Just a friendly reminder I don't own SM's Characters but wish I at least had Em ;) Chris and Bea are mine however. Same ages apply here as the last chapter. **TISSUE WARNING**

I fell asleep on the way to Nashville, when I finally came to I was being carried into Vanderbilt Children's Hospital by Jazz. I looked up at him and he smiled gently at me as he sat me on my feet. I could tell he had been crying his eyes were red and puffy. "I love you Jazz" I said wiping the sleep from my eyes. "Love you too Rosie." he replied. "Where is Momma and Allie?" I said noticing they were no where to be seen. "They are with Chris." He replied. I nodded wordlessly and followed him in.

We found the waiting room and sat down waiting to hear something, anything really. "Coe on Jazz, I wanna see Chris." I said tugging his hand. "No Rosie, they will come and get us in a little while." He said. "But Jazz we have been waiting forever!" I said stomping my foot. "ROSALIE!" I heard Allie shout. I turn and ran to her. "Allie is he ok whats going on?" I asked in a panic. "You have to calm down Rosebud there are lots of people trying to rest so they can get better and get out of the hospital." She said taking my hand and walking back to Jazz.

"How about we find the cafeteria and get something to eat?" She asked. "Sure! Will you tell me then what's going on? Pleaseeeee Allie!" I begged. "As soon as we get some food in you." She said. It seemed like we had walked the entire place before we found the cafeteria. Allie and Jazz gave me some money and let me pick what I wanted. I had never seen this type of vending machine. Usually they just had chips, crackers, candy and gum. This one had EVERYTHING! I mean from pizza to sandwiches. Even can lunches! I got some chicken noodle soup and Allie heated it up for me. After I finished I turned to Allie and Jazz. "Tell me." I said.

"Ok. But you have to stay quiet and let me finish before you say anything. Ok Rosebud?" Allie asked. I nodded and mumbled an ok. "Chris was riding his bike down the hill in front of Caleb's when a lady came flying up the hill in her truck," She paused trying to stop the crack in her voice but I heard it. "She was very drunk and didn't see Chris and hit him head on. The hit flung him 15 feet in the air and he came back down hitting the pavement, luckily he had on his helment so he doesn't have brain damage. But, He is paralyzed, from the neck down. That means he is gonna be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He has lots of broke bones, one of his ribs punctured his lung when it broke so he has a machine breathing for him. You need to be ready rosebud he has lots of equipment on him right now," she said nodding when I looked like I was ready to talk.

"I want turtle." I said wiping my eyes full of tears. "Rosebud, I don't think you need to see him like this." She said stroking my hair. I smacked her hands away "I WANT TO SEE HIM NOW!" I screamed. "Ok rosebud, but you have to calm down and I have to talk to mom first. Lets head back" She said. My thoughts got to me the whole way back. He will never walk, have kids, ride his bike, skateboard ever again. How can someone be so stupid to drink and drive? She could have killed my brother! My eyes filled with angry tears at all this woman had taken from my brother. Allie left Jazz and I in the waiting room and came back out holding momma's hand. "Rosebud, I am gonna go call Chris's dad, Allie is gonna take you in, ok?" Mom asked. All I did was nod to her. "He don't look like himself, and he cant talk he is asleep, the doctors gave him medicine so he could rest ok?" I nodded again.

I feel numb walking down the hall to see my brother. I paused outside his door with Allie looking up at her she smiled and squeezed my hand as we walked in together. I closed my eyes, I don't know why but I closed them. I hear the beeping and Allie talking saying the beeps are coming from this and this is helping him breathe. I am listening but at the same time I am fighting with myself to open my eyes. When I finally did there laid my brother, my hero, my protector, fighting for his life. He had so many tubes coming from everywhere. I heard Allie saying what it all was explaining everything to me all I could do was nod. He had a tube in his neck, allie called it a tracheotomy she said it was helping him breathe. There was a black looking thing around his shoulders and head it looked like a halo almost. I had no words, no more thoughts entered my mind as I walked over to him I checked out everything while holding his hand. I noticed then that there were no tubes in my way nothing could stop me now, I picked up his arm and climbed in his bed, laying beside him I wrapped his arm around me and cried harder then I ever had. I heard Allie crying in the background. I kissed my brothers arm and whispered quietly Inbetween my sobs "I love you turtle." Then drifted to sleep.