Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

By tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: I don't own the Finder.

Pairing/Characters: Willa/Timo, some Timo/Magdalena.

Summary: After Uncle Shad denies their request to end their engagement, Timo and Willa decide to drown their sorrows in alcohol which leads to some interesting results.

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Timo grabbed Willa's hand and dragged her further inside. After a few seconds of weaving through people, they finally made it to the bar and sat down. "Scotch neat. Two," he held up two fingers.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Willa asked taking the seat next to him.

Timo looked at her, brow raised. "We've just been informed that it doesn't matter how much money we raise, we're stuck getting married. I think that deserves a couple of drinks."

"Okay, ouch," Willa replied but smiled showing that she wasn't really offended. The bartender came back with two glasses in hand and set them down. "In that case, I'll take a shot of tequila instead." Timo raised an impressed eyebrow as his lips twitched into a smirk. "What? I was in Juvie, not a nunnery," Willa couldn't help but comment. Timo gave a chuckle and obligingly kept the second scotch for himself.

Two hours and three sheets to the wind later, the two were stumbling through a dark alleyway, half carrying each other as they walked. Willa was giggling, her face pressed into Timo's side as he shook up the spray paint can with one hand, the other wrapped tight around the girl's shoulders. "Why are we doing this again?" she asked as she finally stifled her giggles enough to speak clearly.

"Because you're a giggly drunk and I'm a mischievous one," Timo responded easily, looking down at her with a grin. He couldn't remember the last time he'd seen her this relaxed and carefree. It had definitely been before she got sent to Juvie, probably closer to her childhood.

"So, what are we writing?" she asked as she stared up at the brick building, already decorated with plenty of graffiti.

Timo shrugged and handed her a second can. "Whatever." The two set to work decorating the wall. Willa finished first and wandered over to Timo to see what he was spray painting.

"Wow," she murmured as she stared at the rose. "It's pretty."

Timo stepped back to admire his work. "For Magdalena," he explained. Willa gave him an odd look, but didn't say a word. "What about you?" He turned to look at what she did before raising an eyebrow and staring down at her. Every once and a while he'd look at her like he was analyzing her, wondering whether or not she actually wanted out of their marriage. Wondering if she didn't have some sort of crush on him or if she really did see him like a brother. This was one of those times.

"Who are we kidding? That's what tonight is about, right?" Willa explained as she gestured to the wedding cake she drew with startling intricacy and signed with both their initials on the bottom. "Our engagement, our wedding, our future." She wasn't sure if she was saying that because it was true or as a reminder to Timo that he could no longer pretend. He could no longer keep seeing Magdalena. Not unless he wanted to run.

Timo opened his mouth to respond when they both heard someone coming toward them. A quick look behind Timo's shoulder had Willa tensing. "Willa, calm down," Timo softly commanded, already knowing what the blonde's reaction would be.

"I can't go back to Juvie," she whispered right back as she eyed the cop coming closer. "I can't." Timo grabbed the paint can out of her hand and tossed it along with his own into the nearby dumpster. Then he began frantically looking around for someplace they could run or hide. "He spotted us," Willa whispered into the front of Timo's shirt as she gripped onto him tightly in fear.

Seeing no other option, Timo quickly reached out to tilt the girl's head up. He was surprised to see the worry and near desperation in her eyes. With only the slightest hesitation, he leaned down and planted his lips on hers. He felt her tense before quickly relaxing into his embrace as she slowly moved her lips in motion with his. His hand reached behind her to cup the back of her head. One of her hands untangled itself from his shirt to reach up and tightly grip his short black hair. The other unfurled only enough to firmly grip his side, just above his hip bone.

"Hey, hey! Break it up, you two!" the cop called as he shone his flashlight on the two.

Willa and Timo slowly broke apart, their eyes staring at each other in wide surprise. Timo regained his footing first. "Sorry, officer!" he called out with a wave of his hand. He turned to leave, but was forced to gently tug the still surprised Willa behind him.

They walked a few blocks in awkward silence before silently boarding the last bus of the night. Willa seemed content to completely ignore Timo's existence whereas he couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. Willa had always been like his sister; they had grown up together. He had never seen her as a girl before, but now that he had, he couldn't seem to stop.

Her curly hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail and she had a light grey knit hat covering most of her head with the occasional small braid peaking out. Her eyes were rimmed with black eyeliner and her lips were painted with pale pink lipstick and a small amount of gloss, as usual. She wore simple light blue jeans and her shirt was a pale purple color (PICTURE). He gave a small cough and looked away once he realized how easy it was to tell that she wasn't wearing a bra. He shifted uncomfortably as he fought to keep his cheeks from reddening. Timo turned his head back around slightly to peak at her out of the corner of his eye only to realize that she had stopped ignoring him and was staring right back at him. Her blue eyes barely peaked out from where she was looking at him through her dark lashes. She looked shy and cute and so very feminine that for a second, Timo was tempted to do a double take just to make sure that this woman sitting next to him was really Willa.

There was a moment of slightly awkward silence as the two just observed each other before Willa finally spoke up. "This is our stop," she said softly, finally dragging her eyes away from Timo. They stood up and got off of the bus and began walking the long trail that led to the Ends of the Earth bar and Willa's trailer. The walk was silent and tense, but the tense atmosphere no longer felt awkward. Instead, something else charged the air between them. Before Willa could figure out what it was or what it meant, Timo grabbed her arm and whirled her around to face him.

"Wha-" her question got cut off as Timo did the one thing he had been thinking about all night. He covered her lips with his own once more, sinking his hand into her hair. Immediately, she brought her hands up to his sides and gripped him tightly, pulling herself closer into his body. He slowly began backing her up until they reached a tree. He let go of her hair and reached down to cup her cheek, tilting her head for better access as his tongue angled deeper into her mouth. She let out a low groan from the back of her throat that had him smirking as he slowly pulled away to look down at her lust glazed eyes. Once more she was peaking at him through her thick lashes, but this time in combination with her swollen lips and heaving chest, she looked less like a shy schoolgirl and more like a sultry vixen. Unable to resist, he leaned back in one more time for a quick kiss before reaching down to grasp her hand and leading them both back to the dirt road.

In no time they reached Willa's trailer. It wasn't until they were inside that they realized that they were still holding hands. "Timo…" Willa spoke softly, as if worried that she might destroy whatever odd mood had the both of them ensnared.

Timo must have feared the same thing because he brought a finger to her lips and shushed her before using the same hand to gently stroke her cheek. He tilted her face up and scanned her face for any sign of hesitance. Finding none, he leaned in. This time their kisses were gentle; romantic. He gently moved her to her bed – which was really more of a couch – and leaned her back on it, carefully resting himself above her as their kisses continued.

She wasn't sure who fell asleep first, but when she woke up she found herself splayed on top of Timo, one of her legs slipped through his. Her head throbbed lightly as the tequila caught up with her, but she closed her eyes and snuggled back into Timo's warm body. She still wasn't sure exactly what happened last night, but she knew that she was going to enjoy it while she still could because if there was one thing Willa knew as a Gypsy it was that things always look a lot different in the light of morning than they do in the dark of night.