„Sveta, it's time to go. The delegation is waiting for me."

A quick look into his dark eyes convinced her. He is ready to go. He is ready to leave.

„Well," she said slowly, „if you think you are sure of it…"

„Svetlana, please, we talked about this thousand times."

„Does it change anything?"

„No. I am sure. I am going to go to Merano. You can do nothing to make me change my mind. Don't look at me this way and try to understand me! It is the world championship! A battle on the chessboard. A battle between me and Trumper. I´m representing the Soviet Union and he´s representing the US. It´s East versus West. The whole world wants to see this fight. Try to understand it!"

„I understand it better than you think! But you have to understand me and my opinion. You are still everywhere but not with me and our girls."

„Chess is my work, Svetlana! My work!"

„And what am I for you, Anatoly? A pawn on the e4?"

„You are my wife, my family!"

„And what the family means for you?"

„I really do not have time for this pointless conversation."

„Pointless conversation! Ah! And about what is an useful conversation? Let me guess! About chess! Chess, chess, chess, always is everything only about chess, these stupid wooden figures…"


„You don´t care about nothing but chess! Your whole life is turning around chess! Me and daughters aren´t for you more than rooks and knights and bishops!"

„I have enough of this reproaching. You have your faults too, after all, who is without them? But I don´t need to reproach it!"

She rolled her eyes. „And now you are pretending you are the perfect husband!"

„You know that my family is for me the most important thing, more important than chess!"

„Do you know you are the worst liar on the Earth?"

„Well, I don´t need to be here when you don´t need me and when you are saying this! Say to girls that I love them."

He wanted to leave.

„Anatoly," Svetlana said, suddenly completely calmly. „Do you still love me too?"

He looked at her for few seconds, but for him it seemed to be few hours. Then he opened the doors.

Goodbye, Svetlana."