Dedicated to Merci Monsieur, the one who requested this fic ages ago, and who seems to have dropped of the face of the earth D:. It's kinda short, but it's all I could think of. It takes place after Light and L's little fistfight (wherein Misa gets CAKED XD). Enjoy :D. This one's for you, Axelle :D

By the way, I am aware that the fic switches from first person to third person. I don't really know why, but I kinda like it this way.

"It seems like your son enjoys being an instigator."

Soichirou turned to me, anger written on his face.

"Last time I checked, Ryuuzaki was the one antagonizing him," he snapped back at me.

"Light threw the first punch," I replied, a simple observation.

"And L was more than happy to hit him right back!"

I shrugged, turning away from him to focus on the papers in front of me. I should have known he wouldn't let the subject drop so easily.

"Your son is largely responsible for instigating the conflicts between himself and Ryuuzaki. Ryuuzaki is merely fighting back."

That wasn't entirely true. L enjoyed pushing Light's buttons as much as Light pushed his. It seemed a natural part of their dynamic- one they reveled in, maybe even enjoyed.

"Fighting back my ass," Soichirou shouted, swearing uncharacteristically. "He starts the fights just as much as Light does!"

"Even if that is the case, Light is the one who escalated the conflict. Retaliation is the natural response to the situation. For someone so intelligent, he does some rather unintelligent things."

I was merely stating the truth. I didn't mean for Soichirou to blow up at me the way he did.

"Ryuuzaki is the one wrongfully accusing Light! He's the one doing stupid things."

"Ryuuzaki may not be wrongfully accusing him. If he is Kira, then Light is the truly stupid one."

"That's my son you're insulting, Watari!"

"And you are insulting mine."


Soichirou stood for a moment in stunned silence. Watari had turned to face him, fighting to keep from shouting. His teeth clenched together, hands trembling with suppressed anger.

"I have taken care of Ryuuzaki ever since he was a child. I care for him every bit as much as you care for Light. I have never thought of him as anything less than my own child."

Silence reigned again. The rest of the task force watched them intently.

"…Wow," Matsuda said, under his breath.

"I'm sorry. I had no idea," Soichirou said, running a shaky hand through his graying hair.

This behavior had been unprofessional. He had only succeeded in embarrassing himself. What could he say? what could be done to mend this breach of civility?

"We were both out of line," Watari admitted. "Light is a very smart boy. I'm sure you must be proud of him."

"I am," Soichirou replied, without hesitation. "And...I'm sure you must be proud of Ryuuzaki. He's truly done some incredible things in his time."

"...He certainly has. I've never been anything but proud of him."

They went back to their work as if nothing had happened, returning to the more pressing matter of Kira. But they smiled at each other every once in a while, a silent message of encouragement from one father to another.

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