I know I haven't worked on ANY of my stories but my fingers had an urge to write you guys a new story. I'll give you new chapters later on and I apologive for mistakes and such, because I really do need a new keyboard...now please enjoy.

Usagi stared out the window into the dark night, the floor trembling as the train made its way to her destination. Her eyes had dark shadows and they were red. She looked down and then up. She felt lost in the dim room. She remembers the reason why she's on the train, and feels a terrible pain in her chest. Falling into sleep, she dreams.

Running in the rain. She doesn't know where. Just...running. She trips on flat surface. She looks down on a puddle, seeing her reflection. Eyes running with...tears? Or is it the rain?

She thinks. Mamoru was cheating on her. She walked to the park and saw him kissing another woman. Heartbroken, she ran. She ran into darkness.

Usagi woke up and went into deep thought. Of course he would cheat on her. She was fresh out of high school and was clueless to the world. She wasn't Sailor Moon anymore. The Senshi realized that they were normal after the battle with Galaxia. Mamoru and Usagi were distant, since Usagi needed to work on high school and such things.

"We will be arriving shortly." said a voice. Usagi's head snapped up. She went into panic. It's been so long since she was here. Almost 10 years. She couldn't remember. The train eased to a stop and Usagi gathered her things. She hailed a cab and got out at the skirts of this town. She walked and saw a familiar sign.

Welcome to Crystal Falls.

I know, I know. It's short but what can I say? I'll try to work on a new chapter but I make no promises.