Twisted With Lust The Set-up Acicia thorns, to open the mind for manipulation; ground avocado pit, to induce the illusion of lust; ripened caper buds, to increase the potency of the draught; cardamom buds, to add flavour; cattail cotton, for intensity, snakeroot fruits to act as an aphrodisiac...

Add powdered tea leaves, to alleviate inhibitions, brew for a full moon cycle (Asgardian calender), dispense and afflict target immediately.

Be thee warned; draught is extremely potent, the desire it incites will spread as a virus in the blood. Use extreme caution, do not administer more than 3 drops to intended target.

Loki carefully tipped the hovering, still red hot miniature cauldron over the ornate glass bottle held delicately in his hand, breathing deeply, his magic thankfully unwavering.

He only had one shot at this, and he had waited for so long for this draught to be ready; painstakingly following the instructions, gathering everything he needed without arousing suspicion, finding a place secretive enough that he could leave the brew over a conjured fire, not having to worry and return to stoke it until the cycle was complete...

And now, as the purplish blue liquid flowed into the silver adorned glass, settling quickly, he drew a deep sigh of relief, a devilish smile occupying his lips.

This was definitely going to be worth the wait, he smirked as he admired the liquid...

With an echoing crackle akin to electricity, Loki materialised in the expansive lounge of the Avengers mansion, quickly drawing back into the shadows of the corner of the massive room.

He cast his gaze around the high ceilings, about the expensive looking furniture, the stark white décor... ; the room was shrouded in darkness, the only source of light entering the room was the full moon, casting itself through the high windows, spilling beautifully across the polished wooden floors, drawing out shadows and making everything in the room glow.

Satisfied he was alone, he warily moved forward on silent feet, heading towards one of the big sets of double doors, absent mindedly wondering if the Avengers were all asleep, vulnerable.

He shook his head, as if to clear the maelstrom of thoughts that began, thoughts of slitting his brothers throat as he slept, how easily he could slide his blade through the flesh and end this hunt forever...

No... there was plenty of time for that in the future, tonight, he was here to wreck havoc once again.

Engrossed in his thoughts, his hand slipped, the huge wooden doors slamming shut behind him. Soft curses fell from his lips as he drew back into the shadows once again, watching the hallway intently.

He knew, at the first sign of trouble, he could disappear, but that would mean his long awaited chance ruined; the draught would only be potent for a day.

No noise, lights, or any other indication there was anyone awake was forthcoming. With caution, Loki proceeded, following the winding hallway, leading down to the large kitchen area.

He glanced around with disinterest, the room matched the rest of the house; expensive furniture and appliances, grey granite worktops and dull white décor. The mansion was grand, he had to admit, but whoever ordered the decoration had no ambition.

Cautiously, he moved across the kitchen to the fridge, opening the massive grey steel door, the light inside flickering to life, casting a bright glow over the room. Inside was stocked with energy drinks, bottles and bottles of the stuff, as well as water, cola, beers and every other type of beverage available to Midgard.

An evil smirk crossed the tricksters lips as he withdrew the ornate bottle from his pocket. He lightly pressed his finger tips to the glass, murmuring in a dead language, the silver lacing glowing an unholy green, a line of runes appearing on the glass.

Bringing the glass close, he whispered against it. 'Unna minn fróðleikr innganga frjáls neinn band'.'

Lokiwatched intently as the whole bottle glowed green, the light radiating heat, the liquid bubbling for a moment, infused with his magic, before the glow faded back to nothing, the liquid settling once more.

Smirking, Loki carefully unscrewed the cap, revealing a dropper inside. He deliacately took hold of the glass dropper, tentative in his movements as he placed the tip onto the lid of one of the sealed beer bottles.

With bated breath, he squeezed the soft pump of the dropper, three drops falling on the bottle in quick succession, sitting there more a moment, before a glow encompassed them, and they sank through the metal, dripping into the brown liquid, creating soft swirls which vanished, absorbed.

Loki quickly screwed the cap back onto his bottle, and picked up the beer, examining it. There were no marks on the cap, no holes, no signs it had been tampered with at all; his magic had worked.

The sadistic grin settled back on his face; he had a lot of bottles to get through.

Loki closed the fridge door a little harder than he intended, wincing at the noise it made. Sweat was beading on his forehead; working his way through all of the bottles had been more time consuming than he'd anticipated. But the work was finally done, and now, he could move on, even if it had taken a little longer than he had anticipated.

He pocketed the bottle once more, heading towards the door on the far side. The mansion was expansive, he knew, and it would be easy to get lost, if not for the sense he had for his brother...

He could feel him close, his energy like a beacon in the dark, leading Loki straight to the Avenger's bedrooms.

Although he knew that the contaminated bottles from the fridge would definately get most of the Avengers, from the time he had spent studying them before this little escapade, there was one piece of the puzzle he would have to work for; Tony Stark.

Tony had a fridge in his room, and only drank from there, or the decanters on his desk in his bedroom, and in his office.

To get to Stark, Loki would need to go into the lion's den, contaminate the decanter, (and possibly the fridge, if he was feeling cocky enough), and get out without waking Iron Man.

Even though he would be without his suit, Loki had experience of the technology he possesed, mainly the mansion's AI, which could wake the other Avengers in seconds.

And tonight, Loki was not looking for a fight.

He suddenly paused as he passed a stairwell leading downwards... he could sense a huge energy source coming from the darkness... the Arc Reactor he had felt before when he had battled Stark in his tower... He was down those steps.

Abandoning his plan to continue down the hallway, Loki crept down the stairs, his heart pumping furiously. This would be the true test...

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