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"Hey, Yug! We goin' to your grandpa's shop after school?"

The small boy in question turned to find a blonde teen approaching him from down the hall, and he instantly felt a smile form on his face. Today had started off pretty rough...considering the basketball team had stuffed him through the hoops in their cruel idea of a joke. On top of that, one of the football jocks had shoved him into a locker. Just another downside of being unusually short...People tended to make fun of you.

So, it was a welcome sight to find his best friend excited to play their favorite game later...

Duel monsters...

Only one more class to go before him and his friends would be on their way to his house. At least he had that to look forward to.

Once Joey had finally reached him, Yugi gave a slight bob of his head, and a simple, "Yeah. Of course."

Joey returned his friend's small smile, following him into the classroom. There, they found Tea, Tristan, Bakura, and unfortunately Kaiba. The brown-haired CEO just flashed Yugi a glare as he took his seat next to him. He just had to make it through math. Then, he would be free for the rest of the day...

Tea turned in her chair, flashing Yugi a rather large grin. God, how he loved her smile...

"Hey, Yugi! Want to help me study before class starts?"

Oh! That's right! We have a quiz today. He thought to himself. I completely forgot! Thank goodness Tea reminded me.

"Sure!" He chirped, extracting his notes from the red folder labeled "Math".

He was about to invite Joey and Tristan to study with them, but found the two were too absorbed in their bickering about Joey's little sister. And he did not want to get in the middle of that. Bakura flashed through his mind, but the silver-haired teen didn't even need to study. He never did. Somehow, once he heard the information a single time, it stuck with him. Something Yugi had always been envious of.

So, he and Tea continued to quiz each other until the final bell rang, and the teacher announced his presence.

"All right. We have a few new additions to our class. So please welcome them."

Yugi watched as five young men entered the room. Three of them had blonde hair, one with it neatly combed out of his face. Another had a darker brown, and the last seemed to be an albino that even gave Bakura a run for his money.

"This is Alfred, Arthur, Ludwig, Feliciano, and Gilbert. They transferred here from another school." He then paused, his gaze shifting to the five next to him. "Please take your seats. Any empty ones will be fine."

Yugi watched in disappointment as Alfred took the seat on the other side of him. Oh great...this kid looked like another jock. Handsome, muscular...that stupid grin on his face...

"Hey, dude! 'Sup?"

Yugi jumped slightly in his seat, startled the new kid even acknowledged him. Usually, it seemed even when they had a new student come into their school, they somehow knew to avoid the small boy. So, to say the least, this was a welcomed change.

"U-um...nothing...How are you?" He awkwardly replied.

Alfred seemed to ponder that for a moment. Then, he finally opened his mouth to speak again. "Pretty good...can't complain." His blue eyes then shifted upwards, and with an overwhelming sense of dread, Yugi knew what was going to come out of his mouth before he even had to say it. "So, dude...what's up with your hair? Why is it red, blonde and black?"

Arthur, who was seated just behind Alfred, leaned forward in his desk. "Alfred, you wanker! Shut up! You're going to get into trouble if you keep blabbering on."

Alfred rolled his eyes, pointing in Arthur's direction. "Man...he is SUCH a party pooper!"

"Mr. Jones. Please be quiet. I'm about to pass out the quizzes. I know you and your friends don't have to take it, but the others in this class do. So please show some respect and quiet down."

Wow...Mr. Tanaka is usually never this strict...Its probably because this Alfred kid is so loud!

Once Yugi had received his quiz, he quickly began, already ready to be done with it. Math was his least favorite subject, and Trigonometry was definitely the worst.

When the teen had reached the second page of the test, he was startled to hear Kaiba yell out, "If you do not quit talking about different types of pasta, I'm going to punch you across the room!"

Everyone turned in the brunette's direction, as Feliciano, seated on the other side of Kaiba visibly shrunk in his desk. "I am very sorry! I just love the pasta a so much! Please forgive me! I'll be more quiet from now on!" His sentence was so rushed, and it ran together, it was hard for Yugi to decipher what he was saying exactly. That, and he had a very thick Italian accent.

After a stern reminder that everyone needed to remain silent in the room from Mr. Tanaka, the students resumed their quiz.

When it was finally over, Yugi breathed an audible sigh of relief.

The rest of class drug by as Mr. Tanaka went over the next chapter's notes. Why did the man's voice have to be so monotone?

Then, the bell rang. The one that announced school was over, and the students were free to do as they pleased for the rest of the day.

Just as Yugi began to gather his things, Alfred approached his desk.

"Hey, dude! So, I was wondering...since my friends and I are new here, we wanted to see if we could hang out with you, or something."

Joey, Tea, and Tristan had gathered where the two now stood, and it seemed Joey was rather hesitant about the idea.

"Hey, sorry, Alfred. But Yug and I are going to his house to play Duel Monsters."

At this, Alfred raised an eyebrow. "Duel Monsters? What is that?"

An audible gasp sounded from both Tristan and Joey. But Yugi wasn't too shocked at Alfred's lack of knowledge of the game. Clearly, Alfred was an American, and Duel Monsters hadn't exactly invaded America as it had Japan. And even if it had, the blonde looked more suited to play sports. Not cards...

"Well, you see...its a card game wh-"

"A card game? You mean like war? Because I totally dominate at that game! For real!"

"Um, no..." Yugi began, struggling to form the best way to explain his favorite past-time to this newcomer.

"Why don't you just show him what it is?" Came Kaiba's snarky tone.

Joey rolled his eyes at the voice, but kept quiet. Yugi could tell things were going to become quite heated if they didn't leave now.

"Sure! Why don't you guys just come with us?"

The grin widened on Alfred's face. "All right! I'll go tell the dudes!"

As he turned around, he was greeted by Arthur's somber expression. "We heard, you idiot. Let's just go."

And with that, the nine of them headed for Yugi's grandpa's game shop. When they entered the building, they found the elderly man behind the counter, reading a magazine of some sort.

"Hey, Grandpa!"

Solomon lifted his lavendar eyes to find the group entering. He immediately shoved the magazine to the side, and his eyes widened at the strange faces flooding the room.

"Hello, Yugi. Who are your new friends?"

"Oh, right!" Yugi said, turning to gesture at each young man to introduce them. "This is Ludwig, Gilbert, Feliciano, Arthur, and Alfred. They're new at school, so we wanted to show them Duel Monsters."

Solomon nodded. "All right. Well you kids have fun." The man spat, obviously trying to hurry them away.

Before Yugi could respond, the doors opened once more to reveal Kaiba. Why did it always feel like he followed them here?

"Hey, dweebs."

"What do ya want, Kaiba?" Joey asked, his patience thinning.

Kaiba seemed to obtain some sort of sick satisfaction from this as he smirked. "I was thinking about what I said earlier. About how you could just show the new kids Duel Monsters."

"Yeah?" Tristan said, urging the boy to go on.

"I thought, why not just have everyone come to Kaiba Corp? That way we can use my state-of-the-art holograms."

Yugi was just about to decline, when Feliciano chirped out a rather eager, "Holograms? I've always wanted to see a hologram! Especially one of pasta! Will there be any pasta?"

Kaiba, seeming to no longer have the energy to argue with the Italian, folded his arms across his chest while he mumbled, "Yeah, whatever..."

"Dude! Yeah! We should totally go! This is going to be awesome!" Alfred chimed in.

Gilbert, a smirk plastered to his face decided to add a, "I AM AWESOME! So if zese holograms are awesome...zen I should see zem, correct?"

"U-um..." As the small boy continuously tried to interject his thoughts, he noticed the five seemed rather excited about the holographic aspect of playing the game. Finally, he let out a sigh as he agreed.

Joey, hearing this, almost seemed to have smoke flood from his ears. His face flushed a bright crimson, but thankfully, he kept his thoughts to himself.

As they were turning to leave, Alfred spotted the magazine Yugi's grandfather had been so absorbed in. As he bent down to pick it up, he narrowed his eyes at the old man.

"Um...you were looking at...Playboy? What the hell, man?"

Solomon just shook his head rather vigorously, while Yugi looked absolutely horrified. "No! Of course not! Someone must have left it!"

Alfred was about to argue, when Ludwig finally stepped in. "Vy don't we get going? You wanted to see zis game, correct?" When he received a nod in answer, he spoke up again. "Good. Now let's be going zen."

Yugi could already tell he was the voice of reason to the group. The tall German seemed rather stoic, and while he was clearly patient, he had a stern sense to the way he spoke.

It sort of intimidated him...

Once they had reached Kaiba Corp, and Kaiba had set everything up, it was decided Kaiba, and Joey would duel.

Yugi was amazed at how easily Joey could be fooled. If ever Kaiba brought up the boy's dueling skills, or lack there of, Joey would always volunteer to prove him wrong. Exactly what Kaiba wanted. He got a thrill out of angering the blonde.

Kaiba briefly explained the rules, and the premise of the game to the five. Then, they began.

Alfred let out a yawn as Joey slapped down a trap card, and his baby dragon. "This is kinda boring..."

"Bloody hell! They just took their first turn! And this was your idea to come." Arthur muttered, rolling his eyes. "The only thing you never get bored with is food!"

At this statement, Alfred jolted slightly. He thrust a hand into his pants pocket, extracting a bag of potato chips. "Ah man! I almost forgot I had these! Thanks for reminding me, man!" He exclaimed, patting the other blonde on the back.

Feliciano frowned, staring intensely at the monsters before them. "I don't see any pasta! I thought there would be holograms of the pasta!"

Ludwig shook his head. "No. He explained earlier zis game contains zese magic cards, and monsters. No food."

Feliciano slumped slightly on the rail before him. Disappointed seemed to seep from every pore as he watched on.

"Dude! That's right! He did say there was magic in this game! It must be kinda like your magic, Arthur!"

Arthur glared at the man next to him. But he seemed unable to retort as he watching crumbs fall from the American's mouth. It was all Yugi could do not to gag. This guy was definitely a sloppy eater.

The game went on for about, twenty minutes longer, and Kaiba turned out to be the victor. Much to Joey's dismay.

Tea, Tristan, and Yugi tried their best to stroke his ego after the loss, but nothing seemed to help him.

That was when, to everyone's surprise, Gilbert strolled up, and placed a friendly hand on his back. The tension in Joey's shoulders slowly diffused at seeing the albino's gentle smile.

And then, he said, "Hey, calm down! It is not your fault you suck so bad!"

At this, Joey seemed to become even more angered, and Tristan had to hold him back from harming Gilbert.

Ludwig raced over, grasping his brother's arm, and towing him away from the blonde. "Schei├če! What is ze matter with you?"

Gilbert, obviously seeing nothing wrong just shrugged. "What? I was just trying to make ze big cry baby feel better! He should be grateful ze awesome Gilbert would even deign himself to touch him!"

Tea made her way over to Arthur and Alfred, eyeing the two.

"Hey! So, what school did you guys say you transferred from?"

Both exchanged rather odd looks, and at first Tea seemed to believe it was because of all of the ruckus created by her friend.

"Joey will be fine. He gets like this sometimes." She then hesitated, waiting for either to reply. "I was just curious since you all are from different countries."

Arthur opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by Feliciano. "Oh! We didn't come from another school!"

Now, everyone had ceased in their bickering, turning to the Italian.

Both Arthur, and Ludwig shook their heads, signaling for the boy to remain quiet.

However, He seemed to not notice as Tea went on. "Wait, that's what Mr. Tanaka said. Did you just transfer classes to Trigonometry then? How come I haven't seen you at school before?"

Feliciano, still not noting the other four's horrified expressions, went on. "Oh no! We didn't go to school before! You see, we're here on a mission!"

A loud smack was heard, and it was found to be from Ludwig face palming himself rather hard.

"A...mission?" Tristan asked, a puzzled expression on his features.

"Yeah! You see, we're not normal people!"

"Feliciano! Shut up!" Ludwig commanded, having enough of Feliciano's banter.

"Why?" He then paused, seeming to think. Then, his face paled, a horrified look replacing the oblivious one he had previously worn. "Oh..."

"What the hell are you all talking about? What do you mean you're not normal people?" Came Kaiba's baritone. He was definitely losing his patience.

Alfred sighed, giving up the ruse first. "We're countries, dudes. For real."

"What?" Joey and Tristan asked in unison.

Arthur glared at the man next to him once more.

"What?" Alfred asked, shrugging slightly. "Dude! Eventually they would've found out! Like, we needed to be around them, and stuff."

Arthur just continued to glare. "Damnet...I hate it when you make a valid point...it both shocks me, and causes me to become rather irritated..."

"So..." Yugi said, finally gaining the courage to speak. "What do you mean you're countries? You look like people."

"We represent different countries. I, for instance, am England. This wanker next to me is America, that there is Italy. And those two are Germany, and Prussia..."

"You forgot ze great and AWESOME Prussia!" The albino shrieked.

England just shot his glare in the other man's direction. "For God's sakes! You're not even on the map anymore. Let it go!"

"I'm so confused..." Tristan complained.

"What mission is this that you're on?" Came Tea's small voice.

"To save ze world from zat game you were just playing." Germany replied. It was clear he wasn't happy with their identities being revealed so fast.

"Duel Monsters? Why?" Yugi asked.

"Well, you see," Arthur began, clearing his throat. "We noticed at our last World Meeting that people are actually going to war over this game. Thankfully, not any of our countries. But many in Asia. And, we heard that Yugi Moto was the champion of the game. So we knew we had to begin our mission with you."

Kaiba tensed at England's statement. And Yugi immediately knew why. The CEO believed he should have been the champion.

"Speaking of which," Prussia said, running a hand through his silver hair. "Where is Russia?"

As if on cue, another silver-haired man appeared, clad in a tan coat, and a long scarf. He looked as though he was ready for a harsh winter. But what disturbed Yugi and his friends was what the man was carrying.

Clenched in his right hand was a large lead pipe. A smile was found on his face, that somehow caused the group to become even more uncomfortable as he approached.


"Dude, Russia! How did you find us?" America questioned.

Russia's smile seemed to grow as he responded. "I had you chipped, of course."

America's eyes widened at this statement. "Chipped? As in, a UPS, thing?"

"Its a bloody GPS! Seriously, America! Where did I go wrong with you?"

America seemed to disturbed to even address England's comment as Russia nodded.

"Yes! I am waiting for you to become one with mother Russia."

Somehow, at having Russia join the group, Yugi felt even more afraid than he ever had before. Even more so than when Pegasus had stolen his grandfather's soul...

This man standing before them gave off a dangerous vibe, and Yugi was unsure of whether or not they should even hear the strangers out.

His thoughts were interrupted as America threw his empty bag of chips down onto the floor. "Damnet, Russia! How many times do I have to tell you? I don't swing that way, dude!"

Russia just continued to smile at the blonde.

Spotting everyone's various expressions of shock, fear, and anxiety, Ludwig decided to speak up again. "Why don't we take a break from discussing zis? We should give zem a break to let it sink in, ja?"

Italy raised a hand in the air, in the fashion a small child might. "Can we get some pasta?"

What was his obsession with pasta?

"Dude! Yeah! I'm starving, yo!" America yelled, forgetting already about Russia's creepy comments.

"I do have to agree with Germany. It would be best if we let them think it over. Tomorrow we can discuss it all further." England said, inputting his two cents into the conversation.

It was decided the countries would take up shelter at a local hotel. And since the next day would be Saturday, they would have the chance to explain themselves further to the teens.

Though Yugi was unsure of whether or not more explanation would really help. Were they trying to take Duel Monsters away from the world? And why were people starting wars over it? There was so much he didn't understand. And it seemed the more information they pulled from the men, the more questions would rise in his mind.

And, why did Russia carry around a lead pipe? Better yet, what was his obsession with America?

Of course he was a handsome guy, and strong...Yugi had witnessed that when he accidentally yanked one of the duel stands from the floor. Even Kaiba seemed freaked out...But why had Russia chipped him?

Everything was so strange. And as Yugi laid in bed, the Pharoah seemed to notice his unsettled mind.

"Yugi, you need to rest. I know everything is confusing right now, but I do believe they're all here to help."

Yugi let out a small sigh as the Pharoah appeared before him. It was so odd living with another soul inside his body. And even more odd that he could see him at times.

"I know. I just can't shake the feeling that they won't let us play Duel Monsters anymore. And, I definitely don't want a huge war over it...even though that seems really weird, but I have so much fun playing it."

The taller version of the boy folded his arms across his chest, seating himself at the foot of Yugi's bed.

"I know it seems difficult to understand. However, I have seen people lose their lives over this game. And I have a fear that someone has finally perfected summoning the real monsters. I had heard in other countries it had been happening. I just didn't believe it to be true."

Yugi's felt his jaw drop at this. Someone had found a way to make the real monsters appear? And attack people? Now things were beginning to sound more serious.

Yugi knew the Pharoah was trying to help ease his mind. But now, he had much more to think about...As the elder spirit disappeared back inside Yugi's body, the boy turned on his side, shutting his eyes.

But he knew this was to be a sleepless night...


I have a knack for creating the weirdest crossovers...with Hetalia. I have an obsession with that show, and its not even right.

Now, I know this chapter is kind of confusing. And I know it seems odd that they already blew their cover. But, what do you expect with poor Italy around? He's kind of a blabber mouth. But, he's adorable!

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