A/N: Originally written for the KH Drabble Community's challenge [283] Nightmares on LJ.

She dreams about them, sometimes, the shadows being close enough to actually suffocate her, kill her before she has a chance to snap into action. Their claws are always ready to scratch continuously at the exposed flesh of her arms and legs until her skin is torn apart and her body unrecognizable.

And sometimes, she can't move when they're so close to her that the darkness they're radiating makes her head spin. At that moment, she knows she's going to die, what with the way the creepy monsters from the Dark are preparing to jump on her and break her bones until she's nothing more than a lifeless heap of bones and flesh. Panic is bubbling up in her throat when their glowing eyes narrow dangerously, making her unable to scream…

She sees Master Eraqus, surrounded by a pool of crimson blood (his own blood?) and her stomach knots painfully, making her feel sick. Even more so when she spots Terra next, holding his Keyblade and blood's trickling down its hilt all the way up to his elbow. It makes nauseating drip-drip-dripping noises.

And when she finally wakes up, she's basking in her own sweat, tangled in the sheets and glossy blue hair plastered to her face. The shadows in her room move around her in a slow, rhythmic dance, as if they're waiting for their prey to move, to show a sign of life so they can devour it immediately.

For a long time, the others don't notice anything, until one day, Ven takes it upon himself to point out, "You really don't look good, Aqua. You're so pale… you sure you're okay?"

But the bluenette is quick to reply with, "I'm fine, Ven… Just a little tired."

She's never told them, never will, either. These nightmares, they don't mean anything, do they?

She can't sleep, afraid of the nightmares that torment her every single night. As soon as she closes her eyes, those horrible images are back. If she didn't know any better, she would think that it was some kind of a warning… but for what?

Other times, she dreams of Terra drowning in his own darkness (where did it come from? From the shadow that was looming over him?) and when she wants to warn him, the same darkness sucks her in and it becomes so cold and tense and dark around her. It feels like claustrophobia, but a thousand times worse, because she can't breathe. It frightens her up to the point where she wakes up the whole castle with her screaming. It's always the same brunet male who calms her down and holds her in his arms, whispering sweet nothings in her ear to assure her that everything's alright. The way he gently strokes her now damp hair and the delicious warmth that he provides… They're proof enough for the mage that he's fine and safe.

Yes, but for how long, that little voice in her head will always ask.

As of lately, she has nightmares of Ven turning into a statue of ice so cold that it burns her skin and with a start, she wakes up, obscure maniacal laughter still ringing in her ears, telling her that this was the final warning.

But they're only nightmares, she assures herself, time after time. Everyone's safe, nothing like that will ever happen… right?