A/N: This is based on a conversation Lonely and I had about how Yuna kicks major a** in X-2 and I said I could imagine Luxord in it, and thus this was born!

I don't own Final Fantasy X-2 nor Kingdom Hearts, Square-Enix does, if I did, the yaoi and yuri would be endless.

Luxord and Xigbar were sitting in the Grey Area, playing poker, when a dark portal opened, and an excited Roxas ran out.

"Guys! Guys! Guess what I got!" he said.

Luxord looked at him skeptically, but still asked what he had.

"I got this neat sphere from Spira!" he said.

"Spira? Never heard of it." Xigbar said, not looking up from his cards.

"All you have to do is take a left at Wonderland and take the warp hole from Traverse Town and then go right once you hit Deep Jungle and you'll be at Spria!" Roxas said.

"Didn't really care," Xigar replied sarcastically.

"I looked at the sphere, and it had you two in it! You guys were gambling!" Roxas said.

Luxord raised an eyebrow, "Us?"

Xigbar laughed, "I remember that now! We got that movie sphere from that old man, told us to have fun with it!"

Luxord began laughing as well, "Now I remember that! It ran out of film before things got heated!"

Roxas gagged, "Eww! I don't want to know about your sexual endeavors!"

Xigbar snorted, "Not that you would do the same thing with Axel."

Roxas blushed, "Miss Yuna said it was called a dressphere, I don't know what's on it, but I got two more from her friends Rikku and Paine!"

Luxord and Xigbar each took a sphere from Roxas, and they activated on their own.

Luxord was out of his cloak, and was now wearing red, shiny, leather pants with, with only a matching vest on top, no shirt, and was holding his signature cards and some dice.

Xigbar was now wearing black pants and a long white shirt, with half of it going down to his knees, and was wielding only one of his guns, and it was Gullwing, not Sharpshooter.

Roxas transformed shortly afterwards, he was now in his attire that he normally wore on his day off, and usually wears to Twilight Town, though his keyblade acted more like a microphone stand and had a microphone attached to the end.

Nobody said anything until Zexion, whom had been in the room the whole time, silently watching, called them out on it.

"Luxord, you are currently in the Lady Luck dressphere, Xigbar, you are a Gun Mage, and Roxas, you're a Songstress, have fun, I have to go see Demyx now," he said, before he left.

"I feel sexy," Roxas said, before leaving to Axel's room.

Luxord and Xigbar stared at each other, before Luxord said, "Feeling lucky Xig?"

Xigbar laughed, "Teach me your ways, 'cause I'll use them right back."

They laughed, opened a dark portal, and left.

A/N: Yeah, this was weird, but I love it anyways.