Akuma leered down at the gathered Shinigami, standing slightly forward of Hozukimaru and Ruri-iro Kujaku. Rotasukonran was staying back at the cave.

"The reign of the Shinigami will end this night, and in it's place will rise the Zanpakuto." Muramasa gestured to the gathered spirits.

Akuma grew bored, and then Kazeshini caught her eye. They grinned, launching themselves into the fray with nearly identical laughs.

Akuma landed amongst a large group, who all turned on her.

"Surrender." The male with blond hair demanded.

"I don't think you're in a position to say things like that." Akuma shook her head. "And I wouldn't because I'm having too much fun!"

A redhead rushed forward and Akuma threw him back with one arm. The rest lunged forward.

Gold reitsu seeped from Akuma, crackling around her feet like fire.

All glanced over when she let out a laugh which was famous for her wielder, throwing her head back. Her group all fell, defeated.

Akuma lazily sauntered back to her spot.