The Sock

Chapter 9 – Movie Night

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Spoilers: The Love


Kate's Apartment, seven o'clock:

"Hey, come on in. Sorry, it's kinda a mess."

Nick looked around. "This is nothing. My apartment looks like something exploded in it." Kate laughed. "No, I mean it, something DID explode."

Kate looked skeptically at her partner. She never knew what to belive.

"What are we watching?"

Kate looked triumphant. "Pretator series."

Nick just grinned. "You're my best bud. You know that?" Kate laughed and set up the VCR. "Ooh, popcorn." He popped the lid of a bottle of Dr. Pepper (A/N: don't own that either.) and threw it at Kate, who was still fussing with the machinery. "Projectionist!" He heckled.

Kate responded in the exact same tone of voice. "Moron!" She pressed a button. "Got it!" She hurried to the couch. "Hey, share the popcorn."

"Yes, Mom. Ow!"

"Shut up and watch the movie."


By halfway through the second movie, they weren't paying much attention. They were talking, Arnold all but forgotten. "I mean, it's kinda sad that there's no Bob, but it's okay. I wish I knew who was going to give me that rose, though."

Nick prodded, trying to figure out the best thing to do here. "Maybe it's better that you don't know, it's kind of nice to have a mystery. I mean, do you really want to ruin that?"


Nick grabbed a throw pillow and shilded his face. "I left it there."

She yanked the pillow from his grasp. "What???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I didn't mean to cause trouble! I knew you were having a rough time, that's all. I was going to leave it on your desk. I chickened out. I'm sorry."

Kate smiled a little. "Don't be. It was a really nice idea." She laughed a humorless laugh. "Why can't I ever date a guy like you?" She paused for a minute. It looked like she was lost in thought, perhaps contemplating some sudden realization that had failed her before. "Hey, Nick?"


"Honestly, as a friend, do you think I'm a jerk magnet, or something? I just can't figure it out." (A/N: Psych!)

"Hey, you're not a jerk magnet," Nick assured her. "You're perfect."

She looked at him skeptically. "Then why do only jerks like me?"

"They don't, I mean, not JUST jerks. All the guys are attracted to you. It's just the only ones who aren't intimidated by you are the jerks."

Now she looked really distressed. "Intimdated?"

"No, no, sorry." Nick was desperately searching for words. "It's just, they're afraid to ask you out because they're sure they'd be rejected." Kate smiled just a bit. "They figure you've got guys lined up around the block, so what would you want with them?"

"You really think that's it?"

"Positve." Nick relaxed on the sofa and turned his head to watch the movie.

Kate thought about what he had said for a few minutes. She didn't think she had ever seen him so relaxed. Except of course for that time he was high on Cupid fumes. But that was different. He'd been in love with everything. He had treated everyone so differently. She turned that thought over in her head, remembering. Not really. He hadn't really treated her differently, except for the driving thing. She thought about that some more. (It takes her a while.) She turned to look at him. He was focused completely on the movie, relaxing. There was no one she felt more comfortable with, no one in the world she would rather spend time with.

In one bizarre moment of bravery, stupidity, and who knows what else, she leaned over very slowly, and kissed his lips. He didn't jerk away, and she stayed there for just a moment, wondering what his reaction would be. She pulled away, almost afraid, hoping she hadn't ruined everything. She expected some kind of reaction. Anything, but he just sat there.

He was asleep. She was dissapointed and relieved at the same time. It was probably better.

Nick was, in fact, perfectly awake. But he wasn't about to let Kate know that. It would be akward. She would probably feel bad about it. He 'woke up' a few minutes later and left.


Kate never knew exactly what had happend. She knew enough to make her noticably happier. No one else picked up on it, but something about them had definitely changed.

But in a way, it was the same as ever.