"Oh Howl" I whispered quietly as I entered his bedroom.

"SOPHIE NO!" He screamed.

The sound broke my heart. He was having another of his nightmares. Since his heart was returned to him and his feelings began to strengthen he had been plagued by night terrors. Almost every night I ended up cradling a softly sobbing Howl in my arms. Usually stroking his starlight hair that matched my own enabled him to go back to sleep.

Tonight was no different. I settled into his bed and he assumed his usual position of curling his arms around me and pulling me close. He rested his head on my chest and I began to stroke his hair.

"Sophie" he whispered.

"Yes Howl I'm here. I'm always here."

And it was true. I was here whenever he needed me. I drifted to sleep eventually with a small smile on my face. I loved this. I loved how much he needed me.

When I awoke the next morning I was in my own bed. I wasn't surprised, this is usually the case. I checked under my pillow and sure enough there it was. He'd left a daisy underneath my pillow like always. He had clearly used his magic to make it stay alive like the others. I used my thumb nail to create a tiny slit in the stem of the little flower and added it to the chain. I looked at the very first flower he gave to me and remarked at how it was still as beautiful if not more so than the newest.

I walked to the wardrobe and selected a plum coloured dress from the selection of new clothes that Howl bought for me. I had stopped wearing hats because of my new hair. I just ran a comb through it and put in a black bow. I didn't use make- up. Howl said I didn't need it.

I made my way downstairs and checked the coat hanger. Sure enough his coat was gone. I wandered over to the stove.

"Good morning Calcifer!"

"Good morning Sophie" he grunted.

"Did Howl say where he was going today?"

"Yes he went out to the field to gather flowers for your shop. He wants to open on Monday"

I was puzzled. It was only Friday now and it was a little early to be gathering the flowers.

"He told me to tell you that you're more than welcome to join him Sophie"

I smiled at this and set about making breakfast for Markl and I. 10 minutes later a very hungry boy came bounding down the stairs.

"Sophie! You made breakfast! I'm starving!"

I chuckled, Markl was always so dramatic. Once we had eaten and he told me of his plans to go and play with the neighbours' son Toby for the day I walked towards the magic door, selected the pink dial and was as surprised as ever at the beauty of the place.

I looked towards the sloping hill that lead to the little cottage in the centre of the field and my eyes met the most wondrous sight. Howl was lying on the warm and bouncy grass completely still.

'This is going to be a good day' I remember thinking to myself.

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