Clearing the Air

Chapter 9:

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"Oh, I know which way the road is Miss, Thank you very much" Edward squeaked mocking hurt. This made Bella laugh so hard that the car was vibrating with her shake. "And isn't that the hotel you are staying in?" the car came to a halt as they finally reached their destination. Bella felt sick to her stomach at the thought of entering that forsaken place where her stalker had probably been not long ago. Sensing her discomfort, Edward squeezed her arms in a reassuring way "Just a last hurdle, before our happily ever after, beautiful. Now let's get through it together baby." Bella's eyes widened in surprise at Edward's words; which led Edward to realize what he had slipped up. He clamped a hand on his mouth in an attempt to stop the words that were already out.


"Ed- Edward? ?" Bella stuttered still wide eyed; unable to believe what she just heard. 'He can't really mean it… can he?' She asked Yogi Bear who again appeared in front of her eyes. 'Seeing the way he slipped up without realizing it I'm pretty sure he means it B. And you need to start telling him how you really feel rather than conversing with me right about now.' Yogi advised her. Bella was still weary worried that if she really admitted to how she felt, Edward might run away. 'Really B? Are you gonna do it again? You have already suffered for a long time for not having told him how you actually feel… you gonna really repeat that again? Have you not learnt anything in all these years? That boy has put himself out there again, in spite of what you did last time. You owe it to him'.

Seeing the look of pure shock in Bella's eyes, Edward was convinced that he had screwed up again. He was chastising himself for having blurted it out and having put Bella in the uncomfortable position she was in right now. 'She probably is thinking of where she is gonna stay tonight now that I've made it pretty impossible for her to stay with me tonight. Why the fuck did I have to open my big mouth?' he wondered. Just as he was about to laugh it off or apologize for it; whichever worked – Bella started speaking.

"Did you mean what you said Edward?" Bella's voice was tentative, low and so unsure it made Edward's heart ache for her. And any thoughts he had about denying the entire thing just fled out of the window. "Yes, I meant it Bella, more than you will ever know. Its ok if you don't want me like that though. I know it was possibly foo" Edward is stopped mid-rant when Bella presses her lips to his. Its not tentative or unsure – rather its firm and hard. Their lips start getting acquainted with each other as their fingers wind up in each other's neck and hair. The kiss is all consuming and everything that they had denied themselves for so long. It's the kiss that was supposed to happen in fifth grade. It's the kiss that was supposed to have happened everyday eversince. Its not open mouthed, there are no tongues involved, its not even wet, but still its perfect in its own way. It pours both their passions in it and creates something much more wonderful. It creates love.

This realization dawns on both of them at the same time and they break apart panting heavily for air. Both look at each other lost in similar thoughts of love. "I love you" both of them say together and are blissed out by the perfect timing of it. Both start doing internal happy dances at others declarations. Their bubble is broken when Bella's phone starts ringing loudly between them.

"Sorry, its Maggie. I have to take it" Bella says apologetically. Edward motions for her to go ahead with his hands while still grinning goofily at her. "Hello" Bella robotically answers her phone, her eyes still glued to the man in front of her.

Bella stills completely at what she hears at the other end. "I – I just don't understand, why me then" she questions, her eyebrows scrunch up in confusion. Edward starts to panic but Bella shakes her head to let him know that things aren't really bad. Still unable to relax completely, Edward settles for holding her hands and massaging the back of her palm with his thumbs. Bella's face relaxes into a smile slowly and she exhales in relief before thanking Maggie and hanging up by wishing her a good time.

"They caught the stalker" Bella informs an expectant Edward. "What?... How" "It was a rival of Maggie's boyfriend. He was working towards this really important contract which apparently was a big deal to that guy as well. So that guy thought of kidnapping his girlfriend and demanding that contract as a ransom…. Lame I know, but that guy has a medical history of instability. It made sense to him I guess. But the problem was since the three of us always hang out together, he didn't know who his girlfriend was. So he had one of his goons follow me here. Anyway, they were trying to drop off another package on the door inconspicuously when the cops jumped from neighboring flats and caught him. Guess he didn't think we'd go to cops so soon.. After a bit of interrogation, he accepted his crimes and all is well. They've got the local police looking for his side kick here as well."

"Oh God, Bella…. Huh, Thank god this is all over" Edward sighs in relief but tenses up again "So you wont be coming with me huh?" the sadness seeps through his voice as he looks down at his lap trying unsuccessfully to hide his disappointment.

"Hey" Bella says as she lifts his chin up, forcing him to look at her. "After what we just said and shared here, I'm more than happy to be spending time with you. I have no reservations against staying with you unless you do" "No, I don't have any reservations. In fact, it would make me insanely happy if you stayed with me" Edward's smile is dazzling as he says this. "But what now, where do we stand now, what to we do after Alice and Jasper's wedding? I just got you back and I don't want to lose you again" the sincerity in Edward's eyes warming Bella's heart.

"Seriously Edward, I haven't thought about it. But we will work it out. Either I will move in here or you can come back to Florida with me, whatever works, we still have time to figure it out. And even if don't it not like there is any time limit now. I am in this with you forever. I love you, forever". Bella reassures Edward before leaning in for another intense kiss. This one however, is light and full of promises.

"I am in this with you forever too. And I love you… Sooooooo much…. Lets get your things out of here and start our forever right now" Edward declares urging Bella out of the car. The two of them head towards a world of unknown and uncertainties with just the love for each other that would help them get through it all. The world is no longer scary to them. And they couldn't wait to start their happily ever after right about now.


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