Lord Fears eyes widened in shock as another ace Lightning appeared.

"whats going-'' he froze as he realized who the person laying on the floor was.

"L-Lady Illusion!"

The shower of magical sparkles around the "Ace" on the ground confirmed it as she took her true form.

If He had a heart, it would be breaking. Illusion…The one he loved was dying.

And it was all his fault.

Staff head cast a side glance at him. Realizing the emotional turmoil Lord Fear must be going through, he leaned over and whispered six words,

"I think its time to leave"

Lord Fear nodded silently and took off on the Doom Wagon.

He only got a few kilometers away before his grief overwhelmed him.

He blasted apart a small barn in his grief.

He could hear the various animals trapped inside wailing in distress.

The owner of the barn came out and was about to curse him out untill he saw Lord Fear's face. Now white as a sheet he ran to the barn to free his animals.

Lord Fear found a quiet spot in an abandoned house to collect his thoughts. "Zoar dammit Elspeth." He whispered."why?"

Staffhead, for once, was knew better then to bother Fear right now.

And to the people outside,the howls and screams of grief were enough to confirm that the place was haunted. So they steered clear of the dilapitated farmhouse.