Kingdom Hearts: Final Epic Battle

Chapter 125: Epilogue

Sora's note.

"Log entry 7.976, returning from the Keyblade Graveyard, Xanador was destroyed and it was send back to the prison but Xehanort's army managed to retreat that earned our Victory over the Celestial order, with Xehanort gone, most of the worlds turned back to normal, most of them, some of them were now one with the Realms of light like Ratchet's Universe because Sigmund became the caretaker of the Great Clock, after rounding up the Demons that went berserk in the Realms, Eddie then asked his Reploid partners to stay with us because he's got some errands to run so he asked Ophelia, Lita and Rima to stay with Aqua and the rest of the Keyblade Masters at the Land of Departure along with Bobby, Stephen, Aiko, Kuroui, Eleanor, Vanitas and Vine, Tommy and the Rangers then returned to their Universe through the portal because we managed to summon the portal before we left for the Pokémon Universe, before they return to their Universe, Tommy then gave me his White Tiger Dagger as a symbol of appreciation for helping them out, Welkin and the rest of the heroes of the Valkyria chronicles returned to their Universe but Alicia told him that she wants to stay with me and my friends at our homeworld, Shulk and the Monado Warriors then agreed to come with us to our homeworld because they want to see what the Destiny Islands look like since their Universe was destroyed by Mumkhar, our Reploid partners then followed us to our homeworld because they know that we're not alone, the rest of our new friends then followed the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee to their Universe, Ansem alongside Piper is currently looking through the Library's books about any historical information about the Citizens of Radiant Garden, Mickey, Donald and Goofy then returned to Disney Castle for a well deserve celebration of the Epic war, the Twins, Drake, Aiden and Tess then stayed with us in our homeworld also because they want to know where it all started, my Sister Riela then returned with me and my friends at our homeworld because she misses Destiny Islands so much, as for me, well, I'm doing okay, but my mind is still all that Mysterious out there." Sora said as Alicia then saw she sit by me.

"Hey Sora, are you okay?" Alicia asked as placed her hand on Sora's Shoulder.

"Yeah, we've managed to destroy Xanador but Xehanort's army escaped through the portal and into the Unknown Universe, oh, thanks Alicia." Sora said.

"Thanks? For what?" Alicia asked.

"Don't you remember? You helped me and Aqua defeated Vanitas because he looked just like me, he was so bumped out about hiding head to head after all." Sora said.

"Yeah, that is the last place anyone would hide." Alicia said.

"Yep, oh and…sorry for all the stuffs we kicked you, beating you, punched you during sparring fight, I was just so maturing and fooling myself." Sora said.

(Cue Credits Music: Sanctuary from Kingdom hearts 2.)

"Don't worry about that, and I'm actually glad, you've finally grown up as a Hero, perhaps someday we'll travel together to other new Universes, just like General Von Kruger did." Alicia smiled as she rubbed Sora's back.

"Hahahahaha, yeah, hey, come on, let's get back inside." Sora said.

"Yeah, we really need a Vacation after all this." Alicia smiled and laughed.

"Race you to my Room!" Sora said.

"But Sora, don't you remember? Your room is still needs some adjustments!" Alicia said as she follows Sora to his home.

"GOSH DARN IT!" Sora shouted.

End of Chapter 125 and Kingdom Hearts: Final Epic Battle