A/N: Series notes: This is a sequel to The Debt, which was a sequel to Destiny. Reading The Debt is probably necessary but Destiny isn't. As always though, here's a summary for The Debt. Bear with me. A lot of things happened :o

After a flying visit to the Shadow Proclamation, it becomes obvious that the Shadow Proclamation are on the hunt for the Doctor's and Rose's daughter, Leah. Whilst lying low from them, the Doctor and Rose discover that Rose is pregnant with their second child. After an emotional debate, they decide to keep it.

They're ambushed, and the Doctor is forced to abandon Rose to the Proclamation and save Leah. With options of keeping Leah safe limited, the Doctor convinces the Master to protect her as repayment for a debt owed to him from when they were children. The Doctor reaches the Proclamation, but discovers the Master has betrayed him and given Leah to them. Whilst imprisoned together, the family are contacted by a mysterious man, claiming to be the architect of all the events.

To save her family, Rose reveals her pregnancy to the Shadow Proclamation and says the Doctor has information he's not telling them. The Proclamation begin tests on the unborn child and Leah, and the Doctor is taken any to be tortured for information he doesn't have. After two months, the Proclamation decide the family is a liability, and decide to kill the Doctor and Leah, but just before he is executed, the Master reappears under the guise of the Doctor's childhood friend, Koschei, and saves the family. They escape to Earth, and the Doctor begins to recover both physically and mentally from his ordeal.

Days later, the Doctor renounces his allegiance to the Proclamation, and also disowns the Master. He manages to retrieve Jackie and Tony from the parallel world, but they discover shortly afterwards that Leah has PTSD. Whilst trying to piece themselves back together, Rose goes into labour. The birth is complicated and the Doctor nearly dies from pain, and after their son is born he resolves never to have another child, fearing it would get to the point where he thinks it's not worth it. But their new son, Alex, has begun to fix things between them, and they fly off in the TARDIS to spend some time together as a family, with Jackie and Tony living in Cardiff. Just before they leave, the Doctor sees a message recorded by the Proclamation in the future, foretelling of the Proclamations' eradication by one of his children, who is known only as "Echo".

After their departure, a future Doctor turns up at the Hub and gives Jack a message to tell his present self just before Christmas that the reign of Echo will begin. Jack asks for a glimpse of the future. The Doctor snogs him, and leaves.

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Chapter 1 – The Wedding of Martha and Mickey

"Do you, Martha Angela Jones, take Mickey Theodore Smith, to be your lawfully wedded husband?

"I do."

The Doctor nudged Rose sitting next to him in the row of chairs and she turned, somehow already knowing what he was going to do.

Theodore? he mouthed, grinning at her.

She rolled her eyes and nudged him back. Don't be mean to him!

The Doctor suppressed a laugh, beaming from ear-to-ear as he turned to watch the ceremony again, folding his arms. Mickey and Martha, getting married. The Doctor wasn't going to lie, he felt strangely paternal about it all. His two little human friends he'd raised and nurtured to grow into beautiful bright flowers of time travelling intergalactic saviours of the Universe. Getting married.

They had first been discovered as a couple by Jack having a quick session in one of Torchwood's medical rooms after hours. Pretty soon after that the truth had come pouring out that they had actually been at it since Leah's second birthday, and the many times Martha had gone to "see her mother" she and Mickey had actually been booking hotels all over London. Which Rose and the Doctor wouldn't have cared about, except for the fact that it had been exactly what they'd been doing when Rose had gone into labour with Alex.

They'd been keeping it a secret because they'd said they "didn't want it interfering with work". But pretty soon the entirety of Torchwood knew, and two weeks later they announced their engagement. Now it was six months later in August 2012, and here they were getting married in a posh country house.

Everyone was here. Jack was best man, Jackie was acting groom mother. Martha's family had turned up, as well as several of Mickey and Martha's neighbours. Tish was Maid of Honour and Anwen and Leah were bridesmaids. And Leah had taken her role with gusto.

The Doctor caught her eye and she waved at him enthusiastically, and he waved back in return. Her long brown hair was all curled and she had a tiara, and she was clutching flowers and was dressed in a pretty purple dress. He couldn't help marvelling at his pretty little girl standing there beaming with pride.

"In sickness and in health..."

"In sickness and in health..." Martha repeated.

Suddenly the sound of a crying baby broke the silence of the audience. The Doctor was just thinking how incredibly annoying it was that every event he seemed to go to in the universe had a crying infant... Then he realised it was his own crying infant.

"Alex!" he breathed, leaning over the pram parked next to him. The marriage had paused, and absolutely everyone was staring at him and Rose. Rose sank a little in her chair and hid her face as the Doctor plucked the boy out of the pram and instantly got a whiff of something Alex had dropped into his nappy.

"Sorry!" the Time Lord said quickly to the staring crowd, trying to get a firm grip on the crying and writhing child and getting to his feet. Rose nudged him and handed him the nappy bag which he took, before she slid down in her chair to cover her face in complete embarrassment.

"Sorry!" the Doctor said again to the staring crowd over the sound of Alex crying as the Doctor walked back down the aisle. "Very sorry, sorry for my son!" He stepped out the end door and quickly flew down the staircase towards the reception, where a young blonde woman was sat typing. She instantly looked up at the sound of Alex.

"Excuse me!" the Doctor said loudly over the crying infant. "D'you have any nappy changing facilities?"

The receptionist looked between him and his son, but retained her impeccable politeness. "Through there, sir! Third door on the left!" she replied loudly, pointing.

"Thank you!" the Doctor yelled back, following her indication through the door and up the hall, counting the doors until he reached a ladies' toilet, and stepped inside.

It was empty. He moved straight over to the nappy changing table, pulling it down and lying the screaming Alex down on it, peeling off the used nappy... Instantly getting a very sudden and very pungent stench of baby poo.

"Oh bloody hell, Alex, what is your Mum putting in her breast milk?" the Doctor moaned and proceeded to change the nappy as quick as he could.

"Oh yes! Twenty-five seconds!" he announced to no one in particular, applauding himself for the new record. He picked up Alex again, who had thankfully stopped crying now, and was just staring up at him with wide eyes.

"Want to talk to me yet?" the Doctor wondered to him. "You're taking your time."

Alex said nothing in reply, just giggled and tried to grab his father's hair. The Doctor just gave him a smile and kissed him. Leah had been making sounds of words since she had been one-day-old, but Alex was now five-months-old and was yet to make any sounds other than giggling or crying.

To add layers to the matter, it seemed like Alex had been ill from the minute he'd been born. Mickey and Martha's wedding was actually the first trip out of the TARDIS Alex had made as a boy who wasn't sick. Since he'd arrived he'd first spent four weeks in an incubator, then progressively had disease after disease after disease.

The Doctor suspected it had a lot to do with the accelerated growth Alex had had in the womb due to the Shadow Proclamation's messing, and the consequential premature birth. Yes, he was worried, but still, having a sick son to hug and love and kiss and raise was better than having no son at all.

The Doctor kissed Alex again, brushing back his thick brown hair from his big blue eyes before picking up the nappy bag in his free hand, turning to the door... Then he froze.

"Give me back my son!" a large grey alien woman screamed in a raspy voice.

The Doctor just stared at her for a moment, regarding her. She was a Fazian woman using a morphic box to look human, except the box was quite obviously running out of power and she seemed to be stuck halfway between Fazian and human, with fangs and a mane among other Fazian attributes mixing with a very boney grey-skinned humanoid shape. She was also in a complete mix matched outfit, a high-cut 'I LOVE NEW YORK' top with tracksuit bottoms and black stilettos. The dress of an alien that had the right components to pass as human but were so very badly pulled off. "Sorry... This is my son."

"You know where he is, don't you?" she yelled, "you humans! You wretched race! You stole him from me!"

"I'm not human," the Doctor said quickly. "I'm the Doctor, I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey... Maybe I can help?"

The woman's eyes widened, shining black and hopeful. "You're... You're the Doctor? Oh please, please help me find my son!"

"Okay, calm down, we'll find him," the Doctor assured her. "Where did you lose him?"

"By the bedrooms," she sobbed.

"Right, I'll start a search," he replied, whipping out the phone Jackie had given him for Christmas as an 'essential line to her grandchildren'. He fiddled with it for a moment before bringing up a new message, to send to Rose.

The wedding service had quickly resumed after the interruption of the crying baby. Rose was sat watching the proceedings in front of her, wondering what exactly was taking the Doctor so long as Martha began her vows...

A phone went off. Instantly the ceremony stopped again to several accompanying groans and tuts of a thoroughly annoyed audience. Rose was just thinking how incredibly annoying it was that every event she seemed to go to in the universe had an interrupting phone... Then she realised it was her own interrupting phone.

Feeling all eyes on her she turned completely red, digging into her bag and for several long and painful seconds until she finally grasped the offending object and pulled it out, making to turn it off... When she noticed a text from the Doctor.

As people's eyes continued to burn in the back of her skull she opened the message for a quick scan.

Women loo come quick please thanks D x

What, four years and two children and he couldn't change a nappy yet? Sighing, she dropped her phone back in her bag and turned to do the walk of shame.

"Sorry, sorry," she muttered continuously as people stared at her, until she finally made it to the doors and slipped out, breathing a sigh of relief.

She made it to reception to find a young blonde woman sat typing.

"Excuse me..." Rose began politely. "Where are the toilets?"

The receptionist pointed the way with a polite smile. Rose thanked her and followed her direction, counting the doors until she found the woman's toilets. She opened the door and stepped inside... To find her husband standing holding their son in one arm, face to face with an alien.

"Umm..." Rose began, glancing between them. "Hello?"

"Rose!" the Doctor greeted with a smile, turning to her. "This is Geraldine. She's lost her son, George, somewhere in the house."

"Please help me!" Geraldine sobbed quietly.

Rose looked at her with absolute sympathy. She knew the woman's fright at losing her child on a strange alien world. Leah had once wandered off while they were on the planet Rox averting a Tranor invasion, and she and the Doctor had spent two hours being absolutely terrified and searching around the entirety of the extremely dangerous and unknown city until they had finally found her in a sweet shop gathering every single sweet available into a basket for her parents to purchase.

"How long have we got until the end of the wedding?" the Doctor asked her.

"When I left Martha was doing her vows."

"Right, not long," the Doctor muttered, mulling every option no matter how ridiculous over in his mind. He turned to Rose. "Text Jack, tell him to come to the loos."

She nodded and quickly drew out her phone.

"My husband, Roger, is also looking," Geraldine suddenly said. "But our illusions are wearing off."

"Stay in here, we'll find him," the Doctor told her gently. "And can you look after my son?"

The Fraxian nodded, still wiping at her eyes before the Doctor handed her Alex. Instantly the boy's eyes filled with tears and reached out desperately to his parents.

"We'll be back in a bit, Alex," the Doctor told him gently, kissing his forehead, and Rose followed suit. "Be good."

The Doctor and Rose left the bathroom, shutting the door closed behind them. For good measure the Doctor locked it with the sonic to make sure no one was getting in in a hurry.

"Wait for Jack," the Doctor said, then looked at her. Then his eyes lowered slightly. "... That's a..." His eyes snapped up to her face again. "... Nice dress." She raised an eyebrow. "It really... umm.. emphasises... human... umm... physical aspects."

She giggled at his expression. "I've been in it all day."

"I know, but... Where did you get it?"

"In the TARDIS wardrobe," Rose replied.

"Oh!" the Doctor realised. "Thought I recognised it."

"Whose was it?"

He thought that over for a moment. "You probably don't want to know to be honest."

She tried not to laugh. "Was it yours?" she joked.

"What?" the Doctor's eyes widened.

"You know, those long lonely nights in the TARDIS..."


"Rocky Horror Picture Show on repeat..." she continued, tongue between her teeth in a cheeky grin.

"Hey, that's a good film!"

Rose laughed and pointed at him. "You did!"

"I didn't!"

"So what music did you use?"


"Come on. I bet the TARDIS has some videos she's just dying to share."

The Doctor sighed, looking at her. "You Sexy Thing, by Hot Chocolate," he mumbled.

"Oh my god!" she shrieked, laughing.

"Good song," a voice suddenly said from the hallway and they both turned to find Jack Harkness standing there.

"Jack!" Rose suddenly started, eager. "The Doctor used to..."

The Doctor quickly clamped his hand over his wife's mouth and smiled at Jack. "How far along is the wedding?"

"Near the end, people were getting out the confetti when I left. What did you used to do?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing," the Doctor said quickly, hand still over Rose's mouth. "We've got a problem. There's a lost alien child. Its Mum is in there panicked and its Dad is roaming around here somewhere."

Jack nodded. "What are we looking for?"

"Either a small human boy, a fazian or something in-between. Fazians have a full coat of fur, a tail, long claws, cone-like ears and a thin grey face with black eyes and fangs, this one answers to the name George..."

Just as the Doctor finished there came the sound of cheering from above them.

"Wedding's nearly over," Rose muttered.

The Doctor nodded. "Jack, you search the second floor, Rose, first floor, and I'll do the ground floor. We'll meet back in ten minutes if we don't find anything. Allons-y!" He moved off and through the doorway into the entrance hall.

Jack looked at Rose. "... What did he used to do?"

Rose opened her mouth to reply when the Doctor suddenly appeared from around the door-frame again. "Shift!" he yelled, and reluctantly they moved off in opposite directions.

Ten minutes later they reconvened outside the toilet, having had no success. The wedding guests were beginning to empty from the upstairs to head down to the wedding reception. With the fazian child still loose it was a race against time to find him before any of the guests did, as many of them would not take kindly to an alien presence in the current world situation.

"You don't reckon he got into the service, do you? Or the reception?" Rose wondered.

The Doctor mused on that for a moment. "Maybe. But he can't have been seen yet because there'd be a panic..."

"Excuse me!" a voice suddenly asked from down the corridor, and the three turned to find a strangely-dressed overweight black-haired man wobbling towards them. He was wearing a white vest that was far too small for him, Hawaiian shorts and Wellington boots, his face round and fat with slicked down black hair, freckles and little piggy eyes hiding behind glasses that had no lenses. It was from his awkward not-quite-right appearance alone that all three knew this must be the Fazian father. "Greetings, dear fellow humans!" he said brightly and friendly. "Have you seen a small boy around here at all by any chance?"

"Are you Roger?" the Doctor asked.

"Oh gosh, yes I am!" Roger replied, a little confused.

"I met your wife, Geraldine. I'm the Doctor and..."

"The Doctor?" Roger suddenly repeated, his little eyes lighting up. "Oh, it's an honour!"

"You're welcome," the Doctor replied, grinning at him. "We're trying to find George. Your wife is in here at the moment." He gestured at the toilet door. "I locked it so no human could find her."

"Oh gosh, yes, her morphic box was getting rather low on battery," Roger mused. "I suppose George's might have powered down by now too. Gosh, I'm so terribly sorry for all this inconvenience, Mr Doctor!"

"That's quite all right," the Doctor assured him.

"Oh but golly, we were meant to go back to Fazia last week, but they have darn well cancelled all the space flights!" Roger explained, swinging his arm to punctuate his darn.

The Doctor frowned. "Why?"

Before Roger could reply, there came the sound of music from above their heads accompanied with yet more cheering.

"We've gotta move," Jack said quickly.

"Right," the Doctor looked back at Roger. "How long until your morphic box wears off?"

"Oh, well, not long I suppose. Ten minutes, I'd say!"

"Okay," the Doctor acknowledged with a nod. "There's a human gathering upstairs right now that are about to come downstairs so we have to find George before any of them do..."

"Is George definitely in this house?" Rose asked suddenly. "I mean, is there any chance he went outside?"

"Oh, I don't think so!" Roger replied, tapping his chin. "He's rather shy."

Multiple footsteps were coming from above, now. It was definitely over.

"Doctor," Jack urged.

The Doctor nodded quickly. "Roger, can you and your wife get out of the house unseen and hide in the grounds?" He caught Roger's look. "We'll find George, and I'll take you all back to Fazia in my ship."

Roger nodded eagerly. "Oh Doctor, you're even nicer than the stories say!"

The Doctor beamed at him, before turning back to Jack. "Get to the wedding reception and be on the look out." Jack run off without another word as the Doctor turned unlock the toilet door with the sonic, pushing it open to find Geraldine still in there holding Alex. She looked up on their entry, eyes wide.

"Roger!" she realised. "Have you found him?"

"Not quite, darling, but the Doctor's sorting everything! He's lovely, don't you agree?"

Alex started making attention-seeking sounds at the sight of his parents, smiling broadly and reaching out to be taken. Rose bolted forward and took him back into her arms, where he held on tightly.

"Hey, we said we wouldn't be long," the Doctor told him, kissing his forehead. Alex just giggled and tried to grab his hair.

"We need to get out of this building, my dearest," Roger told his still panicking wife. "The humans may see us and panic."

"I'm not leaving without George!" she squealed.

"I will find your son then give you all a lift home," the Doctor assured her. "But first priority is keeping you safe. Earth is still a level five planet and they're treating aliens with hostility..."

"Earth isn't a level five planet!" Geraldine squeaked, looking about ready to burst into tears.

The Doctor's frown reappeared. "... What?"

"Why, we saw it listed as level six," Roger told him. "In the brochure!"

"... Brochure?" the Doctor repeated, his frown deepening even more.

"The Sol holiday brochure, of course!"

"... Holiday brochure?" the Doctor repeated again disbelievingly.

"Where's my George?" Geraldine interrupted in a shriek of rage, drawing them all back to the issue in hand.

The Doctor jolted back and put this new matter out of his head. "Get out, we will find your son, I promise," he said, and ushered Rose out of the door to go to the wedding reception before they could be stopped.

A/N: I feel for the Receptionist. She's gotta be a little confused as to why so many people suddenly need the toilet.