A/N: This is based on a conversation Lonely and I had about how Yuna kicks major a** in X-2 and I said I could imagine Luxord in it, and thus this was born! Now it has sequels!

I don't own Final Fantasy X-2 nor Kingdom Hearts, Square-Enix does, if I did, the yaoi and yuri would be endless.

Axel and Roxas were sitting on the couch, snuggled together, when Axel asked a rather peculiar question.

"Hey, Roxy, remember that time when you came into my room, and you in the weird dressphere thing, and you started singing 'I'm too Sexy for my Shirt' and then you started stripping and things just got heated from there!"

Roxas looked at him oddly, "That was around 15 minutes ago Axel."

"Oh, okay then," Axel said.

Just then, Xemnas and Saix fell on a couch, from a dark portal above with Xigbar sticking out, before disappearing.

"Why don't you turn him into a Dusk already?" Saix question.

"Because, my dear Saix, he is a vital member to this Organization," Xemnas explained.

"Oh, hey guys! I have something for you two! Fits your relationship real well," Roxas said, taking out two dresspheres, and handing another to Axel.

The three changed into the respective clothes, with, some hilarious results.

Axel was now a White Mage, much to his surprise and Roxas's humor.

He was dressed in skin-tight white ropes and long white boots. His hair was now hidden in a large hood, and was wielding a staff with one of his chakrams attached to the top.

Xemnas in a long black and white robe, the white parts making the Nobody symbol.

Attached to his sleeve was a leash, which attached to Saix, whom was now dressed in wolf fur and paws.

Roxas looked at the three, and started to laugh, hard, when Demyx came into the room.

"Aww! Saix looks adorable in that Beserker costume! And Xemmy as his Trainer! Aww!" he said, before getting grabbed by the collar by Zexion.

Saix looked at Xemnas, before saying, "Oh how my pride has diminished so."

Xemnas laughed, "You know you like it."

Axel looked at them, "Kinky are you all, I wouldn't be surprised if you guys did that on a regular basis."

"Shut up!" Saix said, blushing.

"Come Saix, let head to my private quarters," Xemnas said suggestively.

"Woah! Somebody's gonna be getting some tonight!" Axel said.

The duo left, not caring about Axel.

"Speaking about getting some, Axel, how about we have some fun with that staff of yours," Roxas said.

Axel looked at him in terror, saying, "It's like Demyx and Zexion all over again!"

Lexaeus and Xaldin said nothing, being there the whole time yet not being noticed, were not mentally scarred for life.