"Laura, where's the agency gun?'

"Why Mr. Steele, newspaper too boring for you today?"

"While I'm sure the newspaper is quite fine, I still have an urgent need to find the agency gun."

"Did you check in your desk?"

"Yes, Miss Holt."

"Check around Mildred's desk. She probably has it stuck between some files somewhere."

"This is a lethal weapon we're talking about here, Miss Holt, and you're telling me it's tossed in a file somewhere?"

"Yes, I guess I am."

"I'm checking, and I don't seem to be able to locate it here, Miss Holt."

"Hmm... Maybe it's in my office."

"Then by all means, let's carry on."

"Oh no, Mr. Steele, there's no way you're going to search my office. Unlike you, I have my own system of organization."

"You're trying to hide something."

"And you've gone mad."

"And you're hiding something."

"Fine, let's get this over with."

"Is that a new plant, Laura? You know what they say, a plant does not grow to fulfill good intentions. It thrives because someone took the time to, shall we say, lavish attention on it."

"What, daresay, has you so interested in my orchid, Mr. Steele?"

"It's funny you should ask that, Miss Holt. Being somewhat of a gardener myself, I couldn't help but notice your orchid seems to be lacking in attention."

"And just what do you suggest we do about that, Mr. Steele?"

"I believe I would not be remiss in saying that while I'm sure its lovely owner does appear to be quite capable, she has been extremely busy as of late and has neglected her lavishing duties."

"As a master gardener yourself, what would you have me do?"

"Relaxation, Miss Holt, relaxation. A gourmet dinner over candlelight, dancing with you safely tucked in my arms in front of a warm fire... What more is there to do, eh?"

"How is having dinner and dancing with you going to benefit my orchid?"

"I lavish attention on you, you lavish attention on me...uh...I mean your orchid. Do I have to say more?"

"I think you've said quite enough."

"So, you'll be at my apartment at, say 7?"

"You're incorrigible, Mr. Steele."

And you're quite impulsive and adorable yourself, Miss Holt. So 7?"

"Okay, but only because I am passionate about my plant."

"Why Miss Holt, passion is a dangerous thing...you never know when it's going to run wild."

"The agency gun, Mr. Steele?"

"What gun...oh, the gun."

"Were you ever serious about finding the gun?"

"I...uh... Why waste one's time on trivial pursuits when one has passion, eh?"

And with that, Laura smiled, gently took Remington's face in both of her hands, gazed directly into his deep blue eyes, and softly brushed her lips against his.

I wanted to try my hand at writing a short, conversation-only piece between Laura and Remington. Sort of getting my feet wet before plunging in to write something much longer and more substantial.

Disclaimer: Even though I wish I did, I don't own Remington Steele.