"We're gonna live in a castle just like this one day!" Dean says, adding another block tower to he and castle's castle. The two little boys used all the blocks Chuck had to offer, and in the time between snack and naptime, the duo made epic progress.

"Hmmm," Castiel nods, carefully adding another tower as well, keeping the wooden structure symmetrical. Dean likes adding things and Castiel's in charge of keeping the architecture even. He looks over at Dean, biting his lip to avoid putting on a sheepish smile as the other boy goes on about their future life.

"And there'll be a place for Sammy," Dean points to all the places he thinks rooms will go, "And your brothers and sisters can have rooms around here, and Bobby can stay there, and Mr. Chuck can go here and..."

"And where do we go?" Castiel asks, tilting his head.

"Uh," Dean pauses, olive eyes flickering between the castle and the other boy. Castiel just keeps staring at him with those big blue eyes, something little Dean always thought was pretty weird, "We can go... Here!" He points to the middle tower, putting the two of them right in the centre of it all.

"Oh," Castiel stares at the tower, then back at Dean, "Are we going to share a room?"

"Course we are, Cass," Dean snorts, like it's obvious that they're going to live together, "The rulers of the palace have to share rooms. I think."

"So we're like princes?" Princes have castles. It's perfectly logical.

"Yeah," Dean agrees, "Like princes."

"But don't we need a princess?" Those are in the stories too, don't they need them?

"Nah, princesses have cooties," Dean shudders, terrified of that horrible girl-virus, "We're fine just the two of us being princes."

Castiel purses his lips, letting Dean go back to work before meekly asking, "Are we allowed to?"
Dean stops, looking back over in confusion, "Allowed to what?"

"Be each other's prince charming?"

Dean stays quiet, staring into the wide blue eyes that stare back at him. He wasn't thinking about it like that, but he isn't sure if he wants to say no. Actually, he kinda likes it.

Castiel grows nervous, feeling stupid for saying something so silly. He tells himself he should've kept his mouth shut! Now it'll be just like what happened when kids found out that Jo like liked Dean!
But Dean surprises him with a smile, the younger boy moving a little closer instead of getting up and running away.

"Cass," He gets all serious, lowering his voice to sound more assertive, "We're princes. We can do whatever we want."

Slowly, Castiel smiles, heart lifted by Dean's words. It'll be just like a fairytale, and they'll live happily ever after.

"Anyway, over there would be where Miss Pamela can stay, and over there can be Andy's room, and over there can be Miss Jodie..." Dean goes on, but this time Castiel only half listens. The rest of his mind is preoccupied with counting Dean's freckles.