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Chapter 2

When she awoke in the morning Jane found herself alone. Apparently Alexander was already gone, leaving on his space in bed a velvet box. She turned aside, pushing the covers quickly and opened the box. A brand new diamond necklace shone bright in her hands. He was always so predictable, jewelry from birthdays, perfumes from his trips. Alexander didn't even seem to try to be more original with his gifts anymore.

Anyway, she got up from bed and admired the necklace under the skin of her collarbone, running her fingers over the stones gently. It would perfectly match with the dress that she had separated for the night, she thought.

Putting aside the necklace, Jane combed her hair carefully, recalling the discussion between her and her husband hours before. Alex was right on many points, but how to explain it to him? "I don't want to accept thatI may beconfusedabout myfeelings forLovejoy." This would be the most sincere explanation, but too sincere, even coming from her. Alex did not need to know her doubts, not yet, not until she was able to make her choices. No, Alex wouldn't ever know about it. Right.

"Lovejoy?" She asked as she heard the phone came off-hook.

"No, it's Cindy; who is it?" The voice on the other side was definitely feminine and Jane felt something rising through her throat, a heat uncontrollable, a unbearable constriction. What was that?

"I want to talk to Lovejoy, please; it's Lady Jane Felsham." She said with the most polite and formal tone she could. Jane waited in line for a few second, hearing strange noises, and she would rather not even try to imagine from they were.

Since when Lovejoy was dating someone? He hadn't said anything to her... But when he told her about these things anyway? It would have been just a night or he would start a relationship with this... What was her name again? Jane took a deep breath, trying to be as cooler as possible.

"Janie" Lovejoy sounded excited across the line.

She set the phone to her ear properly. Even just the sound of Lovejoy's voice was enough to make her smile, especially when he said her name. There was something in the way that he says her name that made her melted and... She interrupted her own thoughts and said with her voice slightly squeaky: "Who is… What's her name…? Anyway, who is she?"

"A friend." His tone was cautious in answering. Maybe he was looking for rescue? Not likely, he knew very well how to get rid of undesirable companies himself (at least most of the times). Maybe he did not want her to know he was with someone. Could be.

"Humph..." she muttered. Was she jealousy? Was she jealous of Lovejoy? Yes, of course she was. "I need you to get over here, as soon as possible." Jane continued speaking with the tone slightly demanding, almost bossy.

"Do you need me now?" Jane knew that tone of voice of Lovejoy. He seemed pleased, like he wanted to escape. Don't fool yourselfJane! She wanted that he was trying to escape, and that couldn't be the truth. And probably wasn't.

She thought for some seconds. There were two options. The first one was let him decide here he wanted to be, or, the second one, give him a reason to want to be with her. Jane didn't need to think too much about that.

"If you can... But if you're too busy right now I guess I can wait until you have time for me and spend whole morning sunbathing by myself. Unless you want to join me and we could discuss some important matters that I know I can trust only in you to help me." She was flirting with him, openly. Oh god, that was not good, not good at all!

"Is Alex at home?" He asked with a whisper.

"No." Jane blushed violently trying to imagine what was going on in Lovejoy's head and held a satisfied grin, of course he was coming after that.

Lovejoy was silent for a few seconds. Jane could imagine his green eyes moving from side to side as he created an excuse, analyzed his alternatives and made his choice. The phone suddenly became muffled, he certainly should have covered the speaker with his hand and the sound of muffled cries of "Cindy" reached Jane's ears. She smiled.

"I'm on my way."

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