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"Ivy? Ivy?" Asked a far away voice.

"Go 'way, Sev'rus... Sleeping..." Ivy mumbled, burying her face into her pillow. But it was wrong. The linen felt too scratchy against her cheek, and it smelled different than her pillow did. It was too bright in the room too. It never got this bright on Spinner's End. Ivy opened her eyes, and she was met by a brigade of memories crashing over her. The battle. Severus. Lily.

Ivy shot up in panic and grasped her head as it pounded in protest at the quick movement.

"Ivy? Are you okay?"

Familiar arms surrounded her and she turned to find herself looking at Severus, who was watching her with a worried eye.

"Hello..." She said sheepishly.

"Ivy, what happened? Where is Lily?" He asked.

"I left her with Mrs. Figg. She's safe there. Are you alright?" Ivy asked, looking him over. The phoenix tears had done their part in closing the snake bites, but they still looked very bruised and aggravated.

"I'll live, thanks to Miss Lovegood and that remarkable bird. But what happened?" He repeated. "Nobody seems to know. They are all saying such strange things... That you died and came back..."

"Well," Ivy said slowly. "I suppose that is what happened."

Her husband's face grew dark and Ivy started from the beginning, explaining everything that had happened from Dumbledore's Pensive to when she passed out just hours before.

"That bastard!" Severus hissed. "He knew! He knew and he obliviated me!"

"It's over now, Sev." Ivy soothed him, squeezing his hand. "It's all over."


Even though the war had ended, its effects were quite long-lasting. It took the better part of the next few years to undergo the countless of trials and memorials. Homes and large institutions such as Hogwarts and Gringrotts had to be rebuilt. Lives had to be salvaged, and the evacuated returned. It would be some time before some sort of normality had been restored, and it would never be exactly the same again.

As for Ivy and Severus, they sold both Spinner's End and Grimmuald Place and relocated instead to a bright and open cottage in a secluded part of the country to spend their summers in.

With the combined Potter, Black, and Snape vaults, they would never have had to work again in their lives, but were far too restless to ever be content with that. Severus had retaken the job of the Hogwarts Potions' Master, provided that his wife and daughter were able to live with him during the school year. Headmistress McGonagall had readily agreed, and later hired Ivy as the Defense Professor once she had finally gained her Masters. Their little Lily grew up in the castle, making friends with teachers and students and elves. Her best friend proved to be Teddy, who was such a frequent visitor that he got almost as familiar with the castle as Lily was.

"He is bound to raise hell once he turns eleven." Severus groaned. "A half werewolf, a metamorphagus, and the son of a Marauder. Merlin help us..."

"Says the man who married the daughter of a Marauder." Ivy pointed out. "Besides, Lily is going to be much more of a troublemaker. Can you imagine what she can do with your talent for potions and a better knowledge of the castle than most ghosts?"

"Merlin help us." Severus repeated.


It was only two years after the war when Aunt Cissa and Molly finally insisted that Ivy and Sev have a wedding that was not presided over by a Dark Lord. The couple both agreed, but their aversion to the spotlight made them very hesitant to allow the two matriarchs free reign and full control.

But Narcissa and Molly would not have it any other way, and the couple's worry was wasted. While the ceremony had all of the extravagance that Malfoy's were accustomed too, it was very exclusive and private. It was held on the Malfoy grounds, with all of the white peacocks herded close by and the garden completely transformed by white ribbon and lace. Ivy's dress was the picture of simplicity: white silk and close fitting with a simple cut and open back. Lily, who was now two, looked like a little angel. She had been dressed as a flower girl, her black curls a beautiful contrast to her pale cheeks.

Ivy never stopped smiling.

After their vows had been reinstated they left for the wedding night, leaving Lily with Narcissa and Lucius.

"Severus?" Ivy whispered in her husband's ear once they were alone.

"Hmm?" He questioned with a contented hum as his hands wandered over the fabric of her dress.

"I'm pregnant again."