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Ethan felt as his eyes began to slowly open, sunlight had already filled his room as did the faint chirping of birds outside his window. Ethan turned over to see that Benny was still soundly asleep, even lightly snoring. Ethan could tell that Benny had been crying just hours before as his eyes were still red. Ethan brought his hand to Benny's cheek and slowly caressed it. He always hated seeing Benny so emotional, it broke his heart. Ethan watched as Benny began to stir, slowly opening his eyes to look at Ethan.

'He...he is just so beautiful...is it possible...that I may...like Benny.' Ethan thought to himself, as he watched his friend waking up.

Benny rubbed his eyes sleepily as he yawned, blocking out the bright sun coming from the window with his hands.

"Morning E..." Benny said as he began to notice Ethan's hand caressing his cheek. Ethan snapped back to reality as he drew his hand back quickly.

"Oh uh morning, do you feel any better?" he said worriedly, hoping that his friend wasn't still upset about last night. Benny just looked at his friends deep brown eyes and smiled.

"Actually, I do feel better, because of you E." Benny said sweetly as he noticed a blush come over Ethan's face. He smiled, knowing he had successfully made his friend blush.

"Benny, you know I'm going to always be here to help and protect you! And I am always going to be here when you need me. Your my best friend, and no one will ever change that. If anything ever happen to you...I...I don't really know what I would do." Ethan said, having to turn his head away from Benny's sight, tears tugging at his eyes as he thought about life without Benny.

Benny saw this and quickly moved closer to his friend and placed his hand on Ethan's.

"Ethan, nothing will ever tear us apart! I promise E! I will always be here in your life. Forever and ever...and I just want you to know, I'm grateful at having met someone amazing like you in my life to help me get through the tough times. I mean it E, your special to me!" Benny said, sweetly caressing Ethan's hand in his. Ethan felt as Benny held his hand in his and turned to his friend slowly. "You...think I'm special?" he said, a slow smile forming on his lips. He had never heard Benny say that to him before and it made his heart melt and eyes water, no one had ever told him he was special, except maybe his mom or dad, but that was it.

"Of course Ethan! You mean everything to me, and I would do anything to protect you and keep you safe!" Benny said sweetly, watching Ethan's eyes twinkle with tears.

"I...I don't know what to say...wait no...I do know what to say...I think your amazing to Benny!" Ethan said, tears beginning to slowly make their way down his cheeks. Ethan wrapped his arms around Benny and hugged him tightly. Benny blushed fiercely and held onto his now crying friend, silently rubbing his back.

"Whats wrong Ethan? Why are you crying now!" he said worriedly, still holding the shorter brunette sweetly. Ethan just hugged his friend tighter and sniffled back sobs. "It's just that..no one has ever told me such sweet things before. No one has ever called me amazing or special except my mom and dad. And to hear it coming from someone else...especially you..it...it makes my heart burst with happiness. I always felt useless to the world, like I never made a difference. And you come along and tell me otherwise, that I have made a difference. And that difference was meeting you Benny! Before we met no one talked to me, and everyone ignored me. But when we met, you were different! You wanted to be my friend!" Ethan cried out sobbing between each word as if he had built up a lifetime of tears.

Benny silently held his friend as Ethan spilled his emotions out to him, making Benny cringe with sadness. He had never known Ethan felt this way, or that no one had ever taken a interest in his life besides his parents.

"Oh Ethan...why didn't you tell me this earlier?" Benny said, as he continued to rub Ethan's back softly and nuzzled his chin in Ethan's bed ridden hair.

"I never wanted to bother you with my problems, I didn't want to seem like a wimp to you. I've always tried masking my feelings in front of you so that you would be happy. I never wanted you to feel sad and feel pity for me." Ethan whispered, as he closed his eyes and cried even more.

As Benny listen to Ethan speak, he became aware that all those times Ethan had been in a situation, he had never openly cried about it or talked about it often.

"Oh Ethan...never ever feel like you can't come to me and talk to me! I...I'm your best friend, your other half basically. No matter day or night, you can call me or come over any time you want. I know Grammy wouldn't mind and I never want you to feel like you can't express yourself!" he said sadly as he took in wafts of Ethan's scent. Ethan simply nodded his head gently to his friends soothing words.

'I know the truth now...I not only like Benny...I love Benny. And I'm okay with that.' Ethan thought to himself as he felt his friends warm arms caress his backside and rock him gently. Benny buried his head into Ethan's neck as he felt his shorter companion's body shiver violently from all the crying he had done, which was just now starting to quiet down.

'Now or never.' Benny thought to himself as he took in a deep breath and sighed.

"Ethan...can I tell you something?" the taller brunette said, his friend still buried in his chest sniffling. Benny felt as Ethan gave a slight head nod.

"Ethan...last night when I was crying and asking those questions...it was for a reason, a real reason. For the past few years now I've watched as we have grown up together and shared very fond memories together. You saw me through my parent's death when I was only eight years old. And you were there for me till the very end. We have joked together and laughed together, and in moments like this, cried together. And somewhere along the line...I began to think of you more than a friend." Benny felt Ethan's body quit shaking as he continued, "I don't know why or how but I just started feeling different about you. Whenever I would see you my face would always light up in a smile and when I would hear you laugh it made me melt on the inside. You began to give me butterflies in my stomach whenever I was around you. And you never cease to fail to make me feel lightheaded when you put your arm around my shoulder or hugged me. I guess what I'm trying to say...is that...Ethan..I love you!" Benny softly whispered.

'There I said it! Now he is gonna break away and tell me to leave!" Benny screamed in his head as he began to feel hot waves of heat overwhelm his face as tears began to well up deep from inside him. Ethan's heart was racing now, what he had heard just now was correct. As he kept replaying those words Benny had just said in his mind, like a record player that had broke and kept playing the same verse over and over. Benny watched as Ethan sat up slowly, careful not to break from Benny's grip, and looked at him. "What...what did you say?" Ethan said slowly, wanting to make sure his ears hadn't suddenly decided to quit on him. Benny just stared down into his friend's deep brown eyes.

"I said...I love you Ethan!" Benny said, afraid that Ethan would jump up then and there and yell at him. "I'm so sorry Ethan I-" Benny felt as Ethan shot forward and their lips collided. Shocked, Benny didn't know what to do at first, but it only took a second for his mind to register as he began to kiss Ethan back. Ethan felt as Benny ran his hands through his hair as Ethan let a slight moan escape his mouth. Ethan grabbed onto Benny's back and dug into it, deepening the kiss. After what seemed like hours to the both of them, Benny drew back and gasped for air. A sly smile beginning to form on Ethan's face. Ethan then leaned forward slightly and stopped at Benny's earlobe. "I love you to Benny, I really do. I guess I have to for awhile now but just fought to ignore the feeling, not wanting to believe it. But Benny I can no longer deny it, I love you with all my heart and I wanna be with you!" He whispered silently into Benny's ears, causing Benny to smile the happiest he had ever smiled since before his parent's had died so many years ago.

That night Benny laid in bed next to Ethan as they listen to the crickets chirp outside, with the occasional dog bark. Ethan rested his head on Benny's chest, listening to every breath and heartbeat that Benny had. Benny ran his fingers through Ethan's soft brown hair softly as he stared at the ceiling. "Benny, can I ask you a question?" Ethan asked as he sat up to look at his lover.

"Sure you can sweetie, you can ask me anything E!" Benny said, diverting his attention from the glowing stars to Ethan's eyes.

"When did you first know. That you loved me?" Ethan said timidly as he blushed madly. Benny just smiled at his new lover and took his hand, causing Ethan to blush even more than he already was.

"Do you remember back when we were about eleven, and that huge snow storm hit?" Benny asked, now smirking at Ethan.

"Yea, I remember, I was so terrified that night because the snow had knocked out the power to the whole city." Ethan said, looking off somewhere random as he brought back memories to himself.

"Well it was that night of the storm, you were so scared and cold. I remember holding you and telling you it would all be okay. You cried and cried the whole night no matter what I did, and I remember eventually I told you how we were going to grow up and be the coolest guys in school. And you quit thinking about the storm as we talked about the future till you eventually fell asleep in my arms. That's when I knew something was different, that my feelings were much stronger than just friends. I kissed your lips that night for the first time when I laid you down to sleep. And you ended up mumbling my name and shivering so I decided that I would hold you all night till I feel asleep so you wouldn't get cold." Benny said, smiling as he remembered the night like it was just yesterday. Ethan smiled at him intensely and grabbed Benny's chin and brought him in close as he softly kissed his lips, not parting for several seconds. Ethan drew back quietly and smiled.

"I love you so much Benny, how did I get so lucky to find a best friend like you, or should I say boyfriend!" he said happily. Benny smiled at this and took Ethan's hands in his and caressed them silently.

"I think we are both lucky, to have found each other like this. It can only mean one thing, and one thing only. We were truly meant to be soul mates Ethan. And I plan on giving you the greatest life out there! I promise E, no matter what!" Benny said lovingly, before drawing his boyfriend into a warm and relaxing hug. As they both laid there contently Benny could feel sleep coming to him slowly. Ethan could tell that this was happening and smiled as nestled up close to Benny, "Goodnight Benny, I love you!" he said sweetly to the taller companion who was now locking Ethan in a cage of his arms.
"Goodnight my sweet dream come true!" Benny said smiling sweetly as he felt Ethan relax in his arms, soon the both of them were fast asleep.

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