Author's Note: Hello readers, nice to see you again. Sorry about not updating literally anything in months, but the inspiration was gone. I quit smoking in the meantime, and then I quit quitting smoking. I've re-written chapters of "Of the Dead and Divine" (which haven't been posted yet because I have to re-write my re-writes). So point is, if I even have a point, I'm back with irregular updates on a slightly more regular irregular basis of at least once a month.

*Also the Doctors haircut is based on Paul McGann's current hairstyle.

Chapter Two

"I'm the same Doctor you used to know or will know, either way I still am your Doctor. That is why you should trust me."

His words echoed through her head. This man, this man who was so different from her Doctor, he really was the same man. There were things missing of course, the TARDIS looked completely different, there was no bowtie even though he still managed to look completely ridiculous, and there was something missing from his eyes. There wasn't the sense that he had lost everything precious to him in them yet.

She finally spoke up, "I trust you. I always have and I always will." She watched as his face lit up with joy, "But before we go anywhere please change out of those stupid clothes. You look like an idiot and no bowties this time please."

His face went from pleased to confused, "What's wrong with my clothes? And why would I ever wear a bowtie?"

"I don't know," mumbled Amy, "But your clothes look weirder than normal and thank god you don't think bowties are cool yet or anymore. I'm not sure, but please don't wear one."

"Alright, alright. I'll go the wardrobe and change once I set us on course for Gallifrey. I have to have a few words with Romana about this whole situation," he said as he began flipping switches and levers, setting dials and looking at screens. He actually seemed as if he knew how to fly the TARDIS, something Amy's Doctor never did. "And we're off," he shouted as the TARDIS made a small lurch and it's Vworping sound. "Now just make yourself at home, and I'll change into something more stylish."

"Sounds like a plan," Amy shouted back as the Doctor walked through a large wooden door. She sat down in the comfortable looking armchair across from the console. There were books strewn across the floor and on shelves all around this small section of the room. She picked one up and started to flick through it. She got bored of it easily and began to think to herself. 'I am going to Gallifrey, the Doctor's homeworld. This has to be sometime in his past because it still exists for him. He hasn't had to stop them yet, hasn't had to go to war."

"Tada," shouted the Doctor as he walked into the room spinning. "How do I look?" He was wearing very worn and old jeans, a grey T shirt, and black suit jacket. The most stunning of the changes was that he had cut his hair. It was short with a bit of curl, and actually seemed to be a darker brown at this length.

"Very nice, you almost look normal," said Amy with a smirk.

Humph snorted the Doctor, "Who wants to be normal?"