As a child I use to sit and think how my life would be. Maybe a few kids, a solid marriage, but most of all I would think of how my relationship with my mother would be.

I thought I would have my brother as my protector, my sister as my best friend and supporter. It's so funny the picture we paint in our minds as a child, only to have it crumble before you are even out of grade school.

My name is Rosalie Lillian Hale McCarty. I am 25 years old. From the outside my life looks pretty normal. Two beautiful children, a loving and supporting husband, but you are about to see how my life is on the inside. The heartache I feel daily that is slowly healing with the love of my husband and children.

Are you ready? I hope you are. I guess the best place to start this would be from the beginning. Back to the naïve child that I once was. Back before I realized this world isn't the place I thought it would be when I grew up. Back before life as I knew it changed forever. Funny how life changes in a blink of an eye. One day you are a happy child playing with friends outside and the next you are watching your world crumble and not know what is going to happen.