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Chapter Six

Kendall woke up and looked out his window. They sky was cloudy and dark. A storm was coming.

There was a knock on his door and Katie came in. "Dad's left for work, and I'm going to my classes."

Kendall rubbed his eyes. "OK."

"And I'm going to hang out with Josh and Julie after."

Kendall groaned. He did not like the way Katie and Josh looked at each other. His baby sister shouldn't be interested in boys. She should be concerned with girl stuff like clothes and shoes and… food? "Does Dad know you're hanging out with them?"

"Duh. So, I'll see you later. Like, this evening."

"OK. Bye." Once she was gone, he sat up and texted Logan. "Looks like we're not having a picnic today."

Logan texted back, "But we can play in the rain."

Kendall smiled. That sounded fun. Maybe they could kiss in the rain too. He agreed to meet Logan in the coffee house in the afternoon and they'd make plans then.

Kendall got himself ready and then went downstairs. He poured himself a bowl of cereal before joining Carlos on the couch in the living room.

"It's gonna rain," Carlos said excitedly. "A summer storm. Isn't that fun and romantic?"

Kendall laughed. "It sure is, buddy."

"You know, I'm pretty sure I love James."

Kendall put his cereal down. "Shit. Really?"

Carlos nodded. "Yup. He makes me feel so… alive. Everything's right in the world when I'm with him."

"Wow." That was basically how Kendall felt about Logan. And Kendall was also sure that he loved Logan. "What, um, are you two gonna do when summer's over?" He had been worrying about that little issue regarding him and Logan as well.

Carlos smiled. "We're gonna have a long distance relationship. It won't be for that long. We may even go to the same college. What are you and Logan gonna do?"

"I don't know." Kendall had been avoiding that talk. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do, and feared Logan would just want to end things.

"Well, you should talk to Logan about it," Carlos said. "The end of summer is fast approaching."

Kendall sighed. "I'm aware. Just… I've never had what I have with Logan. I've never felt like this before. What if we don't want the same things?"

Carlos put a hand on Kendall's shoulder. "I'm sure you two will figure something out."

Kendall gave Carlos a tiny smile. "I hope so."

Carlos walked with Kendall to the coffee house later that day. "It's so going to rain soon," he commented.

"Yeah," Kendall agreed, seeming distracted.

Carlos wondered what was on Kendall's mind. His friend had been acting off since they talked in the morning. He hoped Kendall wasn't thinking of breaking up with Logan. Logan made Kendall smile in a way Carlos had never seen before. Carlos didn't want Kendall to get rid of someone who made him so happy.

The first trickles of rain started as they entered the coffee house.

"Hi." James greeted Kendall with a smile and Carlos with a kiss. "You guys want the usual?"

They both nodded and took a seat. "So what are you and James gonna do today?" Kendall asked.

Carlos shrugged. "Just hang out at his house. His mom is going out tonight, so we'll be all alone."

"Ooh. Maybe you'll get your first blowjob."

"Shut up," Carlos said with a blush and gave Kendall a shove. "What about you and Logan? What are you two gonna do?"

"Play in the rain."

"Aw. How cute."

Kendall finally flashed a worry-free smile. "I know. And his parents are having a date night, so we'll be alone for a bit."

"You thinking of having sex with Logan?"

The worry appeared on Kendall's face again. "I don't know. I want to. I really want to. But am I ready for all the emotional stuff that comes with sex?"

"Well, don't you want to feel closer to Logan? Don't you want to have that special bond with him?"

Kendall thought that over. "Yes. But- Wait. Are you thinking of having sex with James?"

Carlos knew he was turning red. "I've been thinking about the possibility of it. I've decided that if James suggests it, I'll go for it."

"Aw. Little Carlos is growing up."

Carlos laughed. "Aren't you proud?"


Logan came over to give them their drinks, and suddenly Kendall looked worried again. Logan set the drinks down, ran a hand through Kendall's hair, and asked, "You OK?"

Kendall leaned into Logan's touch. "Yeah. I just have a lot on my mind."

"Do you wanna talk about it later?"

Kendall nodded. "But I wanna play in the rain first."

Logan chuckled and gave Kendall a kiss. "As you wish."

James joined them and sat next to Carlos. "So, I picked out a bunch of cheesy romance movies for us to watch."

"Yay." Carlos gave James a kiss. He loved romance movies, and it was the perfect thing to do during a rainy evening.

"And I'll bring out one of those battery operated lamps in case the power goes out." James gave Carlos' temple a kiss. "I know how you don't like the dark."

"Aw. Aren't you sweet?"

"I am."

Carlos laughed. "Wanna leave after I finish my coffee?"

"You wanna walk in the rain?"

Carlos shrugged. "It'll be fun."

James smiled and kissed Carlos' forehead. "I'll steal Logan's umbrella."

Logan looked over. "Excuse me?"

"What?" James said, playing dumb. He got up and ran off. Most likely to steal the umbrella.

Logan sighed. "That bastard. Looks like we're walking back in the rain, Kendall."

"I honestly don't mind," Kendall assured Logan.

James returned, holding the umbrella. "You ready, Carlos?"

Carlos chugged the last bit of his coffee. "I am now."

They said good-bye to Kendall and Logan then went outside. James opened the umbrella and they both stepped under it. They started to walk when something caught Carlos' eye. "Is that… Katie and your brother?"

James stopped walking and looked. In front of the diner were Katie and Josh. They were both under an umbrella as well, standing very close together as they talked. And… they kissed.

"Hey!" James called out, making them jump. "Who told you it was OK to make out in public?"

When they realized who it was, Josh looked annoyed. "Shut up, James!" Katie, meanwhile, looked terrified.

Carlos sighed. "You guys should go! Kendall will be out here any second!"

The pair nodded and ran off. Katie cried out, "Don't tell my brother!"

"I won't! Yet."

Logan loved summer storms. And he loved that he got to spend this one with Kendall. They were walking hand in hand as the rain soaked them. The only downside was that Kendall appeared to have a lot on his mind. He wanted to wipe the worried look off Kendall's face.

Lightning flashed. "Oh shit," Kendall said. "That was crazy."

"Aw. Are you too scared to play in the rain now?"

Kendall bumped shoulders with Logan. "No way."

They headed up Logan's street, and Logan jumped in a puddle. He was glad he made Kendall laugh.

Thunder rumbled. "You think the power will go out?" Kendall asked.

"Maybe. If it does, I'll light a bunch of candles. It'll be very romantic."


There was something in Kendall's voice. They reached Logan's house, and Logan stopped walking. "What's wrong?" he asked Kendall.

"It's nothing."

"No it's not. Something's bothering you."

Kendall sighed and wiped his wet hair out of his face. "Just… Can we have fun before we get all emotional?"

Why would we get emotional? Logan wondered. He wanted to press on, but decided it could wait. "OK. Let's have fun. Wanna slide down my hill, which will destroy the grass and piss my dad off?"

Kendall chuckled. "Only if we get to make out in the rain too."

"We're on the same page there."

They walked to Logan's backyard. They each got a running start and slid down the hill. When they walked back up, they saw Mrs. Mitchell standing on the porch shaking her head at them.

"Your father's going to kill you," she said.

Logan laughed. "He'll get over it."

Mrs. Mitchell rolled her eyes. "Remember to take off your shoes before you come inside. And try not to get mud anywhere. Your dad and I are leaving soon."

Logan nodded. He could finally have alone time with Kendall. "OK. You guys have fun tonight." When she went back inside, he turned to Kendall. "I bet I can make it farther down the hill than you."

Kendall smirked. "Oh, it's on."

Logan may have let Kendall win a few times. It all seemed to lighten Kendall's mood. And Logan really wished he knew what was wrong with Kendall. He hated seeing that worried expression on Kendall's face. That face should always have a smile on it.

"I'm covered in mud," Kendall said happily after another win. He lay on his back, and let the rain clean him off a bit.

Logan crawled over to Kendall and kissed him. "We can stop now if you want. Maybe we can also take a quick shower together and wash all the mud off."

Kendall smiled. "I like that idea. Let's do it."

They left their shoes on the back porch and carefully made their way upstairs.

As Logan turned on the shower, Kendall said, "No sexy times. We should save that for later."

Logan took off his shirt. "OK. If you can resist me."

Kendall started to undress as well. "I must admit it will be difficult. But… Yes. We wait. No messing around in the shower."

Logan laughed. "OK. But I'm gonna have to avoid touching you. And looking at you for too long."

"This is going to be the most difficult shower of my life."

It totally was. Logan tried his hardest to not look at Kendall as he washed himself. But he eventually gave in. He so badly wanted to reach out and touch Kendall. He wanted to soap Kendall up, let his hands linger on certain areas of Kendall's anatomy.

"I can feel you staring," Kendall said.


"It's OK." They switched positions. "I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do the same. Yup. Hard sight to ignore."

Logan laughed. "I'll be quick to spare you too much sexual frustration."

Kendall chuckled. "I thank you for that."

When they finished, they went into Logan's room wearing only towels. Logan gave Kendall a T-shirt and some sweatpants to wear. Once he was dressed himself, he went and put their dirty clothes in the washer. While downstairs, Logan grabbed a movie, some snacks, sodas, and candles and a lighter in case the lights went out.

When he walked back into his room, he found Kendall looking at his bookcase with a smile on his face.

Kendall looked at Logan. "We've read a lot of the same books."

Logan put the food and rinks down then set the candles around the room. "You obviously have good taste in books. And guys."

Kendall laughed. "I guess I do." He walked over to the bed and sat down. "Do you really think the power will go out?"

Logan looked out the window. The wind seemed to have really picked up. "Definitely. I just hope we can get the clothes in the dryer before it happens." He handed Kendall a drink and the snacks. "Want me to put the movie in?"

Kendall opened his drink with a smile. "Sure."

They snuggled up on Logan's bed and watched the movie. Logan had to leave at one point to put their clothes in the dryer. When he got back he was glad to see that Kendall was still relaxed. Though after the movie, Logan planned on grilling Kendall about what was bothering him earlier. The movie had just ended when the power went out.

"Shit." Logan grabbed his phone and used it to find the lighter. Then he lit each of the candles.

"Kind of romantic," Kendall commented.

"Yeah." Logan joined Kendall on the bed. "So. What was wrong earlier?"

Kendall sighed and looked away from Logan. "It's stupid."

Logan put a hand on Kendall's knee. "I'm sure it's not."

"You know Carlos and James are going to do a long distance thing once summer is over."

Logan nodded. "I think James mentioned that."

Kendall finally looked back at Logan. "Well. What are we gonna do? Are we going to be over when summer's over?"

"Do… you want to be over when summer's done?" The thought of that made Logan feel sick. He couldn't just let Kendall leave his life. He'd gotten used to Kendall being part of his world.

"Is that what you want?" Kendall asked.

Logan swallowed the lump in his throat. "I asked you first."

Kendall bit his lip. "I… I really don't want us to end. I mean, I love you and all…"

Logan was pretty sure his heart was about to malfunction. "You love me?"

Kendall covered his eyes with his hands and fell onto his back. "I shouldn't have said that. So stupid!"

Logan moved so he was straddling Kendall. He grabbed Kendall's hands and pinned them down. "Look at me, Kendall. Look at me." Kendall did. "Not stupid. Not stupid at all." He gave Kendall a kiss. "I know it's only been a short time, but I love you too."

"You do?" Logan nodded, and Kendall asked, "Why?"

"You're the only person I know who has a significant effect on me. I would love to kiss you all the time, but would also be satisfied with just talking to you. I feel like you should've been in my life all along, but for some reason, fate kept us apart. And it makes me want to punch fate in the face."

Kendall smiled. "I guess fate has a reason for keeping us apart?"

"To torture us." As Kendall laughed, Logan kissed at his neck. The laugh turned into a moan.

Lightning lit up the room as Kendall pulled Logan's shirt off. Logan got Kendall into a sitting position and removed his shirt. Then their lips were united, moving perfectly in sync.

Logan had a good idea where this was going. They'd just confessed their love. Now they could preform the physical act of love. But Logan had to be sure that was what Kendall wanted. He pulled back and asked, "What do you want to do?"

Kendall ran a hand through Logan's hair. "I want you to make love to me."

Logan nodded, suddenly nervous. He had sex before, but it had never been so important. This wasn't just about getting off. This was about becoming one with Kendall. He wanted this to be good for Kendall. Especially since it was Kendall's first time.

Logan laid Kendall down, and peppered sweet kisses along his upper body. He reached the waistband of the sweats Kendall was wearing, and pulled them off. He then kissed up each of Kendall's thighs. Next, he brought their lips together again. He felt Kendall push down his pants, and he kicked them off once they reached his ankles.

Finally, their bare bodies were touching. And it felt so good. Logan couldn't wait to be inside Kendall. Just then, a thought struck him. "Shit."

"What?" Kendall asked.

"I don't have any lube. But I think…" Logan reached for his bedside table drawer and opened it. He felt around until he found what he wanted. "Yes. Lotion. That'll work."

"Well, get to it then," Kendall said. He, too, seemed nervous.

"It'll be OK," Logan assured.

"I know. I trust you."

Logan gave Kendall a quick kiss before he went on. He put some lotion on his fingers. "If you ever want me to stop, just say so."

Kendall nodded. Then his face scrunched up in pain as Logan inserted a finger inside him.

"You OK?" Logan asked.

"I'll be fine. Keep going."

Logan took his time preparing Kendall. All the while, he placed kisses all over Kendall's body. When Kendall began to moan and thrust against his fingers, Logan figured Kendall was ready.

Logan put some of the lotion on himself then slowly entered Kendall. He paused when he was fully inside Kendall. "Does it hurt?"

"Yeah," Kendall said. "Just… give me a minute."

Logan went in for a kiss to distract Kendall from the pain. As Kendall relaxed a little, Logan began to stroke him as well.

Kendall let out a small moan. "You can move now. Just go slow."

Logan kissed Kendall's forehead. "I will." It took everything in his power to not go crazy. Kendall felt that amazing. But he didn't want to hurt Kendall too much. So he moved slowly and went about it gently. Kendall eventually began to make some noises of pleasure, so Logan decided to go at a different angle. That certainly got a reaction out of Kendall.


"Right there?" Logan asked.

"God, yes."

Logan went on just like that. He loved the sounds Kendall was making. Kendall wrapped his legs around Logan, as if he wanted Logan even closer. He began to claw at Logan's back and call out his name. And that was possibly the most magical thing Logan had ever heard. He could listen to Kendall say his name like that forever.

When it was all over, they held each other close. Logan ran a hand up and down Kendall's back while Kendall kissed the top of Logan's head.

"Was that better than the last guy you were with?" Kendall asked.

Logan chuckled a little. "Much better. The best ever. How was it for you?"

"Really good once the pain died down. Definitely wanna do that again."

Logan smiled. "I love you."

Kendall gave Logan a kiss. "Love you too. So. What are we gonna do when summer's over?"

"I'm sure we can make a long distance thing work," Logan said. "Besides, I don't like the idea of anyone else being with you."

Kendall grinned. "There's no one else but you, Logan."

Soon they both fell asleep to the sound of the rain.

Carlos was kicking James' ass at Monopoly. James hadn't believed Carlos when he said he was a beast at Monopoly. Now James was about to go bankrupt. For the second time in a row.

They had been playing since the power went out. Carlos had a mini spazz attack when that happened, which James found adorable. And he rather enjoyed Carlos clinging to him.

When Carlos finally won, he stood up and did a little victory dance.

James laughed. "You're so precious. I love you." He paused, realizing his slip. Especially since Carlos stopped dancing. "I mean that. I love that."

A smile graced Carlos' lips. "You love me?"

"I-I-I…" James sighed.

Carlos giggled a little and went to sit in James' lap. "It's OK." He kissed James' nose. "I love you too."

James felt his heart speed up. "You do?"


"Carlos… I-I think I knew it'd be you."

"What do you mean?"

"I've always felt I would find love in the summer," James explained. "I've tried every year to find it. But nothing ever worked out. When I saw you, though… I knew you were special. I think something was telling me you're the one."

Carlos ran his fingertips down James' cheek then kissed him. James always enjoyed when Carlos initiated kisses. He liked that Carlos wasn't so shy anymore. And it was so hot when Carlos took control. Carlos was just an all around amazing creature in James' mind. How many other people in the world could be so cute, yet incredibly sexy?

James' mind suddenly went in another direction as Carlos ripped his shirt off. Then Carlos' mouth was on James' body. James shut his eyes and let himself feel Carlos' lips, tongue, and teeth roam over him. He gasped a little when he felt his pants come undone.

"Do you not want me to?" Carlos asked.

"Oh, I want you to. Just… Are you sure?"

Carlos nodded. "Yeah." He pulled James out of his pants.

James watched Carlos work up the courage to press on. Then Carlos' mouth was on him, and James threw his head back with a moan. For someone who had never given a blowjob before, Carlos was pretty fucking excellent. James didn't last very long.

"Was that OK?" Carlos asked with some uncertainty.

James pulled Carlos in for a kiss. "It was the best." Then James returned the favor.

Carlos was feeling pretty damn good when he left James' house that night after it stopped raining. He had given and received his first blowjob. And for both instances, it was very awesome.

"Carlos! Wait!"

Carlos stopped walking so Kendall could catch up. "Hey, man."

"Hey. Why are you all smiley?"

"I gave James the best blowjob of his life."

Kendall chuckled while they started to walk again. "Are those James' words?"

"Yup," Carlos said with pride. "So. Why are you glowing?"

"I'm not glowing."

"Yes. You are." Carlos gasped when it dawned on him. "You had sex!"


"You did!"

"Yes, Carlos, I did."

"How was it?"

"It hurt at first," Kendall admitted. "But Logan was really gentle and stuff. Then it started to feel really good. We also cleared up the whole what to do when summer's over situation."

"You did?"

"Yup. We're gonna do the long distance thing. Oh! And we said I love you to each other."

Carlos smacked Kendall's arm. "So did me and James!"

Kendall smiled. "Go us!"

Carlos knew he should tell Kendall about Katie and Josh. But he didn't want to ruin Kendall's mood. It could wait, Carlos decided.

Katie was waiting for them on Mr. Knight's front porch. "Guess what Dad was doing tonight?"

"What?" Kendall asked.

"He was on a date with James' mom."

Carlos raised his eyebrows. "I guess a lot of people are finding love this summer."

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