Perchance to Dream

Nyre the Black Rose wanted me to expand my story "Glass Key"; but, I consider that to be a stand alone story. It was an interesting idea though; so, instead, I plan to make this story a collection of dreams. I would like to do all of the Bones characters. This is an experiment and I'm not sure how far I will go with it. It will depend upon reviews. If you like it then let me know and I will make it a semi-regular series. I could do multiple dreams per character. If you don't like this story idea please don't hesitate to tell me. I just won't do it and I will move on to something else. Thanks.

I don't own Bones; but, then again, we all know that.


She was getting angry. She had been waiting at the Lab for over an hour for Booth to come and get her and so far he hadn't made an appearance. After looking at the clock on the wall for the final time, Brennan picked up her purse and walked out of her office. Walking over to Hodgins office, Brennan looked through the doorway to see him sitting at his desk, holding something in his hand. Walking over to his desk, Brennan saw that Hodgins had a poker chip in his hand.

Looking up and seeing Brennan, Hodgins closed his fist around the chip and said, "Hi, Dr. B., what can I do for you?"

Looking at Hodgins' closed fist, Brennan said, "I was wondering if you could give me a ride home this evening. Booth must have had something come up and forgot to come and get me. I do find it very unusual that he didn't call me though. He normally is much more considerate than that."

Turning a little pale, Hodgins said, "You were expecting Booth to come and get you and take you home?"

Nodding her head, Brennan said, "Yes, you know he doesn't like me to drive now that I'm eight months pregnant. He worries that I will get into an automobile accident."

Swallowing hard, Hodgins said, "Uh, Dr. B., don't you remember, Pam Nunan killed Agent Booth a few years ago. You're not pregnant either unless that's a recent development."

Shaken, Brennan stared at Hodgins and said, "No, you're lying to me. Why are you lying to me? I am pregnant and with Booth's child."

Putting her hand on her stomach, Brennan felt an unexpected flatness. Looking down, Brennan saw that she wasn't pregnant, her baby, their baby wasn't where it was supposed to be.

Shaking her head, Brennan stepped back from Hodgins and said, "No, this isn't possible. Booth is alive. He loves me and promised me that he would never leave me."

Looking a little wildly at Hodgins, Brennan said, "I shot Pam after she shot Booth; but, he lived. He is alive. Your lying to me. He won't leave me. He won't."

Turning, Brennan ran out of Hodgins' office and towards the main entrance to the Lab. Waiting for the doors to open, Brennan ran down the hallway towards the main entrance to the building. The hallway was empty and there was no one to see the terror in Brennan's eyes, the fear so plainly written on her face.

Running from the building, with tears streaming from her eyes, Brennan saw a funeral. Somehow, she was at Arlington National Cemetery and she was seeing a military funeral. Slowly walking towards the group of people in mourning, Brennan noticed that she knew most of the people there. All of the interns that worked at the Lab were there was well as Cam, Angela and Hodgins. Director Cullen, Assistant Director Hacker and Charlie were there. Rebecca and Parker were sitting on chairs across from the casket and Parker was crying. To see the tears running down Parker's face made Brennan's throat feel tight.

Walking ever so slowly towards the casket, Brennan saw Caroline standing next to a Priest. Caroline's eyes were red and she was weeping. This more than anything else caused Brennan to realize that this must be real. It had to be real. Caroline would never cry over an empty casket.

Arriving next to the casket, Brennan reached down and lifted the lid. No one objected, no one moved. Looking at the man in the casket, Brennan felt her skin grow cold. She felt an icy breath on her neck and she knew that she wouldn't be able to survive this. Not this.

Slowly closing the casket, Brennan closed her eyes and wept.

Hearing a noise to her right, Brennan opened her eyes and found herself in a park. There was a carousel in front of her and it wasn't moving. No one appeared to be sitting on the horses. The place was quiet and peaceful. Looking to her right, Brennan noticed a man standing in front of the fence surrounding the carousel. Seeing Brennan looking at him, the man smiled.

Shaking her head, Brennan walked towards the man. She wasn't sure what to say. She had just seen him at the funeral and yet here he was, standing in front of her, smiling. As she slowly walked towards him, he raised is arms and motioned with his hands for her to come to him.

Running towards him, she threw her arms around his neck and started to cry. Pleading, Brennan said over and over, "You won't leave me will you Booth? You won't leave me will you?"


Startled awake, Booth heard Brennan talking in her sleep. When he turned his head to look at her, he saw tears flowing down her face and with a look of concern on her face, she kept saying "You won't leave me, Booth, will you?"

Turning towards her, Booth put his arms around Brennan and touching his head against hers, he said, "Bones, you're safe. I'm here. Bones, wake up, you're safe. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."

Opening her eyes, Brennan looked at Booth and said, "Yes, you promised me that you would never leave me."

Smiling, Booth kissed Brennan's cheek and said, "Never, Bones. I'll never leave you."

Sighing, Brennan closed her eyes and went back to sleep knowing that Booth would be there when she opened her eyes again.


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