Usagi dreamt of darkness. It was peaceful and the only color she saw was honey brown. She woke up and stared into honey brown eyes next to sapphire ones.

"Seiji." She breathed. (AN: Seiji is my own character)

She rushed to the bathroom and ran a brush down her golden blonde hair. She pulled on gray shorts and a black knit sweater (let's say its fall) and pulled on black knee socks. She went to the door and pulled on black shoes and ran out the door.

Usagi rushed around town before stopping in front of a store. Koboyashi Candy Shoppe, the sign read. Full of anxiety, she took a deep breath and opened the door, listening to the familiar tinkle of the bell when the door opened.

"Welcome to Koboyashi Candy Shop-"A man, about her father's age, said, before stopping and seeing the girl at the door. "Usagi-chan?"


"Look at you! You've grown! How's your family?"

"Fine. I was wondering if Seiji-kun was here…" she said.

"He just left. Sorry." He said with apologetic eyes. She nodded and walked to the door. She opened the door and walked straight into someone. Usagi looked to the familiar honey eyes.

"Seiji…" she breathed.

I thought that since Mamoru's POV was accidentally replaced with the urgent notice and the fact that I haven't updated in forever, that you guys deserved a chapter! I am very sorry though, please spare me! Anyways, I want to point out that these chapters are short so it can be easier for me to write. I will try to make a long chapter once in a while. And for titles, ugh, I am not very good with so forgive me with that too. Anyways~! Ja ne~!