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Alright…Chapter Two of Coming Out of the Cupboard!

"What do you mean, 'Draco hates topping'?"

"Well, it's true. I mean, we switch occasionally, but..."

A snort, followed by a giggle, came from Hermione.

"Harry? Do you realize what you just said?"

Harry looked up from his dreamy state. "I…" he started, confused for a moment. It wasn't long until his face paled, eyes wide. "Oh shit."

"Please tell me you were joking," Ron hissed, pinching the bridge of his nose in…disgust?

Oh, no. This can't be happening!

"Well, you see—"

"Oh, give him a break, Weasel. I am simply irresistible, after all."

He is so gorgeous. How did I get so lucky?

Draco Malfoy sneered at the Gryffindors. "I can't believe you Gryffindorks were that oblivious. All of Slytherin knows."

"And isn't that a story you prudes would love to hear!" Blaise Zabini called, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

"Ooo!" Lavender Brown squealed.

"We'd totally love to hear that story!" Parvati nodded, eyes wide with excitement.

Ron looked appalled. "You actually support this–this–"

"It's really hot," Hermione sighed, a far away look on her face. "I mean, really. The two sexiest guys in school in a secret relationship!"

Ron just sat there, dumbfounded. Draco and Harry shared a look of amusement. The rest of the hall burst into conversation, all on the same topic. The defeater of the Dark Lord and a Death Eater?

"I think we broke him," Harry laughed, waving a hand in front of his, well, broken friend.

"You want to break it more?" his boyfriend leered, causing the girls at the table to swoon. A sly smile slid onto Harry's face.

"Of course."

They leaned forward. Once again, the whole hall was silent. The teachers all had a look of relief in their eyes. Galleons were exchanged between students and teachers alike. And then, their lips met.

It was a rather awkward position, at first. Harry was sitting, pushing himself up with the palms of his hands. He was also leaning slightly over Ron, who appeared to be rather disturbed by the whole display, his face tinged with the green of repulsion. Hermione, who sat on the other side of Harry, giggled uncharacteristically, while Lavender and Parvati were practically panting between every squeal. Dean and Seamus looked at the boys with interest, Neville looked uncomfortable, and Colin was snapping away on his camera.

The kiss had began softly, but had quickly escalated into a passion-filled display. Draco had placed a pale hand to Harry's jaw, who, now propped up on one palm, wound his free hand around Draco's neck. Moans could be heard in the near-silence (although not all of them had come from the boys). When it was obvious that tongues were intertwining, Ginny Weasley stood up and huffed out of the room.

After a few metaphorical hours, the couple broke apart. The occasional whisper could be heard, as well as a few more coins clinking.

The hall resumed their morning as if nothing happened. Sure, some were still gossiping about the kiss ("Ooo!" Lavender squealed to Parvati and Hermione, "Let's call it 'Drarry'!"), others were muttering disapprovingly ("It's just wrong," Zarcharias Smith was drawling to whoever would listen, "did they really have to do that in here?"), and a few girls were just disappointed ("What does he see in Malfoy?" Romilda Vane could be heard sobbing, "I'm much more attractive than that evil Slytherin!").

But Harry and Draco were staring lovingly into each others eyes. They felt as if a weight had been lifted from their shoulders. Of course, they would have to dead with the reporters later, but that's a river they would cross when they got there.

"Bet you 50 galleons we'll be on the front cover of at least two newspapers," Harry challenged as he stood up and walked over to his boyfriend.

"You're on, Potter!" Draco muttered, lacing their fingers together publicly for the first time.

The Daily Prophet, page 1

By Rita Skeeter, photograph courtesy of Colin Creevey.

What you've all been hearing is true–Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived-Twice, is not only homosexual, but in a relationship with none other than the former Death Eater, Draco Malfoy. They came out publicly yesterday morning at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which both boys are currently attending in their 7th year retake, during breakfast.

Witnesses say that it seemed to be an accident, the confession brought by a slip of the tongue.

"It was always going to happen," Blaise Zabini, a Slytherin and friend to Malfoy, commented. "I mean, they had this tension wherever they went. Something broke the hippogriff's back, and they ended up shagging in a broom cupboard. You know, the one on the fourth floor next to that creepy painting of Medusa."

Both Potter and Malfoy were unavailable for comment.

Witch Weekly, page 1

By Iris Manz, photograph courtesy of Collin Creevey

The rumors are true! Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, voted Witch Weekly's first and second hottest teen celebrities, respectively, are secret lovers! Well, their relationship is not-so-secret anymore, because the couple kissed yesterday morning during breakfast at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
The couple's fellow students had mixed feelings on the pairing. Ronald Weasley, Potter's best friend, was described as "obnoxiously appalled", while his sister, Ginevra, stormed out of the Great Hall in a furious rage. Note that Potter and the female Weasley had previously been in an unsuccessful relationship. Could the Boy-Who-Lived's sexuality be the cause of their breakup?

"Actually, no," Harry Potter himself told me during my visit of the school. "I was worried for her safety at the time, because Voldemort was likely to target people close to me. And I'm bisexual, so the only reason we didn't get back together was lack of passion. I just didn't feel anything for her anymore."

Cont. on page 12.

"See Draco? I told you we were popular. And those aren't the only articles! We're also on the front page of Magical Men, Spellbound, and WizzToday! Oh, and 'Mione said that we're on page four of the Quibbler."

"That's wonderful. I'm going to kill Blaise."

"Violence is never the answer, Dray. And I think you owe me 50 galleons!"

"I–alright. Next time we go to Diagon Alley."

"Great!" Harry placed a kiss on Draco's cheek. "Christmas hols are in a few weeks! I'll need to go shopping!"

"You're so gay," Draco replied, rolling his eyes.

"And that's why I love you!"

Draco sighed with a faint smile. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, Potter."

"Not you, that's for sure."