Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

By tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: I don't own the Finder.

Pairing/Characters: Willa/Timo, some Timo/Magdalena.

Summary: After Uncle Shad denies their request to end their engagement, Timo and Willa decide to drown their sorrows in alcohol which leads to some interesting results.

"I can't believe you would do this to me," Magdalena accused. "I thought you were asking Uncle Shad for my hand!"

Timo gaped at her, unsure of what to say. He had gone to Uncle Shad to dissolve his engagement so that he could ask for her hand, but Magdalena didn't know about the Willa part of the equation.

"And now, to find you cheating on me with an outsider…" Magdalena scoffed angrily, but there were tears building in her eyes. "With some whore-"

"Hey!" Timo finally jumped in. "Don't talk about her like that!"

The two stared at each other. Magdalena was shocked that he would defend some girl against her. "You disgust me, Timo," she said with a disappointed shake of her head. "We're done." With that, she angrily turned on her heel and left.

Timo stared after Magdalena as the brunette quickly descended down the hill disappearing from view. A soft voice had him quickly whirling around, however, as he suddenly remembered where he was. "You didn't tell her," Willa said flatly, her eyes cool as she leaned against the corner of her trailer having come out once she heard the ruckus.

"Willa…" Timo took a step forward but she merely took one back. With her arms crossed over her chest, she merely turned on her heel and walked away from him, heading deep into the woods.

Timo had no choice but to wait for her outside of her trailer. He would have followed but he knew that seeing him would only anger her further and to be honest, he didn't know the woods well enough not to get lost searching for her. He stayed out there for hours and when morning dawned, she still hadn't come back. Timo looked at the woods in worry as he watched the sun rise above it, but he knew that Willa knew those woods like the back of her hand and would be safe.

Checking his watch, Timo reluctantly made for the dirt road. Uncle Shad would need him soon and Timo still had to shower and change. He would come back once his work was over. Willa had to return to her trailer sometime; after all she still had work too.

Later that day, he quickly returned to her trailer, knocking on the door impatiently before peaking inside the windows only to realize no one was in. With a scowl, he kicked a stray pebble and brought out his cell phone to shoot her a quick text. He had been sending them all day, but so far she hadn't answered a single one.

"Timo?" a deep voice asked from behind him, causing him to jump slightly. Turning around, Timo spotted Leo, Isabel and Walter all on the step of the Ends of the Earth, each with a cup of coffee in their hands. "What are you doing here?" Leo asked suspiciously.

"I'm looking for Willa," Timo replied.

Isabel gave a small laugh. "I thought you two always knew where each other were."

"Yeah, well, not right now." He scowled, glaring at his phone at the reminder that she hadn't responded. "We're… sort of fighting."

"What happened?" Leo asked protectively, folding his arms as he stared down at the smaller boy.

Timo let out a small sigh but gave in. Willa trusted these three and they had helped him out when he still wanted to break the engagement. Maybe they could lend some insight on what he should do. "I… We… Magdalena… Shit." He scowled once more as he realized he had no idea how to start the story. "Okay." He took a deep breath and started again. "I've been seeing this girl, Magdalena."

"The girl you're in love with?" Isabel asked for clarification causing everyone to stare at her in surprise.

"Yeah…" Timo looked at her oddly. He hadn't realized that Willa had told her about Magdalena. "At least I thought I did."

"Ah." Walter nodded as if he now understood Timo's problem entirely, which, knowing Walter was completely possible.

Ignoring this, Timo continued, "After Uncle Shad refused to break our engagement, Willa and I went out drinking."

"What?" Leo asked angrily, taking a threatening step forward.

Timo raised his hands in surrender. "We had just been told that no matter what we did, he wouldn't break our engagement. I think that earns a bit of alcohol."

"Oh, leave it alone, Leo." Isabel lightly slapped the man's arm. "They're kids and it was a tough night." She then turned back to Timo. "Keep going," she urged, waving her hands, apparently interested to hear more.

"Well, one thing led to another and we kissed," he blurted out quickly, already knowing what Leo's over-protective reaction would be.

"What!" Leo yelled true to form.

Isabel nodded like she half expected that and Walter had stopped paying attention a while ago so Timo continued with his story. "We both agreed that it didn't mean anything, but then it kept happening. We've been seeing each other."

"Mmhmm." Isabel nodded with an interested look in her eye, but still not seeing the problem.

"The problem was I hadn't exactly broken up with Magdalena," Timo finally spit out with a wince.

"What!" Leo yelled for a third time only this time, Isabel's dulcet tone echoed the same word.

"I hadn't figured out how and I guess Willa thought I already had…" Timo shrugged helplessly. "And now she won't talk to me. Well, neither will Magdalena," he added as an afterthought, "but I'm more worried about Willa."

"Knew it," Walter smirked, nodding his head in self-satisfaction, apparently having figured this out already.

Isabel turned to glare at him for his unsympathetic response before a kind smile made its way onto her face as she turned back to Timo. "Well, what normally happens when you two fight?" she asked. Timo started at her blankly. "You two do fight, right?"

"Not really," he admitted.

"Not once?" she asked incredulously. "Not ever?"

Timo paused to think about it. "We argue, sometimes we yell and then we forgive each other," he answered.

"That's a fight, son," Leo's tone was back to normal and he no longer appeared angry.

Timo turned to face him. "It takes place in the span of ten minutes or less." All three stared at him with surprised looks. "So, like I said. Not really."

"All of your fights are ten minutes or less?" Isabel stated, still in shock. "How do you do that?"

The Gypsy boy sighed. "I don't know. Look, I told you this because I wanted your help in finding Willa. If you can't help me-" he made as if he was going to leave.

"Hang on a second," Walter spoke up, his favorite word having finally been spoken. "I can find her."

"Walter," Leo said warningly.

"But," Walter continued on, "it would be easiest to wait. She has to show up for work sometime."

"Actually," Leo interrupted, "Willa asked for a couple of days off. Said there was some family stuff she had to take care of. I assumed she meant she was helping you." He turned to look at Timo.

Timo gave a sigh knowing that it was useless to stick around since she was apparently not going to be back for a while. "Thanks for the help anyway," he gave a wave as he left. It looked like he would have to track her down himself.