Just another Meteor Freak?


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Set after season two of Danny Phantom, minus Kindred Spirits, and just after CK gets his powers back in season 5.

Clark Kent was content. After two weeks of restoration and confusion in the wake of the meteor strike and nuclear missile threat, things in Smallville were finally settling down to a state of equilibrium. His best friend Chloe knew of his Kryptonian heritage and he knew she was there to support him. He had the girl of his dreams sitting next to him, and he was glad that finally he and Lana could be together. Sure there was more Kryptonite than before strewn over Smallville, but they'd lived with the green rocks for over a decade. Overall Clark couldn't ask for more in his life.

Lana had taken up an interest in the meteors after seeing the two disciples of Zod emerge from their craft. She had brought her laptop up into Clark's loft and was trying to triangulate the path of all the meteors that had landed that day. They had wrought so much destruction, but Lana suspected a bigger plot. Not that she'd tell Clark that. Lana wanted to protect Clark – and the rest of Smallville – from any more of those invaders that decided to pop up. She was looking into the descent path of the meteors when she realised one anomaly.

"Hey, Clark, look at this..." Clark groaned as he went over to his girlfriend. He wasn't really happy that she'd taken such a keen interest in the meteor shower; after all, she might come closer to discovering his secret, or worse she could end up hurt.

"One of the meteors split off. It didn't land in Smallville..." Clark's interest was officially piqued.

"So where did it go?" Lana zoomed out from Smallville and tracked the meteor's path.

"It didn't even land in Kansas... that's weird." She paused to zoom back into the map, crossing over into Colorado. "It landed in a small town, not much bigger than Smallville... Some place called Amity Park, Colorado."

Clark looked over her shoulder intently at the screen. "Amity Park? You sure?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You mean Ghost Capital USA?" Clark knew this was probably just rumour mongering, but Chloe had tried to do an expose last year after the town had disappeared into another dimension... at least according to the tabloids. "Okay that's really... weird. I don't get how so many could land in one place to have one go so far out..." Clark knew why the second meteor shower came to Smallville. It was a homing beacon for anything Kryptonian. His birth-parents sent him here and Zod's followers followed him.

Looking at him Lana frowned slightly. "It's weird, but we are in Meteor Capitol of the World, maybe there was some sort of cosmic balance going on..." She shook her head as if to convince herself. "Definitely weird... Think Chloe would be interested?"

"Probably..." Clark definitely didn't want Lana getting any closer to this. Whatever attracted the meteor couldn't possibly be good. At least Chloe knew roughly what she could be getting into. "Maybe you should leave it to her. If anyone can get to the bottom of a meteor rock mystery it's her."

Lana frowned disapprovingly at her boyfriend, but was interrupted by his mother calling him from the house. "Looks like it's time for you to see your Mom" Lana smiled at him. "I'll see you tomorrow, you call Chloe on this. You're right, she could help."

Line Break

Clark got into the house to find his Mom and Dad around the kitchen table. Both were looking solemnly into their un-drunk tea. "Mom, Dad, what's wrong?" Clark started, trying to ease some of the tension in the room.

Martha Kent looked up from her teacup, sharing a look with Jonathan. "It's..." she started, but she couldn't seem to continue. Jonathan looked meaningfully at Clark. "Your mother's sister has been killed. She, her husband and eldest daughter were killed just a little over a month ago."

"Mom's sister? I didn't know you had a sister?"

"Well, much like your grandfather, after we took you in it was safer to keep more to ourselves." Jonathan started. "But it was more than that. Maddie, that was her name, was always strange. Part of the reason that your grandfather was so hesitant to give me his blessings to marry your mom was that he's already seen how difficult things were for her. She married a self-proclaimed ghost hunter."

Martha took over "Both of them loved investigating ghosts. Jack Fenton was always very enthusiastic, absolutely lovable, but overly interested in ghosts. The first time I met him he yelled out 'Ghost' and I was coated in some green slime. Maddie assured me that it was his habit to do so, but there was no denying that they were unusual. I loved my sister very much, but over time we drifted apart. She found her life investigating ghosts, and I made my life here on the farm with your father."

"But now, now she's gone. I'm not sure what to think. Her eldest daughter Jasmine was keenly interested in psychology. She was actually about your age Clark. Jasmine was incredibly smart, top of her year since second grade and highest graduating score at her school."

"Maddie's son though. He lived. I can't imagine what he's going through. They were all at their home when it struck. Daniel is his name. He had brought two friends over; they were all at the home on the day that it happened. He lost his two closest friends and his family all on the one day."

Martha paused to look back into the empty teacup. Jonathan looked over at her, resting his hand comfortingly on her shoulder.

Clark was quiet, not sure what to make of this, he always knew that his mother's family was complicated, but didn't know what to make of the fact that he had an Aunt who he was never going to get to know.

"What happened, how did they die?" Clark asked, looking solemnly at his father.

"A meteor, the same day as the second meteor shower here." Was Jonathan's quiet reply.

"It's all my fault then." Clark whispered. "The meteors wouldn't have even come to Earth if it wasn't for me."

"No." Martha interrupted. "Don't you dare think that. There is nothing you could possibly have done to stop the shower. Whatever sent them here was not your fault. The fact that you saved so many lives while they were falling makes me so proud of you. You are not to blame, for what happened here, nor to my sister's family."

Clark was still not convinced, he knew that if he weren't here these terrible things would never have happened, but he also knew that there was no way to convince his parents. Realising what they had said brought him out of his stupor "Their son survived though. You said that Maddie, her husband and daughter were gone, but their son survived. What happened to him? Where is he?"

Martha sniffled slightly and looked over to Clark. "He was in a private hospital for two weeks after the meteor hit; he was unconscious for most of the time. He was released into the care of Mr Vlad Masters after that. Vlad was a friend that Maddie made in college, but I thought they had lost contact over time. Still, Daniel has made it clear that he is not happy to stay in the care of Mr Masters. Social services aren't sure what to make of that. There isn't an obvious reason for Daniel to be unhappy there... but still. They have asked if perhaps he can stay here, at least over the summer as we are best able to take care of him."

Clark blinked, looking from his mom to his dad. "When is he arriving?"

Jonathan smiled, knowing that whatever difficulties his son may have, he was always there to help anyone in need. "He'll be arriving in two days. I was hoping you'd help me get a couple of things sorted before he got here."

"Of course, whatever needs doing. Mom, you should probably head upstairs and get some rest. We'll be there for you no matter what. I love you mom." Martha nodded, placing the teacup in the sink and heading up the stairs for bed. Jonathan looked over to his son and smiled wearily. This was trying news, but they'd get through it as a family, as they always had. They'd be there for each other, and now it looked like they would be there for young Daniel as well.

"I think, son, it's time we all head off to bed. Tomorrow we can set up the spare room for him, but for now it's getting late." Both of the Kent men quietly retired thinking of this new turn of events.

Line Break

The next morning the first thing Clark did was call Lana, telling her that he was more closely related to the weird meteor strike than simply living in Smallville. Lana was quiet as he told her of his newly found cousin who had lost so much in such a small amount of time. Lana couldn't help but draw parallels between him and her family so long ago in the first meteor strike.

Both Clark and Lana decided that investigating the weird meteor strike should at least be put off until Daniel had settled in. After all, his entire support system had been taken from him in one fell swoop.

The rest of the day passed in a blur of preparation. Clark hurriedly got all of his chores done and set about the task of making the guest room ready for Daniel's arrival. Clearing out some rather questionable remains from when Lois had stayed there before the summer, Clark paced himself thinking. Smallville had seen any number of changes thanks to the meteor showers. So many lives had been destroyed in the showers themselves, and the kryptonite left behind didn't help at all. Yet despite this, it always stayed in Smallville. He didn't really know what to think of a meteor strike anywhere other than Smallville. He couldn't help but wonder if he had not been sent to Earth if these meteors wouldn't have come. And that wasn't the least of his concerns.

Still hanging over him was the threat from Jor-El; he had said that in exchange for his life and the return of his powers a life would be taken. There were already so many people in his life that he couldn't stand to lose. Was it really fair to invite someone new into his life when this threat hung over him? Was it fair to risk Daniel when he had already lost so much in a short span? It seemed that no matter what he did his very presence on earth would continue to hurt those around him. Clark sighed as he finished cleaning and set about making the bed.

Eventually Clark finished setting up the room, proceeding downstairs in the warm light of the setting sun. His mother and father were finishing setting up for dinner. Each took a seat and thought silently for a few moments.

"Son," Jonathan started "thank you for all your help today. Your mother and I want you to know that we appreciate all you do for us. Now, I can see you blaming yourself for this, but you need to know that none of this is your fault. The fact that you are so willing to do so much for someone who is practically a stranger speaks volumes. We love you son."

Clark looked up from his plate. "Thanks Dad. Still, that raises the question...what should I do about my... gifts. Should we, I mean... do you think I should tell Daniel that I... that his cousin is an alien from another planet? I'm not sure that's the best idea."

Jonathan looked at his son, sharing a glance with Martha "Clark, he is going to be living here. It will be difficult to keep everything from him. You need to be prepared for him to notice things. It's a wonder that you were able to keep your secret from Lois the whole time she was here. That said, it is your secret, and you need to be satisfied to your mind that you can trust him. It is important for you to be able to trust those who keep your secret, even if they are family."

Martha took over. "Clark, we love you, and whatever else we are here for you. You are a miracle to your father and I. We want for you to be happy and safe. Part of keeping you safe is keeping your secret. I was glad when you told Pete, but he proved his loyalty on his own. Perhaps you need all you need is to give Daniel the chance to prove himself to you."

Clark reflected on this, determining that his parent's advice was sound. He would continue keeping his gifts secret. "Thanks for the advice Mom, Dad." After a brief silence Clark looked up at his Mother "Can you tell me a bit about Daniel?"

Martha sighed, "Maddie didn't write often, but it was clear that she loved her children dearly. Jasmine was very smart, looking forward to a career in psychology. But Daniel never seemed to show the same interest in schooling. Daniel is 16 now. He was alright academically, until about two years ago. In his freshman year his grades started slipping, and he grew distant from his parents. Maddie often shared how concerned she was, she didn't know what had happened to her son. She was scared that she'd lost her little boy; he was always running off, and secretive. He missed curfews, but still seemed to dearly love and care for his parents. Maddie didn't know what to make of it. Daniel never behaved in person like a troubled teen, but everything about him seemed to say otherwise. Still, he's coming here, and we'll do our best to take care of him. Maybe all he needs is someone to set him on the right path."

Martha smiled warmly at her son. She was glad that Clark had never exhibited any such self destructive behaviour. Clark had always been such a good boy, taking more care for others, and putting even strangers above himself. She was so proud of the man that Clark had grown up to become. He was so strong, and it was obvious that he was destined to greatness, to help the world. She would always remember the little boy, who had lifted their oak bed over his head even as a five year old, but he had taken responsibility for his gifts, and she was proud to call him her son.

Eventually they cleaned up, heading off towards bed. They were as ready as they could be, for in the morning Daniel would arrive.

Line Break

The morning rolled by in a hurried blur, Martha baked fresh muffins, Clark raced out to feed the cows, Jonathan finished a few little tidying away jobs in the barn. By unspoken agreement Clark was to stay inside and Martha and Jonathan would greet Daniel. Eventually it was time to clean up and get ready to welcome their young ward.

A car rolled into the driveway, Martha and Jonathan Kent stepped onto the front of their yellow porch to meet Daniel. A man in a black suit, with greying hair stepped out of the car; walking over to Martha and Jonathan. "Mr. and Mrs Jonathan Kent?" At their brief nod from the Kent's he continued "I am David Samson, from Social Services. I believe I spoke to you, Mrs Kent over the phone in regards to Daniel?" David Samson held a hand out to each of them in turn, smiling softly at each. "You did." Martha said "How is Daniel?"

"Daniel is..." Samson started, the smile fading from his face slightly "Understandably quiet. He doesn't entirely seem to understand what has happened. He is fairly distant, from everybody. He hasn't said much since he argued about being in the care of Mr Masters." Jonathan and Martha looked at each other, not entirely sure to make of Samson's bluntness.

"Is he alright?" Martha asked, concern lacing her warm voice. "We are sure he will be, given time. He still seems rather delicate. I have to say, this is one of the few cases I've worked on where I really want to do right by the kid. He's... there's something about Daniel." Samson finished rather awkwardly. Jonathan looked from Samson, to the car, and back. "Martha and I look forward to helping him. Martha very dearly loved her sister, and we will do everything we can to ensure her son is safe."

Samson looked at Jonathan and smiled "I am glad to hear that. I think it's about time you met him. Daniel" he called looking over to the car "Please come out to meet your Aunt and Uncle." The passenger door of the car opened, revealing a raven haired boy. As he slowly walked towards the porch they noticed as he looked all over the outside of the house, but they couldn't fathom why. They noticed he walked with the quiet grace of a martial artist. He slowly walked up the stairs and gave each of them a quick glance before coming to rest next to Mr Samson. "Daniel," He introduced "This is your mother's sister, Martha, and her husband Jonathan Kent. Jonathan, Martha, this is Daniel."

"Danny, please" Daniel said, as he looked up to meet the eyes of Jonathan and Martha. "Mom always spoke highly of you, Aunt Martha, and you Uncle Jonathan." Jonathan smiled, and leaned forward to shake Daniel – Danny's – hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you son. Why don't you come on in and meed Clark, he's been looking forward to meeting you. Mr Samson, why don't you come in too? I'm sure the least we can do is offer you a cup of coffee or tea." Samson laughed. "Thanks for the offer Mr Kent, but really all I can do is make sure that young Daniel here is settled. I'll stay until he has met Clark, but then I really must go. Daniel, you know how to reach me if you need to, right?" Danny nodded "Good"

Clark looked up as the front door opened. His mother walked in, then a strange grey haired man. His father followed him. Finally, the young boy who was to live with them walked in. Clark watched as the boy quickly surveyed the room, glancing upstairs before looking into the lounge where Clark was seated. He wore a dark blue, long sleeved t-shirt, hanging low over a pair of grey cargo pants. A necklace chain hung around his neck, but the pendant was hidden under the shirt. The boy was small, for a sixteen year old. His raven locks hid his eyes slightly. Small though he was, he looked slightly sick, as if he hadn't had a good meal in a while. All things considered he may not have felt up to much in the last month. The boy finished his appraisal of the room and Clark determined that it was time he introduced himself. Standing, his soft red plaid shirt rustling as he moved he walked over to the boy.

"Hey, my name is Clark, Clark Kent." The boy looked up at him, and Clark was met by a pair of cerulean eyes. The boy held the briefest puzzled expression; Clark only just caught it with his super-speedy vision, the boy briefly shook his head before he broke into a dazzling smile – possibly the first he'd smiled in a month – and said "I am glad to meet you Clark, I'm Danny, Danny Fenton."