Finding Home and Keeping It: Chapter 1

Her wings weren't strong enough.

She flapped and flapped against the wind, the currents fighting her with each flap she took. Leaves and other debris blew past her and into her face, but she fought that too, using her instincts to dodge the obstacles. The tiny red scarf Piglet had given her whipped wildly behind her head, and she worried that it would fly off; but it held tight and kept back a bit of the cold from the new winter winds.

It was a struggle just to fly forward. The cold was numbing her wings and her mind, causing her thoughts to drift, making her remember warm nights by a fire being cuddled by safe, furry arms.

She dipped in flight for a moment, and then righted herself. She shook her head clear, her blue feathers bristling as they met another burst of icy wind.

'Come on Kessie!' she chided herself, 'You know you can do this. You were made for flying – Owl said so!' She spread her wings wider and glided, riding the winds in a burst of confidence. 'This is what you've wanted for so long! Don't waste all that work now!' There was a lull in the wind and she sped forward, gaining some ground. But just as soon as it had disappeared the wind was back, stronger than before. It blew her off track and she fell, diving for a moment before spreading her wings and swooping back up into a southerly course.

Kessie continued in this manner, struggling against the air currents, dodging leaves and fighting dust in her eyes, until the sun began to sink and the world beneath her turned gold and black.

Watching the tree tops below her, Kessie decided it was time to rest for the night; so she swooped low and entered the canopy through a sparse patch of leaves. There were plenty of places available to roost in the branches, since she was still a very small bird, but she didn't stop just yet. She hadn't found the right place.

Despite having been on her own a few days already, she was still unaccustomed to sleeping in trees. A warm bed suited her much better, as did a glass of steamy herb tea which gave her cozy dreams.

After some searching Kessie managed to find a hollow fairly high in a tree trunk, filled with leaves and devoid of critters.

It was no rabbit hole, but it was slightly warmer than the outside air.

Having found shelter, she settled down under a bed of leaves and watched the shadows creep across the branches outside her makeshift dwelling.

Once more after starting her journey, she found she missed having a candle by her bed, and she felt her wings curl around a pile of leaves which acted as a poor replacement for the cuddly cloth of her toy bunny she had left at her home in the Hundred Acre Woods.

And once more, she gazed out at the slivers of sky she could glimpse through the leaves, and wished and wished she had someone to read her a bedtime story – someone she was sure, miles and miles away, was wishing he could read her a bedtime story too. With a longing look at the moonlit world outside, she whispered "G'night Rabbie", before shutting her eyes tight and imagining Rabbit's voice saying "Goodnight Kessie" as he gave her a kiss on the head and she drifted off to sleep.

*Author's Note:

This is a continuation of the "New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" episode "Find Her, Keep Her", based around the little Blue Jay Kessie who was rescued as a baby and raised by Rabbit. And I'm sorry to say that Rabbit won't be showing up in this story for a while. But there will be much mention of him, and he'll show up eventually! So please, stay tuned!