"Are you okay…?"

The OSS had got some information about a guy called Trucker- I am not kidding- I mean; who has a name like that…? Anyways so he was going to attack at this party being hosted by the richest family in the city. His motive was not known but he was said to be dangerous and armed. So they called me in. or rather; I called myself in…

It is one of the most boring parties I've ever been to; and I've been to the presidential inaugurations…. Everyone here seems to be busy in their conversations or in watching this magician who is literally irritating the hell out of me. I mean I've seen Juni perform better tricks than these.

That was when it clicked me. I noticed that he seemed very unlikely as a magician. I walked towards him. Either he noticed me; or he had got what he wanted, because he jumped off the stage and ran towards the garden. I follow him and try to fight him. He turns out to be pretty good fighter though a lousy magician. I land a kick on his shoulder and have him down on the ground when he suddenly whistles and two girls; dressed as the magician's helpers, appear behind me and kick me really hard. Another woman helps him in getting up and then I am only one on the ground with a pistol pointed vat me.

Before I am able to think anything, his pistol is thrown at the side and someone blocks my view. It is Him. Again. What was he doing here?

But there is a screech of tires outside and Trucker and his accomplices merely jump the boundary and run away. Gary takes out his mobile and speaks into it- "This is Agent Giggles. Suspect just ran away on Eastern Hill road. Block all exits."

Then he looks at me and his expression softens. He offers me his hand to help me in getting up. I debate on whether or not to take it; after everything he did to me, it feels sick to see him here; hand outstretched; to help me get up. I try to get up on my own. In doing so; a pain sears through my right leg. I look there only to find my dress ripped sporting a dagger wound, with freshly flowing blood through it. "Great."- I mumble. Probably I got this while fighting the stupid magician.

Gary's hand is still there, unwavered by my attempt to get up on my own. I sigh and take it. He pulls me up ever so gently. His hands seem so warm. I reckon they've been in his pockets all night instead of out with some girl… I brush mud and grass off my dress. It's cold tonight; I realize as the wind cuts through my skin like a knife. It sends ever so slightly shivers down my spine. I don't get if it's due to the cold or his touch. But, I think he notices it- because he watches me intently and asks- "Are you okay, Carmen?"