Kingdom Hearts: Final Epic Battle

Chapter 1: The Dragon Rescue Operation

With our heroes moving on to the other new worlds, adding new keyblade wielders and warriors to their arsenal that includes the Power Rangers, the army of Pokemon, Team 5ds, Lancelot and Percival, and the people of Xenosaga,

our heroes went to Spyro's homeworld in Artisans.

"My friends, welcome to Artisans, the 1st of the 5 worlds, I was born and raised by the colony of Dragons." Spyro said.

"Hmm, interesting, so Spyro, how did your enemy Gnasty Gnorc turned the Dragons into Dragon Statues?" Sora asked.

"It all started during the scene where the dragon elder said that we have 14,000 treasures, but Gnasty Gnorc used a spell to turn the Gems into warriors for his arsenal and he turned the Dragons into Dragon Statues." Spyro said.

"That's awful, we're sorry to hear that Spyro." Kimberly said.

"It's okay, well, let's free the dragons from Artisans to Dream Weavers." Spyro said.

"Agreed, where should we start?" Rita asked.

"We'll start here and then we'll enter Stone hill to free 4 dragons there." Spyro replied as our heroes begin searching for the Dragon Statues.

They managed to free the first dragon in the artisans world and tells our heroes to free the other dragons in each homeworlds, recover the dragon eggs, and find the treasure.

"Thank you for releasing me heroes of light, free the dragons in the artisans worlds, then find the balloonist, it'll transport you all to the next world. " Nestor said.

"What about Gnasty Gnorc, we're going after him." Spyro said.

"Find the dragons first, that's all I can tell you all." Nestor replied as he vanishes into a beam of light.

"That's 1 down, a lot more to go." Spyro said.

"Yep, let's find the other dragons." Sora replied as our heroes freed the second dragon named delbin.

"Where's Gnasty Gnorc, we'll torch him." Spyro said.

"Keep your horns on Spyro, you have much to learn first, do you know the dragonfly that was following you was doing?" Delbin asked.

"Umm?" Spyro said.

"His name is Sparx, and he is helping and protecting you and your friends, keep an eye on him and see what I mean." Delbin replied as he vanishes into a beam of light.

"That's 2 so far, let's find the other dragon statues." Spyro said.

"Spyro's right, let us move onward and freed the dragons." Skiver replied as our heroes freed the third dragon named Tomas.

"Hey Spyro, try gliding to different places on your travels, oh, and don't be afraid." Tomas said.

"Afraid of what?" Spyro asked.

"Falling from high mountain peaks, falling into a prehistoric glaciers?" Tomas said.

"Ohhh, that." Spyro replied as Tomas vanished into a beam of light.

"So Spyro, who's Sparx?" Kairi asked.

"He's the dragonfly that follows me around while protect me from danger." Spyro said.

"Oh, he is kinda cute once you get to know him." Kairi replied as our heroes rescued the 4th dragon named Argus.

"Cool Flash, do that again." Spyro said.

"The Artisans boss is through the portal behind me where a person from another world went there to investigate, you can challenge him now if you feel you're ready." Argus said as he vanished into a beam of light.

"Who is this person Argus was talking about?" Bobby asked.

"Hmm, we'll have to find out but first we must enter the Stone hill world then will go inside the portal Argus was talking about." Spyro replied as our heroes entered the Stone hill world.

End of Chapter 1