping in pain, he felt Gigimon hop excitedly to the ground.

"Look, Mr. Meanie! Queen Meanie's over there with another Digmon and his partner!" Ari looked over and noticed that the girl from the weird dream where he'd met Orange-kun was in fact in the middle of the park, standing across from some other boy and what looked like a crow. But that wasn't what drew Ari's attention the most. What drew his attention the most was that the other boy looked ready to fight.

Hopping over the fence, Ari sat down next to Gigimon.

"Oh, this'll be a good one." He propped himself against the fence and grinned wickedly. "This is going to be great."


Gikou stood, staring calmly at the girl. No emotion. No expression. There was only him, and her. He mentally prepared himself for a fight, focusing so intensely he blocked out all other stimuli.

If she wanted to accept his challenge, she would be in for a world of hurt.


"Don't say mean things about Shiki!" Dorumon cried, stepping protectively in front of his Tamer. "She's not forcing me to do anything! I wanted to protect my village, so I came here learning how to fight! She's helping me."

The boy snorted, obviously not believing what Dorumon was saying.

"Yeah, sure," he said sarcastically. This just proved to make Dorumon even more upset. Shiki chuckled and patted Dorumon's head as she stepped forward.

"It's OK, Dorumon," she told him. "If he doesn't believe you, I'll just make him believe you. Come on you, you said you wanted to fight right? Let's do this thing."

The boy gave a small smile as he turned slightly to the right and raised his left hand to shoulder height, palm out. His stance told Shiki he must be trained in fighting, but she wasn't sure what kind.

Shiki put her fists out in front of her like a boxer would, waiting for the boy to attack. A tense moment went by between the two, and Shiki realized if this thing was going to happen, she was going to have to throw the first punch.

Fine then. It would be her pleasure.

She rushes him, her body low to the ground. Well whatever type of training he had, there was no way he could keep up with her speed. She was the star of the track and field team after all. As she neared him, she moved to punch him right in the stomach. Let's see how he liked that.


Gikou watched dispassionately as she charged him. Watch. Perceive her movements. Leave out no detail.

The muscles in her right arm tensed. A punch? OK. He sidestepped as she wound up and punched, waiting for her fist to come level with his body. As it passed him, he pushed her elbow forward and to the side as he stuck out his leg to trip her. His leg connected with her shin, and she fell forward in a heap. He turned to face her again and waited patiently for her to pick herself up.


Shiki was taken by surprise. Well thatwas different. She quickly gets up, and puts distance between the two. She starts to circle the boy like a shark, thinking quickly. What can she do to get the upper hand? Her first attack was a failure, so it wouldn't be smart to do that again.

As she circled, he simply watched her, showing no emotion. Probably studying her, thinking he could predict her next move. Perhaps if she faked him out.

She rushes him again, pretending she didn't learn from the last time, but at the last second falls to the ground into a slide tackle.


Hmm? So she wants to try that? Alright, this'll be easy.

He aimed a quick kick at her ribs, and as expected, he made contact soundly.

What he didn't expect was for her to grab his legs and pull him with her.

To keep from being pinned, he spun around in her grip as he fell and landed on his hands and knees. So, she's a grappler? Let's see how she likes this. He prepared himself to elbow her directly in the face the moment she attempted to grab anywhere on his upper body.


Shiki grunted in pain as the kick contacted soundly with her rib cage. God, that hurt. Pushing it to the back of her mind, she grabbed firmly to his leg refusing to let go even as he fell to the ground. The minute he stopped moving she reached up and grabbed the back of his pants and pulled him backwards. Let's see how he liked being on the ground.


Gikou instinctively tucked into a ball and rolled out of the girl's grasp as she pulled him backwards. Upon reaching the end of his roll, he stood up using the remaining momentum. He stared at her- no, throughher.

Wow, she really fights dirty. I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for that.


As the boy began to roll backwards, Shiki realized it would do her no good to keep her grip on him and she let go, quickly standing up and putting distance between the two.

She turns and stares at him and wipes her mouth slightly.

He was redirecting her attacks. She needed a way to get around that. She needed to see his movements from a different angle. She rushed him again, but at the last moment she went backwards out of his reach.


Gikou tensed, and prepared for another charge that never came. She stopped at the last minute and backed off. Hmm...she's testing the waters. Guess I'll give her a little red herring.

Returning to his ready position, he got down low the next time she charged him, with a wide-set stance and arms spread, as if he was preparing to accept her charge without giving up an inch. If this worked as it should, she would either attempt to try force against force or go low on him. Either way, she was finished.

Again she charged, and again she pulled up short, and each time she did Gikou assumed his low stance and pretended to be getting more and more frustrated. This next one should be the real deal.


Ari hadn't realized it, but he was instinctively getting closer and closer to the fight, getting more and more into the conflict. He wasn't sure why they were fighting, but he honestly didn't care. It was a good fight, and as he watched the brawl he took a few mental notes. He knew a few blokes who had that sort of redirecting trick, and he'd always had trouble with it. Maybe he could figure out some way to counteract it or something.

Pretty soon he and Gigimon were just shy of the melee, and Ari was almost chanting for the fight to continue. It was eerily quiet, which he wasn't used during fights, but he held his tongue. He could see Gigimon peering over a bush, and heard him whisper.

"Should I learn to fight like them? Like Queen Meanie?" Ari waited for a moment before responding.

"Yeah, Orange-kun. Learn to fight like them."


Shiki stopped and studied him. It looked like he wanted to get her by the legs or something. Well, let's see how good he was at turning around. If she could get to a blind spot, she could get the advantage over him. She rushed him once again and as he lowered himself to the ground, she turned to the right last moment circling around him, skidding around as the boy raised himself.

She needed to get in his blind spot. She rushed him again, running in zig zags to get out of his line of sight.


Gikou stood there, calmly observing her while only turning his head and watching her out of his peripherals. The less movement, the better. No wasted effort. Perfect efficiency.

She zigzagged back and forth, attempting to find his blind spot. Eventually, she caught him while he was turning his head, and rushed forward, taking advantage of the opportunity.

Gikou heard her footsteps approach him, and what he saw out of the corner of his eye confirmed she was coming in for an attack. He waited until she was about three feet away, then suddenly turned, swinging his arm around his body to knock aside the kick he was sure would come. I'll knock her kick aside, and go in for the finish.


Shiki was taken by surprise by the sudden movement and stumbled backwards, reaching out to grab the hand that was coming around to steady herself. The movement kept her moving until he finally stopped.

There was a tense second between the two and before the boy could do anything, Shiki leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth before stepping backwards leaving the boy completely surprised and flabbergasted.

"Draw," she announced, deciding to acknowledge the boy had some fighting ability. She would have to be training with Dorumon so she wouldn't have to resort to using her feminine wiles to give herself an opening. But it was sure good to be female in instances like these. And it wasn't like she was a romantic. She didn't see what the big deal about kissing and first kisses were. Completely stupid if you asked her. It was even worse that entire books were written about the things.

But they were useful as a tool, she would give it that.

"Shiki?" Dorumon questioned as she walked toward her partner. She grinned at him.

"And that's why having boobs is a good thing." She told him with a wink before waving toward the boy. "See you later! You're welcome by the way! Consider that a pity kiss because I doubt you'll ever get laid!"


Gikou's eyes widened, and his face turned red. He didn't know what to think. He was surprised, embarrassed, insulted, and a bit giddy. He'd never been kissed before. It was quite nice.

As for who it was with, the jury was still out on her. She could definitely handle herself in a fight, but she fought dirty, especially with that kiss. He was going to have to learn how to wrestle. She seemed to like grappling, and it kept him from using his abilities to their fullest.

Watarigarasumon landed on his shoulder, smiling knowingly at his blushing face.

"Oh, so you found yourself a girlfriend? Good! Maybe you'll stop being so cold and emotionless. It's creepy, you know." Gikou directed a level stare at his partner.

"Whatever poor soul falls for her, I pity them. I was only surprised because I'd never kissed a girl, not because it was her. She won't get me so easily next time." Staring harder, he continued, "You, on the other hand, need to control your temper. You nearly brained yourself just because he stole your prey. Learn to listen to me; I know what I'm talking about."


Ari laughed as Shiki walked past, standing up from his post and heading towards the other boy.

"Excellent finishing blow there, Tuggy. Really devastating." Shiki, however, ignored him. She was too busy talking about boobs to her Digimon. He tried to control his grin as he walked up to the other boy. "So, I see you've met Tuggy Shigi, resident pain in the ass." Holding out a hand, he grinned. "Utagau Ari. Pretty good fight there. Stick around and you'll get to see me fight a whale called Ishi, if you're in the mood to watch instead of being in the thick of it."


Gikou looked, expression displaying no emotion, towards the newcomer.

"She took me by surprise. Won't happen again. And I don't fight unless I have to. If whoever you're about to fight attacks me, I'll step in." He bowed formally. "Sorako Gikou desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu."

He looked past Ari at the tiny red dragon-shaped Digimon that was following him around. He held up his D-Arc towards it and looked at the display.

In-Training Level
Virus Type
Main Attack: Hot Bite

"So you're a Tamer too? Where's your D-Arc?"


Ari stared at the device in Sorako's hand and tried to think up a response.

"Uh, I'm not sure what you're talking about." He had seen the crow-thing earlier, but he had been fairly certain he'd been hallucinating. "I'm just a normal guy. I don't even have a pet."

He could feel Gigimon hop into his hood and flinched. If this Gikou was part of the trick, he really didn't want to give him the satisfaction of breaking him down. "Pretty cool slider thing you have there."

"Oh, for crying out loud," he heard Orange-kun say from his hood. Gigimon jumped out and glared at him. "He's got a Digimon! You don't have to be all scared about keeping me secret from him!" Ari tried to ignore Gigimon as he continued to talk. "Anyway, Mr. Meanie here is my Partner! His device doesn't look like that one though."


Gikou was confused.

"Why wouldn't he have the D-Arc? I thought he was a Tamer, too. He has you, after all. Are there different types of Digimon partnerships?"

He looked directly at Ari. "Can you Digivolve him, or use cards to power him up? Can you tell where Wild Ones are?"


Ari scratched his head and tried to remember what Gigimon had said the words meant. "Uh, no cards, no. My device thing just shows some dots around school, mostly. It doesn't have a slider like yours."

Gigimon puffed out the little area below his neck that Ari presumed was his chest and grinned. "I do Digivolve! When I do, I'm BlackGuilmon, and I'm super awesome and can fight meanies better!" He glared at Ari after saying that. "Or I would, if Mr. Meanie here would let me."


Watarigarasumon hissed at Gigimon when he said he Digivolved into BlackGuilmon. Gikou looked at him.

"What's wrong?"

"He's a black Digimon. Virusblack. Those types are my worst enemies!"

"Oh, calm down," Gikou told Watarigarasumon. "He's not going to attack. Are you, ochibi-san?"


Gigimon stared at Watarigarasumon for a bit before responding gleefully.

"Nope! I only attack meanies, and you seem nice enough." Ari glanced around the park as the conversation continued, and groaned. "Uh, it looks like Ishi gave me the slip. He probably forgot where the park was or something."

Looking over the Gikou again, Ari tried to push the Digimon from his mind. He was imagining things. He'd just met a really good fighter in the park, and they'd probably talked about dogs or something. Or maybe cats. Anything but talking crow monsters and Orange-kun still existing.

"Well, I've got to go. I guess I'll see you around?" Ari said, starting to unwrap the tape around his hands. "I live down the street."


"Hmm? Oh, I live at the Sorako Dojo. It's pretty big, so you probably know where it is. Oh, and you might wanna learn to fight there while you're at it. Hiding metal objects in your punches is no way to win." Gikou nodded towards the metal object which Ari had removed when he started to unwrap his hands.

Watarigarasumon looked at Gigimon warily. "Well, I'm watching you. Don't go crazy on me, now. If you don't, we can be friends."


Ari laughed wolfishly as he finished unwrapping his hands.

"Well, some of us need to have tricks up our sleeves, as you learned with that Taiga girl. I think I'll keep it for now. Insurance, if you will." Although the thought of going to the Dojo intrigued him, he wasn't sure if it was quite the place for him. He was used to a different sort of fighting then most people, and he wasn't sure how well it would blend with a Dojo.

"Well, I'll be seeing you." And with that, he ran off towards his bike. He had to get back home quickly. He had told his dad he had "groceries" to get, not knowing he'd be blown off by his own fight and be distracted by another. Pedaling faster, he heard Gigimon sigh in his hood.

"Too bad about your fight, Mr. Meanie. Maybe you'll get to Digivolve next time!" Ari groaned, unsure how to respond. Whatever Orange-kun thought was going to happen, it probably wasn't normal.


Gikou mused to himself about the day's goings on as he walked home. It was certainly interesting. Unfortunate that Watarigarasumon lost his temper like that though, it would have been nice not to hear him complaining about his head the whole way back. Going back to his desk in his room, he sat down and went back to studying, this time keeping the D-Arc attached to his belt. Never know when it might come in handy.

Tyson Mills (Tamer) Character Sheet:

Sex: Male
Birthday Aug. 13
Age: 16
Description: Tyson is somewhat tall, being around 6'0". He has long, messy, emo style, black hair. He wears a black t-shirt and grey cargo pants as well as a black trench coat. Tyson only wears one sort of accessory and that is a watch.

Abilities: Spy- Quite stealthy and able to take advantage of the terrain around him to keep hidden thus being able to be close to enemies without being seen.
Trap maker- Able to make traps of average make. Can only make simple traps like pitfalls.

Weaknesses: Has no leadership skills and prefers to work alone which makes it hard for him to fight more powerful Digimon or groups. He tries to avoid group work unless there is no way he can possibly do it on his own are he trusts the people in the group very well. Is weak physically, he can run/jog averagely but all other athletic activities are less than average.

History: Tyson was born in America but moved to Japan when he was 13 because of his dad's work. He picked up on Japanese language and culture fairly quickly but being the complex language that it is he still struggles to speak it completely fluently. His dad is fairly successful in web designing so he lives rather comfortably in a moderately sized house. He joined a metal band when he was 14. Himself and another are the only Americans in the band. The rest are locals. He goes to the local high school. He often plays pranks, mostly involving making the average person freak out. Example: Rubber spider gag. He will play some more complex and serious pranks on his friends who can take it without hating him, but often want revenge. Example: Friend walks into a room, shuts the door and ends up dropping a bucket of water on themselves.

Personality: Despite Tyson's emo appearance, he is a nice guy, but very quiet and conservative. He opens up when he talks to friends and his Digimon. He likes a good laugh. Tyson plays the guitar well and loves listening to American metal bands such as "Bullet For My Valentine".

Role: Mystery Man
Partner: Impmon
Impmon Personality: Impmon Is highly talkative and somewhat crazy. He is very devious and is always trying to get Tyson to play pranks, or is playing pranks himself.
Digivice Color: Dark Purple

In Training: Yaamon
Rookie: Impmon
Champion: IceDevimon
Ultimate: SkullSantamon
Mega: Beelzemon

When Tyson goes out he carries 2 guitar cases, one holding his guitar and the other he hides Impmon in. Nobody has ever really questioned it.


Power- Increases Attack power.
Speed- Increase Movement speed.
Behemoth- Gives the Digimon Beelzemon's motorcycle increasing speed and power.
Digivolution- Allows the Digimon to Digivolve to their Champion level. (The blue card is needed to Digivolve into Ultimate.)
Berenjena- Gives the digimon Beelzemon's duel shotguns.
Scope- Increases accuracy.
Spear of ChaosGallantmon- Gives a Digimon the spear of ChaosGallantmon, Increasing attack and range.
Shield of ChaosGallantmon- Gives a Digimon the shield of ChaosGallantmon, Vastly increasing defense but slowing the Digimon slightly.
Frozen Chip- Adds freezing damage to attacks for a short while.
Burning Chip- Adds Fire damage to attacks for a short while.
Wings of Darkness- Allows any Digimon to fly on black wings for a short while.
Furious Rage- Vastly Increases attack but lowers accuracy.
Illusion- An illusion of the Digimon is created making less of a chance for enemies to hit the real one.
Doppelgänger- The Digimon is cloned but is harmed in the process.
Power Surge- Attack is greatly enhanced.
Rock Skin- The Digimon's skin/fur/cloths/armor become super hard and durable, greatly increasing defense.
Launch- The Digimon can jump higher than normal.
Shadow Step- Allows the Digimon to disappear into one shadow and reappear out of another for a short while.
Sonic Feet Greatly increase speed
Metal Skin- The Digimon's skin/fur/cloths/armor become hard and durable, increasing defense.

Ishi Amai: A rather large, wide friend of Ari's. Dumb as a rock and prone to insults and fighting, he's also incredibly gullible. The only person on the planet Ari forces the whole "last-first name" rule on, because Ari believes Ishi's not worthy of calling him by his first name.

Ishi is rumored to take several drugs, but no one has any proof on the matter. He was once the school's Sumo champion before he fell in with the wrong crowd.

Kasami Rin: Mysterious government agent. More information to come.

Ruki44 Note: OK guys, just to let you know the fight should have ended differently with Shiki's slid kick in Shiki's favor due to a reason I can't remember, and don't feel like looking up. However, when this was originally called to our attention, it had already affect the RP and it was too late to change it.