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Tha-thump...tha-dump...tha-dump...That's the sound of a heartbeat. It speeds or slows when needed. And sometimes it tells us the truth. Who we really love...


Onodera Ritsu awoke to the horrid sound coming from his alarm clock. "Ugh..." is all he was able to say.


Onodera chunked the said alarm clock at a wall. Alarm clock was defeated.

"Ughh..." he said. He sat up and ran a hand through his hair. He threw his legs over the side of the bed an slowly stood up.

He felt horrible. He felt like he had a 103 degree fever. He probably did. He trudged into his bathroom and took out the thermometer from inside the medicine cabinet. He turned it on, put it in his mouth under his tongue, and waited for the beep.


He looked at the numbers and they said "102.6." He wasn't going to go to work if he had 103, but he could manage with a 102. It wasn't very high, to be honest. But he felt like crap. A head ache. Chills. He ached all over. He even had a sore throat. He couldn't all hide that. But he would have to try to hide it from his boss/neighbour/...could-be lover...

He took out a Tylenol from the cabinet and grabbed his glass of water from last night and gulped down the pill.

After getting dressed and fixing his hair, he grabbed his things, put on his jacket and went out the door. And he immediately ran into a Takano Masamune.

Onodera gulped and looked up and tried to apologize for bumping into him, "Ahh...I-I'm sorry...I was in a rush...I didn't want to be late for work..."

"Nah, it's fine," he replied. Then he looked at Onodera strangely. "Are you okay? You look sick."

"Ah..umm...I got a bad head ache when I woke up. I took some medicine, so I'll be fine," he wasn't comepletely lying. He really did wake up with a head ache.

"Okay...Well, if you say you're fine...I guess we'll go to work," Takano said as he turned and motioned for Onodera to follow him.


On the train, Onodera had chosen to stand so that an old lady could sit down, leaving Takano to sit. Takano was still worried about him. The younger man's face was flushed and he wasn't breathing normally. His eyes were glazed over with fatigue. He just looked plain terrible. Takano got fed up and stood. He grabbed Onodera and made him sit in his old spot. Onodera looked up at him with wide eyes. He was surprised. He wanted to ask why, but he might've gotten a smart remark from the pervert side of Takano. He shivered because of his fever, and he started to ache again. He prayed that the medicine would kick in soon. He soon got a wave of nausea, and he pushed it down. He couldn't just vomit on a train. And he couldn't just vomit on a train with Takano there. he could wait until work. He could throw up in the restroom if he had to. He took a deep breath and involuntarily closed his eyes. He was still so tired. He slowly drifted off without worrying about what anyone thought about him falling asleep on the train. Snooze...snooze...snooze...

STOP ( A/N: The train stopped...)

"Oi, Onodera," Takano called out to the younger man. "Wake up, we're here."

"Ngh..." he mumbled. "...We are?" He yawned big and stretched slightly.

"Yes, we are. Now come on, " Takano said. To Onodera, he sounded exasperated.

"...I'm sorry..." Onodera told the older man softly, lowering his head as he walked past him getting off the train.

Takano caught up with Onodera and ruffled his light-brown hair, smiling. "Don't worry about it," he said, reassuring the younger man.

Onodera blushed a little at this and they kept walking to work.


At work, Onodera felt a little better, until after he dealt with the printers again. He hated having to talk with the printers. They were just so strict on him.

He slumped into the lounge area and bought himself coffee out of the vending machine. He then sat down on the couch and proceded to drink it. It was warm, and he hoped it would make him feel better. He still felt horrible. He was shaking due to the chills and every bone in his body ached. His head ache turned into a dull throbbing. His throat still hurt and he would be lucky if his voice wasn't raspy. He was still very tired. I could just fall asleep right now if I was allowed...ZZZzzz...
He dosed off despite the horrible gnawing feeling that he would be woken up in a matter of minutes...

He ended up sleeping for about an hour. The nap only ended when Takano saw him panting heavily and even moaning a little. It was a such a sight that the older man felt himself liking it a bit to much, if you catch my drift...He was quick to wake the younger one, so he wouldn't have to explain his slight predicament to his co-workers.

"Onodera, wake up," he said, shaking the the younger man softly.

"Ngh...Huh?" he was still kind of dazed. "I was sleeping?"

"Yes, you were. Now please don't fall asleep here again, if you can help it," Takano said. Then he whispered, "Because I don't like worrying that you might be sick." Onodera sat up quickly, but he instantly regretted it. All of his symptoms rushed back into him and he became rather dizzy. Takano made sure he was okay and then smiled as he ruffled the younger one's hair and started walking back to his office. Onodera stood up quick, which he also instantly regretted. He got so dizzy that he was falling unconcious. He tried to grab anything that could keep himself from hitting the ground too hard. The closest thing he could reach was Takano's shirt, which he missed by a milimeter.


Takano turned around at this and his eyes widened. He dropped down and picked up Onodera, who was currently not conscious, and rushed out the door to the nearest hospital, ignoring everything and everyone. I hope this isn't serious... Takano wondered...


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