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Benny laid next to his friend Ethan as they both stared off into the night sky. "Hey! Look I think that's Orion!" Ethan hollered in excitement.

Benny turned his head to look in the general direction Ethan was pointing, all he could really see though was stars. He watched as Ethan smiled gleefully, like a child watching fireflies. Benny giggled softly at his friend, causing Ethan to look at him suspiciously.

"What's so funny?" he asked curiously.

"Oh nothing, I just don't see anything up there. All I see are stars." Benny exclaimed nonchalantly.

Ethan moved closer to his friend and grabbed his hand and pointed it to the skies.

"It's right there. Can't you see?" he asked.

Benny blushed as his friend cuddled close, he could feel Ethan's warm breath on his cheek.

"Y-yea, I see it now!" Benny said, clearly lying as he looked at Ethan's smile. 'He's so beautiful. Everything about him is!' he thought to himself as he began to smirk.

Ethan looked back at Benny, who was now looking at him and blushed. He hadn't noticed how close he had been to his friend, as he slowly scooted away.

"It sure is cold! I wish my jacket hadn't been lost at school today!" Ethan muttered grumpily.

Benny watched as his best friend shivered in the Autumn air, small wisps of frosty air coming with each breath Ethan took.

"Here, take my jacket. It will keep you warm." Benny said, already starting to unzip his jacket.

Ethan smiled as he took the jacket and wrapped it around him, bringing the collar to his cheeks.

'Wow, this smells...like Benny. Almost like..sweet cinnamon...' Ethan thought to himself, wondering or not if it was normal to like the scent of his friend. Ethan just brushed the thought away and got snug in the new jacket and smiled.

Benny couldn't help but smile at his friend, hoping he had accomplished in making him warm again. "So uh, whats the plans for tonight?" he asked quizzically.

Ethan sat up and looked at Benny with a slight smirk, "Well since my parents and Jane are at my aunt Nellie's for the weekend, we can have the house to ourselves. Maybe we could invite Sarah and Rory over-"

"Nah!" Benny said, interrupting Ethan. "We always invite them over, we never have any buddy time together!" Benny said annoyed with his friends idea.

Ethan nodded in agreement, not even remembering the last time he and Benny had done something alone. "Okay then, we can spend the night by ourselves. My mom and dad just bought that new horror movie that came out last week. We can watch that?" Ethan said, hoping the plan would appease the other.

Benny smiled at the idea and sat up next to his friend excitedly, "Wicked! I've been wanting to see that for so long!" Benny said excitedly, barely having time to breath in-between sentences.

Ethan giggled at his friends excitement, "Okay then, lets go! It's starting to get colder out here anyways!" Ethan said happily.

"Okay! I'll get the popcorn! Thanks E!" Benny said excitedly before getting up and making his way inside the house with Ethan.


Benny watched as Ethan stared at the screen of the flat screen, completely oblivious to the movie playing in front of them. "I really think they could have used better graphics, what about you?" Ethan said, not even noticing his taller companion's hazel eyes were fixed on him.

"Uh..yea totally." Benny said, returning his eyes to the screen.

Ethan slowly turned his head to look at Benny who was now intently watching the horror click. He smiled, not even noticing that his heart was beating fast for no reason.

'His eyes, I've never noticed how pretty they are. Is that...weird? To think they are pretty?' he thought to himself. He could feel his chest almost flutter, confusing him even more. 'Why do I feel this way?' Ethan thought as he reached for a handful of popcorn. Not even noticing that his taller companion had also reached for some. Benny felt Ethan and his hands bumped slightly in the mess of kernels and buttery popcorn. Benny could feel as his face suddenly grew hot and drew his hand back instantly, "Oh..uh sorry about that!" he blurted out.

Ethan just stared at his best friend, and felt as the feeling in his chest became even bigger. "N-no its okay..." Ethan muttered softly.

He could feel his eye's lock with Benny's as the two stared at each other. Ethan's heart began to beat faster and faster as he looked into Benny's eyes. He noticed that Benny was just a few inches away from him now.

'When had he moved? I never even saw him move.' Ethan thought to himself.

Ethan gripped the fleece cover of the couch as he slowly felt himself leaning forward towards Benny. The noise of the horror film not even audible to his ears anymore, all he could hear was Benny's breathing and his own heartbeat, and he liked the sound of Benny's breathing for some reason. It was soothing to him. Benny felt as his neck craned forward softly and closed his eyes, inching closer and closer to Ethan's face. Ethan suddenly heard the front door open, as his mom and dad and a sickly looking Jane walked in. Benny felt as Ethan sprung back, sending the bowl of popcorn flying and as he fell face first into the couch cushion.

"M-mom what are you doing home! I thought you were going to spend the weekend at aunt Nellie's?" Ethan said trying desperately to hide his red scarlet blush from his mom and dad.

"Well we were, but your poor sister here seems to have caught the flu, she was blowing chunks all over Nellie's house-"

"Oh mom! TMI!" Ethan said interrupting his mother before she could finish. Ethan then noticed as Benny sat back up from the couch, looking pissed to no end.

"Oh Benny's here? Well, I don't wanna interrupt your guy's movie, I'm just going to go take Jane to her room and put her to bed." Ethan's mom said before turning to go up the stairs and was soon out of sight.

"Uh..sorry about that! Ethan exclaimed sheepishly, rubbing his now clammy hands together. "We can finish the movie though, they probably aren't going to stay up much longer after putting Jane to bed." Benny just nodded his head as he began picking up kernels and popcorn off the carpet. He didn't want Ethan to see the look of sadness over his face. He slowly picked up every kernel he saw, and finally placed the bowl of dirty popcorn back on the table. He turned and leaned against the table as he watched Ethan rewind what they had missed of the movie.

'Had..had he been leaning in close to me to?' Benny thought to himself curiously. As he began to eye the shorter brunette, he smiled.

"Hey Benny! Get over here I'm starting the movie back up again!" Ethan hollered out.

Benny giggled at his friend and sat back down on the soft blue couch, closer to Ethan once more.


Benny laid in his sleeping bag at the foot of Ethan's bed and stared at the ceiling. He could see glowing stars littering the ceiling of Ethan's room. After the movie they had watched earlier Ethan was to tired to play any games so they had decided to go ahead and go to sleep. Benny had changed into some of Ethan's pajama pants and one of his shirts, he could smell Ethan's scent on them as he brought the soft fabric to his cheeks. Benny then looked over at the dark figure of Ethan's bed, he could see the dark curves of his friend sleeping in the cascading moonlight.

"Hey E, are you still awake?" He muttered quietly in the dark room.

He heard the covers move as Ethan turned to face him, he was indeed awake. "Yea Benny, something wrong?" Ethan said groggily, not fully aware of his surroundings. Benny just sat up in his sleeping bag and brought his knees close to his chest. "No..I'm okay, I just have a question." he said softly.

"What is it Benny?" Ethan said curiously, wondering why his friend had woke him up at one in the morning as he looked at his Spider man alarm clock.

Benny just stared out the window and took a deep breath. "If...if you liked someone. Like a lot, would you tell them, even if you were afraid they may not like you back?" he said softly, not wanting his friend to hear the fear in his voice. Ethan moved about his bed and sat up to look at his friend, now fully awake.

"Well, I mean it really depends on who it was. But I would tell them no matter who it was." the shorter brunette said with care in his voice.

Benny nodded softly, even knowing that his friend could barely see him in the dark. "But what if you were afraid, like what if they didn't wanna be friends after that? Or didn't feel comfortable around you anymore?" the taller brunette said, his voice almost a soft whisper. Ethan got up out of bed and sat beside his best friend.

"Well I would have to trust my instincts, if they were a true friend, they wouldn't leave or feel uncomfortable no matter what I felt, even if they didn't feel the same way. Why do you ask?" Ethan said suspiciously.

Benny looked at the dark figure of his friend, his heart was now racing as fast as it ever had. 'I can't keep it a secret anymore! I have to tell him!' Benny thought to himself, tears beginning to tug at his eyes.

"Are you okay Benny? You sound kinda upset." Ethan said, worry now growing in his voice as he heard Benny begin to sniffle. "Are you...crying?" he said worriedly.

Benny then buried his head into his knee's and began to sob quietly as Ethan placed a loving hand on his shoulder. "Benny whats wrong! Why are you crying!" he said as he watched his best friend break down right in front of him.

"It's nothing Ethan! I'll be fine!" Benny said, holding back sniffles in-between words.

"Benny please tell me whats wrong, its heartbreaking to see you cry! You know you can tell me anything. We are best buds!" Ethan said, clearly upset to see his friend in such a state of hurt.

Benny just cried silently, that's when he felt Ethan's arms wrap around him and pull him into a warm hug.

"Ethan, I can't tell you! I just can't-" Benny began to say before breaking into another fit of sobs. "Shh, don't cry. It's okay, I understand. You don't have to tell me then. Just know that I'm here for you whenever you want to talk. Shh, don't cry it's gonna be okay." Ethan said lovingly as he cooed and hugged his best friend. As Ethan held Benny he ran his fingers through Benny's coarse yet soft hair. 'This...feels so natural. I've hugged him before and never felt like this before. What's...so different now?" he thought to himself as he listen to Benny's sobs quiet down.

Benny felt as his body relaxed in Ethan's arms and he smiled as Ethan held him, his eyes puffy and nose still running. Soon he felt his heart slowing down and he closed his eyes. Ethan listened as Benny began to start heavily breathing and he knew he was asleep. Quietly Ethan laid Benny down in his covers and grabbed a blanket and pillow from his bed and covered them both up, Ethan scooted close to Benny. He didn't want him to wake up scared in the middle of the night and not have someone close to him.

'He's so...peaceful when he sleeps. It's almost...adorable. Is this right? It feels right, almost comforting." Ethan thought to himself as he watched Benny sleep. Ethan looked at his friend closely and noticed a slight smile on Benny's lips forming as he slept. Seeing this made Ethan blush and smile himself. As he laid there he quickly felt sleep overcoming him, and after looking at Benny's smile once more, he let sleep take over and was soon out like a light.

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