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-...-...-...TAKANO'S Point of view...-...-...-...-...

Oh. My. God.

I looked at my lover, he was lying on his side, curled up, facing away from me. His clothes were draped over his lower half, but the shirt was ripped; though the pants and boxers were still fairly intact. His hips and chest were bruised and on his hips were claw marks and deeper bruises. Blood was left on the concrete from who knows where. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Ritsu...My Ritsu... I walked closer, knelt down next to him. He flinched as I and lifted him into my arms, but not before putting his boxers and pants on to save him from anymore humiliation. Then I wrapped my jacket around him.

"Oi, what happened?" I asked him, worried as hell. We had gotten back to my apartment and I set him down on the couch with the gentleness I would show nor give to anyone else. I sat down beside him and he rested his head in my lap.

"I..I got...I got into some trouble on the way home from...the bar.." he replied. I could tell he was trying to make it seem like it wasn't a big deal. "...You didn't come home...so I went out for a while.." He had made me dinner. I bet he waited a long time for me to come home. And no doubt he came up with silly reasons why I wasn't home yet.

He sat up and brought his legs up to his chest.

"Did...did someone..." I seriously didn't want the answer. But I needed it. "Did someone...ra-"

He quickly put his hand over my mouth, "...Don't say it..."

My world had just been burned. I couldn't stop it. I couldn't save him.

"B-But...It's not your fault, you know...It was mine...for thinking silly thoughts...I should've just waited a little longer..." he said as a tear tore down his face. "I...and it hurt...You do the same thing...but with that man...it was different...it hurt...but luckily," he weakly laughed. "I passed out halfway during it...the pain had gotten so bad...that I blacked out..." he laughed hysterically, tears rolling down his face.

I ran my hand through his soft hair. "Ritsu...If you think I'm mad at you...I'm not. And it wasn't your fault-"

"IT WAS! It was my fault!" he yelled. "If I hadn't accepted to be driven home! If only I was stronger! I am horrible! I'm a horrid person! And you deserve better!"

"Ritsu! There is no one in this world I will EVER love more than you! More than life itself. I don't deserve someone like you, Ritsu. If anything, you deserve better...I wasn't there to save you...And that pisses me off so much. And it hurts worse than death to see you like that."

"...I'm sorry..." he whispered, resting his forehead on his knees. "I'm sorry..."

I sighed and held him closer. There was something in the silence that seemed to make everything lighten.

"I will tell the police what happened. We don't want that man running around looking for more victims. And you're not going out anywhere without me for a while. I don't want anything bad to happen to you again."

"Hah?" he picked his head up and looked at me. "I can take care of myself, I don't-"

"You really want to tell me that after what happened recently?" I couldn't help the fact that my voice grew louder.

"I was drunk, okay? I couldn't have made it home without passing out anyways! And then the man gave me a ride here and I was thankful for that! But how could I have known he'd do something like that?"

"You could've called me or texted me or something!"

"...I thought that maybe you were out with someone...I didn't want to disturb you..." he looked away.

"Ritsu, I love you. Not anyone else. Do you really think I'd be out late with another person? What kind of a man do you think I am?" I sighed. "Next time you decide to make dinner for me, please wait. And if you do decide to go out drinking, please call me when you're done. At least do that much.."

"...Sorry..." he whispered. I looked at his face and it was painted with a small grimace.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Are you hurting? Oh God I should've taken you to the hospital as soon as I found you, but I couldn't go one second without you in my arms."

He got up off the couch and planted himself in my lap facing me. "I'm fine...The bleeding stopped anyways...And I...Well..." he trailed off.

"What?" I questioned, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"...Make me forget...what he did to me..." he whispered so low I though I wouldn't hear what he was saying.

I didn't move because I wasn't sure I heard him right.

"...Please..." he whispered against my lips, gripping onto the front of my shirt. "..touch me..."

"I love you, my Ritsu..." I said before pressing my lips against his.

-...-...-...-...-...Onodera's P.O.V-...-...-...-...

I was still in some pain, but all would be forgotten...except Masamune. I felt his hands softly touch my bare sides as we kissed, mouths open and tongues dancing. It truly was different when I was with him.

"ahh.." I couldn't and wouldn't try to force myself to stifle any noises I made this time. I would just feel. Nothing else mattered except Masamune and what we were doing. It wasn't sex. We never screwed each other. We made love. That was what we always had done. I never wanted to admit it to myself, but it was time I gave in to it.

Masamune slid his lips and tongue and teeth down my neck and nipped at my collarbone. While he did that, his hands slid lower, grazing my now hardened manhood.


He trailed his lips back up near my ear and whispered sweet nothings with hot breath that sent a jolt of pleasure down my spine. He slowly and teasingly wrapped his his long fingers around my erection. His hand encased it and he slowly ran his hand up and down my shaft, pumping and sliding. I was so enveloped in the pleasure that I barely noticed the slick finger that entered me. Moaning, I squirmed a little, trying to get more of that sweet friction. I moaned louder as a second finger thrust into me. The two fingers and my pulsing erection were too much and I came hard in his hand.


He then thrust a third finger inside of me and stretched my insides more and grazing over this one spot, immediately making me hard again.

"Oh...so you become so hard again just from my fingers, huh?" he whispered in that husky voice of his, smirking.

"Ngh...sh-shuddup..." I replied, glaring up at him.

He leaned down and placed his lips on my parted ones, kissing me so hard and lust filled, sucking and swallowing my moans. It was too good...So good that I didn't even notice when the fingers left. I only noticed the pleasure-pain of him entering me in that quick, tip to hit in one motion attack.

He slowly pulled out and then slammed back in, each time getting faster and harder, bringing me even closer to climaxing. His grunts and my moans filled the room. It was futile to surpress our uncontrollable sounds reverberating around the room.

Not too long after, we both came together, me screaming, "Ahh! M-Masamune!"

After coming down from the high, he pulled out of me and sank down besides me. He pulled the blankets up around us and turned to face me. I scooted a little closer, just a little, but he pulled me in closer. He nuzzled his face in my hair.

"I love you, Ritsu," he whispered. I could feel the smile radiating from him.

I mumbled it back, "I love you too...But...I need a shower..." I said, promptly getting up to head to the bathroom.

"And no, you can't come with me," I added as I left the room.

In the shower, the hot water coated my now clean body. It was nice and allowed me to think about things. Like what happened last night. I had completely forgotten about everything that happened earlier. It had disappeared from my mind. Even if it appeared the next day, I would force it down, pretend it was just a bad dream. But...I couldn't help but remember what made me forget. I felt my face heat up, but not from the steam.

I walked out with a towel around my waist, entering the bedroom. Then a very scary beast pounced on me like I was his prey.

"Ready for round two?" He asked, wrapping his arms around my waist, slowly sliding the damp towel down my hips...

"Never!" I shouted in protest, pushing against his chest in a futile escape attempt...

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