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Chapter 31 – The Doctor Dances

It was absolutely freezing cold outside, so Jackie made sure the photos were very quick so everyone could get back inside for the wedding dinner. There was only one massive table because of the number of guests, with everyone locked in conversation with each other while they waited for the food.

The Doctor, Rose and Jackie were engrossed in talking to the seven-month-old boy, whose speaking switch seemed to have just spontaneously switched on. It was relieving for all of them.

"Hi, Alex!" the Doctor said to him.

"Hi," Alex said, staring at his father, a little bewildered.

"Hi, Alex!" the Doctor said again, grinning from ear-to-ear.






"Say Dadda?"


"Say 'I love you, Dadda'?"

"I uv voo, Dadda."

"Say Mama," Rose said quickly, interrupting anything the Doctor may have said. "Ma-ma."


"Say 'I love you, Mama'?"

"I uv voo, Mama."

"Oh!" Rose enthused, taking him from the Doctor and giving him a massive hug and a kiss. "Well done, you did it!"

"'K," Alex said, voice muffled with his face now in his mum's shoulder.

"Oh, we're all so proud of you!" Jackie said happily, wrenching him from his mother to hold him and plant kisses all over his face. "You're such a big boy now, aren't you? Aren't you? You're talkin' now, sweetheart! You'll be usin' big words soon!"

The Doctor watched the boy struggling desperately in his gran's arm to try and slip out. Eventually he managed to wriggle free and instantly ran back over to his Dad, reaching up to be taken onto his lap for protection.

The Doctor laughed and picked him up, kissing him. "Love you."

"'K," Alex said again, reaching up to try and grab his hair.

"Oh, I wish your gran could've seen that, sweetheart," Jackie told Rose gently. "She'd have loved it."

Rose nodded, looking down at her wedding dress and grinning happily at it. "Thanks so much for arrangin' everythin', Mum, it's all been so perfect."

"Well, muggins 'ere didn't 'ave a clue what he was supposed to do so I 'ad to save it," she told her, gesturing at the Doctor who was far too absorbed in talking to Alex to listen to what she was saying.

Rose giggled, just as a loud whine came from next to her. She and her Mum looked over to see Leah sitting there, clutching her knife and fork and staring at her empty plate.

"I'm hungry!" she complained.

"It'll be here soon, sweetheart," Jackie assured her.

"But I want it now."

"In a minute, love."

"What are we having?" Leah asked, looking up.

"Fish and chips for you, darling," Jackie told her.

"What are we having?" the Doctor suddenly said, interested.

"Fish and chips!" Jackie repeated. "No point gettin' expensive posh stuff nobody likes, eh? Got it in from the chippy."

"Good call," Jack said, leaning to them, then looking at Alex. "Hi, Alex!"

"Hi," Alex replied.

"Can you say 'Uncle Jack'?"

Alex stared at him for a moment. "Unka Ja."

"Close enough," he enthused, grinning and ruffling Alex's hair.

"'K," Alex replied, and snuggled into his father further.

"Thank you for saving my life," the Doctor told him seriously.

Alex just nodded and hugged him tighter as there was a sudden shriek of delight from Leah. The food had finally arrived.

Everyone ate the fish and chips and the dessert extremely quickly. After everyone had eaten Jack tapped his glass with a spoon, and stood up to get everyone's attention for a speech.

"Speech time," he said, holding up a glass. "Now, as best man, not that he's actually told me that but I'm gonna assume that's what I am," Jack began, holding his wine glass in the air and grinning. "I gotta say, what a really beautiful wedding. Hands together for Jackie, everyone!"

Everyone clapped appropriately as Jackie blush deeply.

"I think everyone will agree with me, though these two have been practically married for five years with two great kids, I don't think we really thought they'd actually do this. But I'm happy they have. Since I met them all those years ago and Rose had a Union Jack across her chest in the middle of the Blitz and..."

"What?" Jackie suddenly shrieked, looking at Rose, who looked away quickly.

Jack continued, regardless. "... And the Doctor was this seriously intimidating northerner with big ears and his leather jacket, I saw this little spark between them. It took them long enough to get it together but I am so, so sure that they are pretty much perfect for each other and I don't think we ever imagined it any other way. So everyone..." He raised his glass high in the air, and everyone followed suit. "Raise your glasses to Rose Tyler and the Doctor, my two best friends and the greatest people in the universe."

Everyone cheered in agreement and toasted to that.

"Now the groom will make a speech," Jack finished with a beaming smile, nudging the Doctor.

The Doctor looked up at him with wide eyes. "The groom's going to what now?" he asked, but before he could run out the exit Jack grabbed him by the elbow and pulled him to his feet.

"Err..." he began, staring around at the crowd of faces staring at him expectantly. "I'd just like to say, thank you all for coming. It's been a brilliant day... It really has. Thank you to Jackie for sorting it out when I clearly had no idea." He paused, looking at the table before looking up again, taking a breath. "These past couple of months have been..." He paused again, searching for the appropriate word. "... Hard, but everyone's really been... just fantastic. My Mum got it right I think, I'm an alien in this little group of humans and you've just accepted me into your lives like one of you and I... I'm really grateful for that. Thanks for giving me a new home."

He dropped down and as everyone clapped and Rose hugged him and kissed him. Then she stood up, beaming.

"My turn!" she exclaimed. "Actually I just wanted to talk for a bit about the people that aren't here today. My Gran for one, and Granddad Prentice, my real Dad, and the Doctor's parents. Who turned out to be pretty amazin' in the end. I know his Mum would've loved to be here, and she'd have loved to see Alex talkin'. But you know, that's all in the past. Today's about the future, yeah? I think 2013 is gonna be amazin'. I've got a load of New Year's Resolutions to promise my new husband and things are gonna be great. We might not have many blood relations around but we're so lucky to have you all as our friends, plus we've still got Leah, Alex and now Kiana, who we're gonna raise as our own. That's all I wanted to say really. Thank you for bein' here, I've had an amazin' day."

Everyone nodded and clapped again, cheering that.

"Leah?" Jack prompted the four-year-old, who was in the midst of trying to get rid of the chocolate from her dessert caked on her face. She nodded and stood up on her chair, accepting a slip of paper from Jack. Rose looked confused, but the Doctor was smiling a little evilly to himself, taking his glass of wine to hide his face behind it.

"This is from Mummy's diary when she was 7," Leah began to the crowd, and Rose's face dropped like a stone... "I saw on Eastenders today this thing Mummy called a wedding. Mummy says when I grow up I'm gonna have a really big wedding with lots of flowers and stuff. She said the bigger the ring the better the boy. She said to marry a doctor or something because they're rich and have big houses. I don't like boys, they're smelly. I'll get married so I can wear a pretty dress then I'll divorce like Ross on Friends then live on my own in a big house with a dog called Bradley."

Everyone was in fits of laughter and even more so when the very red Rose looked at the very guilty-looking Doctor and shoved him, her jaw agape. He just giggled insanely and reached forward to hug and kiss her.

"Let's go party!" Jackie exclaimed, holding up a glass of wine, plainly already quite tipsy before she headed in the vague direction of the door to the reception area to get back to the Hub for the party.

"Oh, Jack, sweetheart, I'm so sorry!" a very drunk Jackie exclaimed as she walked into him for the fourth time, almost spilling her drink all over him.

"Don't worry, no harm done," Jack said, pulling away and taking her shoulder to straighten her up. "You all right?" he asked seriously as she struggled to find a centre of balance.

She ignored the question, just gazing into his eyes. "You know, you're welcome to come back to my place tonight... You're bloody gorgeous," were the words Jack managed to make out through the slurs.

Jack just smiled politely at that. "Sorry, not interested, how about that guy over there?" he said, pointing to Ianto. As Jackie turned to look he made a run for it to where the Doctor was sitting on the floor against the wall.

"Here," he said, sitting down next to him and giving him a plate of food and a cup of orange juice. The Doctor accepted it gratefully, with slightly uncoordinated hand movements. "Little drunk?" Jack wondered, grinning.

"I think Jackie spiked the drink," the Doctor muttered, regarding the seemingly harmless orange juice.

Jack persisted with his grin. "Well, she's pretty drunk already. I just got an invitation to go home with her tonight."

The Doctor smiled at that, munching on a canapé.

"You okay?" Jack wondered seriously.

The Doctor nodded. "It's been a good day."

Jack nodded in return. "How does it feel to be married?"

"Exactly the same as not being married," the Doctor replied simply.

"So you wouldn't recommend it?"

The Doctor looked at him for a moment, then continued on his canapés. "Why, are you thinking about it?"

Jack shrugged. "Dunno."

"Do it," the Doctor said shortly. Jack opened his mouth to protest, but the Doctor cut over him. "Come on, I've been watching you and Ianto tonight, you quite clearly love each other. If you're already thinking about it then make it happen."

"Getting married is a pretty big thing, Doctor."

"Is it?" the Doctor wondered, finishing the last of the canapés and starting on the peanuts. "A wedding doesn't really mean anything."

"Well, maybe not to your alien self," Jack replied. "If you don't believe in it why did you do this?"

"I did it for Rose," the Doctor answered simply. "She said she didn't mind not getting married, but I was reading her diaries and there's so much in there about growing up to have a dream wedding. All the way from the part Leah read to her being sixteen. I just wanted to give that to her because it means so much to her. And don't change the subject."

Jack sighed. "Well, I just worry. Because I'm immortal... he's not."

"And that worries you? I'm certainly going to outlive Rose unless I get hit by a bus four times in 70 years. And you know what her dying will do to me through the bond."

Jack regarded him for a moment. "You love her a lot. I mean, I already know you do but... To just know that at the end you're gonna go insane and your brain is gonna fall to pieces but still doing it."

"That's what makes this easy. I just know I want to be with her and share my life with her for as long as I can. If I die at the end, then that's an unfortunate side effect but there's nothing I can do about it. I've got no regrets. But... If marrying means a lot to you and you don't understand what I just said, maybe you shouldn't. Maybe he's just not perfect for you."

Jack fell silent.

The Doctor looked at him. "But you know, what I've seen between you... If it's not perfection it's pretty close. I'd do it."

Jack met his eyes, pulling a half-smile. "Y'know, you talk a lot of sense when you're drunk."

"If only all my previous bodies could see me now..." the Doctor muttered. "Drunk, sitting on the floor in a suit of the reception of my own wedding to a human on 21st century Earth."

"They'd be jealous," Jack assured him with a grin and leant forward to hug him just as the lights in the Hub went down and some disco lighting started up.

"Oh, my cue," the Doctor muttered, trying to get up but mostly falling sideways. Jack laughed and grabbed him under the arms, pulling him onto his feet. He swayed a little, then finding his centre of balance.

"Legs okay?" Jack wondered.

The Doctor nodded. "Bearable. Can you find Rose?"

Jack was off in a flash as the Doctor moved in amongst the crowds of drunk people to get to the centre. He looked up to Mickey being the DJ, and gave a thumbs up. Mickey gave a return thumbs up and began to fiddle with the computer.

"Jack said you wanted me?" came Rose's voice from behind him, and the Doctor turned to see her, absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress.

He smiled a little drunkenly at her, pulling her into a hug and holding her close. Rose noticed the dance floor was clearing, people forming into a giant circle around them.

"Oh god, we're not...?"

He grinned at her, then looked over at Mickey who nodded in return, quickly bending down to the computer again. Rose frowned, looking at the Time Lord with confusion. He just grinned and took her hand with one hand and her hip with the other in a dance pose.

"What're you..." she began.

"You wanted romance, I'll give you romance," he said simply, and the music started up.

"Imagine me and you, I do... I think about you day and night, it's only right... To think about the girl you love, and hold her tight. So happy together..."

He began to dance with her, pressing himself against her, foreheads pressed together as they gazed into each other's eyes. He really was quite the dancer in this incarnation, Rose noted, and he did his steps expertly, turning her and moving back and forth.

Jack grinned at the sight, noticing everyone had stopped to watch them now. Even the drunk Jackie had stopped trying to grope a terrified-looking Ianto to watch the dance.

"Me and you and you and me... No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be... The only one for me is you, and you for me... So happy together..."

Suddenly Jack's vortex manipulator started vibrating, buzzing quietly. He frowned slightly, just wondering how he could use that with Ianto before flipping it open and looking at the screen.

Tell my past self the message now.

He blinked in surprise. He hadn't set that alert. Was it the future Doctor? Had he messed with his manipulator? The cheek!

He looked up at the dancing couple. He didn't want to interrupt them...

"I can't see me lovin' nobody but you, for all my life... When you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue, for all my life..."

His manipulator vibrated again. He looked down.

You're just standing there, aren't you? Tell him, Harkness!

Jack frowned slightly, a little confused.

"Ba-ba-ba bah, ba-ba-ba bah..."

It vibrated again.

You're unbelievable, you still haven't moved yet, have you?

"Ba-ba-ba bah, ba-ba-ba bah..."

Hurry up! You've got twenty seconds before we all get swallowed up in a paradox!

Jack started forward, pushing his way through the crowd to get to the Doctor and Rose, who were now deeply involved in each other's throats.

"So happy together..."

"Doctor, message for you," Jack said urgently.

The Doctor drew back from kissing Rose, raising his eyebrow slightly. "Little busy," he replied with just a hint of sarcasm, before resuming what he was doing.

"Doc," Jack grated, pulling him off of Rose with a violent yank.

The Doctor yelped, almost stumbling over his own feet.

"Ba-ba-ba bah, ba-ba-ba bah..." the music continued in the backgorund.

"Jack, what are you..."

"Doctor," Jack interrupted, grabbing him by the shoulders and pushing him into the wall, completely winding him.

"Jack!" Rose yelped in alarm, jumping forward but he held up his hand.

"Sorry. I'm under strict orders."

"By who?" the Doctor breathed.


"Um, what?"

"There's no time to explain. But you told me that on the 10th December 2012 at this exact time I had to give you a message. The message is this." He dug into his pocket and drew out the note he'd been given by the future Doctor so long ago, handing it to the present Doctor. "And you told me to tell you that it's a code ten."

The Doctor suddenly stiffened, staring at the note Jack had shoved in his hand.

"So happy together..."

"What does that mean?" Rose asked quickly.

The Doctor didn't answer her. He slowly opened the note, and read the words.

The reign of Echo will begin.

He stared unblinkingly at the paper, absolutely frozen on the spot.

"Ba-ba-ba bah, ba-ba-ba bah..."

"Doctor? Doctor!" Rose demanded of him, feeling the panic escalate in her husband.

He looked up at her, his eyes wide. "Kiana's in the TARDIS, right?"

"Yeah, what...?"

"Get Alex and go back to the TARDIS. I'll get Leah."


"Do it, NOW!" he roared. Rose knew when not to mess with him and ran off at the speed of light, everyone staring at them, muttering to each other in confusion.

"We're happy together..."

"Leah!" the Doctor yelled, looking around the room.

"Daddy?" Leah appeared through the throng of the crowd, slightly apprehensive.

"Come here!" he ordered and instantly the little girl was at his side. He picked her up and glanced around for Rose who was already appearing back out of the transfixed crowd holding Alex. He nodded to her and turned to make back to the TARDIS in a hurry.

"Doctor!" Jack tried again, running after him out of the door to where the TARDIS was parked. "Doctor what's code ten?"

The Doctor again didn't reply, pushing open the door and beckoning for Rose to get inside. He set Leah down and gestured for her to run into the TARDIS.

"DOCTOR!" Jack yelled, trying desperately to be acknowledged.

"So happy together..."

The Doctor finally looked at him, regarding Jack standing there staring at him. His expression turned, his eyes suddenly saddening. Then to Jack's complete surprise he dived forward and hugged him tightly. After a few moments he drew back and stared at him a little more, hands resting on Jack's arms.

Then he let go, stepping back to the TARDIS.

"... See you in hell," the Doctor said, echoing the very words Jack had told him back on Satellite Five before Jack had walked to his death. And with that, he turned and ran into the TARDIS, slamming the door closed behind him.

"Ba-ba-ba bah..."

Jack just stared, utterly shocked before the TARDIS began to churn, and eventually faded from existence.

"... Ba-ba-ba bah."

The End

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