Written for the prompt Addiction. They're not all going to be this happy.

It was closer to afternoon than morning when Thor rolled over and blinked awake, hot under a pile of sheets and coverlet. Shoving half-heartedly at it, he shifted his gaze to his left only to find his brother already awake, lying on his belly, poking away at his "Pad of I." "G'morning," he mumbled, running a hand down Loki's hip. "What are you up to?"

Loki smiled, but did not look up from his business. "Oh, I don't suppose you would like it very much."

Thor sighed. "Not the Angry Birds, then."

The smile was joined by a cackle. "No, not quite."

Thor sat up and pushed his hair from his face. "What is it this time? Robots? Dinosaurs?" He absently stroked the small of Loki's back, eliciting a murmur of appreciation.

"Negative," replied Loki, tapping away. After a moment, a beep issued from the machine and he put it aside, looking pleased with himself. "Nothing so monstrous as that." He let Thor turn his chin to kiss him, opening his mouth eagerly.

Only a moment after they had broken apart, Thor's cell phone rang. When he answered it, an irate Tony Stark shouted something about a rain of flowers and a giant swarm of bees before a loud buzzing cut him off and the call ended. Thor blinked, then groaned and got heavily out of bed. "Bees, Brother?"

Loki curled into the blankets again, now taking up the whole bed. "Consider it me doing my part for Midgard. You do have a shortage of them, do you not?" He lazily looked Thor up and down as the God of Thunder dressed, then pulled a pillow closer and closed his eyes. "Have fun."

Mjolnir in hand, Thor paused at the door, leveling a stare back toward the bed. "When I return, we shall have a talk about your habit of trying to kill my friends."

"I can stop any time I want to," Loki said, yawning. When the door had shut and Thor's footsteps had disappeared from the hall, he smirked. "But why would I want to?"

And he had a better idea of what to do when Thor got back.

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