"Don't Go Yet"

Chapter 1


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-I do not own No.6, nor am I associated with it in any way, shape, or form. Except I'm a huge fan.

-The first chapter and half of the second are not my original ideas. This entire fanfiction is based off a roleplay me and my girlfriend did after seeing the comic by ibahibut on deviantart.

-Because it's based off a short comic and a roleplay, it'll be translated a bit oddly, sorry.

- I am changing a few things about the second child due to the genetic makeup.

-I am not using the novel official name of the brunette baby boy because… come on, they named him S[h]ion. He's named after Shion [I use Shion for Shion, and Sion for the baby boy]. Why would they name him Sion if Shion is still alive, and Shion helps take care of him? That's… that's just silly to me. I get the 'junior' in today's kids and everything but… why so confusing?

-I am putting manga official and novel implied violet eyes instead of the anime albino red.


I'm waiting for you, and I…

Shion could feel the warm lips against his, the tears biting past his violet eyes as he stared, pathetically, at the dark haired teen. In a blink, the salty water broke free, and the smaller boy could feel his lip trembling against those of the taller.

He felt the calloused fingertips brush against his cheek and against his hair, feeling him pull away.

"You're going to be fine…" Nezumi smiled lightly, his cobalt eyes seeming so at ease, but Shion felt that it was just a mask of safety.

Yeah, I hope so…

He could feel more tears start to fall. His chest hurt, and he could feel his trachea start to throb and swell in pain. The gentle and rough skin of the older one was around his face now, his hands holding his face so violet eyes could look up at him. Shion's own hand reached up and wrapped his soft, underworked hand around the stronger.

Nezumi I…

"I-I…" Gentle hands pulled calloused hands off him, clasping them within each other, holding them close to his own heart. "I hope we will meet again!"

Deep gray eyes widened at the sudden exclamation, but they relaxed and calmed as he saw such a hopeful expression on his friends face. He pulled the smaller close, practically feeling the surprise on his face, holding him in a warm embrace.

"We will be reunited, Shion."

The younger boys expression multiplied as he felt Nezumi's chest quiver just a bit, and felt the soft landing of a tear drop on his cheek.


Watching Nezumi walk away had been painful, but Shion looked up at the sky, hopeful.

"We will be reunited," he said, echoing the dark haired ones words. "…Okay. I'll remember it. Your promise."

Shion turned, seeing a dark amber hound waiting there, something sitting at its feet. Surprised, he leaned down and opened the bundle, smiling lightly at the small brunette baby that lay there, giggling and smiling up at him.

"I'll take care of you," He promised, picking the small child up.

I'll be waiting…

He thought to himself, smiling still, glancing back to the far away silhouette of Nezumi disappearing.

No matter how many years pass… No matter how old I get…

He glanced back to the destroyed wall of No.6, seeing the people from West Block move inside.

I will always be waiting here for you…


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