Summary: Omake for RaF. Drabble. So…did Lampo ever get his ten bucks?

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"What? Why the hell not? We had a bet and I won, so hurry up and cough up the money!" whined Lampo, sounding more like a five-year-old rather than the fifteen-year-old he really was.

"Well guess what, you stupid broccoli head, no one bet against you!" growled G. "And why the hell is it that you're bothering me about it? Why not Daemon or someone else? They were there when you made the bet!"

"Well they didn't say anything!" shouted Lampo.

"Neither did I!" exploded G.

"Yes you did! You said that it would be way too coincidental for you to have a child as well!"

G thumped him on the head, saying, "That was Asari, you moron!"

"Well, whatever!" shouted Lampo, "But it was the existence of your son that we were making the bet about!"

There was a moment of silence before Lampo realized what a huge mistake he'd made.

Hayato may have only been with them for a grand total of two days now, but you'd have to be complete idiot not to see how completely the baby had his father wrapped around his tiny little finger.

And mentioning that you had been betting on the existence of G's little bundle of joy was not something you wanted to do unless you had a death wish.

And that was what led to Giotto walking out of his office an hour later to find a terrified Lampo sitting, his hands and feet tied together and a gag in his mouth, right outside his door.

There was a sticky note on the teen's forehead.

Even before he'd read the words, Giotto recognised G's messy scrawl, and let out a snort of amusement.

"It's been a while since you've been able to get him this mad," said the blond. "I don't even want to know how you got him mad enough to threaten shipping you off to Cuba. Usually it's just the UK or Vietnam."

Lampo just glared at his boss, his eyes telling him to hurry the hell up and untie him.

Giotto, on the other hand, merely stuck the sticky note back on his forehead and walked past the greenette, saying, "I think maybe it's time you learned your lesson that pissing off my right-hand is not a healthy hobby to engage yourself in."

Lampo's panicked thrashing could be heard from behind him, but the blond just kept walking.

"Sorry, Lampo, but Tsuna will be waking up any minute now, and I don't want the maids to go into go into depression for not being able to get him to stop crying! See you in two hours!"

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