It Always Happens in Fanfiction

Hinata couldn't believe this, and Kiba absolutely wont believe it! Totally backwards sorry bad summary! Based on a comic I read! I do not own Naruto or the comic!

Hinata walked up to the door to Naruto's door. Her face really red, her legs shaking, and her heart beating really fast! Today she was going to confess her love to Naruto! She's going to do it no matter what! She reached for the handle when she suddenly heard a loud gasp. What was that?, she thought. She heard muffled talking, so she pressed her ear to the door.

"S-Sasuke! I'm not so sure about this anymore…" a familiar voice said with a shaky breath. Wait is that Naruto-kun! She heard another familiar grunt along with Naruto.

"Well, we're not going back now dobe so hold on tight," the other voice said. That's sounds like Sasuke! What are they doing?

"Aah! Too much!" Naruto cried out "It hurts Sasuke-teme!"

Hinata's eyes went wide. OMG they're-they're GAH MY NOSE! Her hand came up to the warm blood leaking from her nose and her face was more red than before.

"AAAH!" Naruto screamed.

"See…that wasn't so bad now was it?" Sasuke said in a caring tone surprisingly.

Hinata heard the sounds of the landing taps of her two friends, Kiba and Ano. They came to back her up in case Naruto did something stupid. They walked up with disgusted and red faces.

"Ano, Kiba-kun…"

"It's not what you think. He's probably pulling out a splinter. It always happens in Fanfiction! Let's go before we embarrass ourselves!" Kiba said walking away. Hinata looked at Kiba, then Ano, then at Naruto's door. Again, she's going to tell him another day. Sasuke and Naruto heard the conversation outside as the footsteps echoed away. Inside the room, Naruto lay on top of Sasuke on there bed, both of them naked and sweaty. The blanket covering them.

Wonder when they'll start catching on?" Sasuke said. Naruto tried to sit up, and look Sasuke in the eye with a blush on there face.

"Maybe once they realize I can't sit for the next few weeks!" Naruto cried out.

Aw Kiba you embarrassed yourself anyways! Sorry! Yay! Actually that was kind of lame but oh well Haha review please!