This is the epilogue/last chapter of the story. I hope you liked it. :) Song for this was "Thousand Years" by Christina Perry.

Agni looked out towards the sun, admiring its beauty and warmth before turning back to his prince. The sun could not compare to the radiance before him.

"I can feel your eyes on me, Agni. What is it you are thinking about?" a small, cheeky smile gave his master away, despite his tranquil pose.

Agni laughed, holding up his hands in surrender. "You caught me, sly prince. I was thinking of us, and our story. It pleases me more every time I think of it."

Eyelids fluttered open to reveal yellow sea-glass eyes, which met his own blue-grey ones. "Hm, that's interesting."

Agni blinked, confused. "What is interesting, my prince?" Soma stood fluidly, walking over with grace and majesty befitting the young sovereign. A soft smile graced his full lips, wrapping his arms around Agni's lithe body and embraced him fiercely.

"I have thought of nothing else since you have been away from my side." The quiet words set Agni's heart to aching. He had betrayed his beloved to keep Meena from hurting him, but his plan had ended up hurting everyone...especially Soma. His eyes squeezed shut, trying not to weep, until gentle lips connected with his.

It was lighter than a butterfly wing, at first, just a glide back and forth. Then, it became deeper until they could bear it no more. The prince sighed, "I want you, Agni. I have missed having you beside me when I wake up. I've learned so much these past weeks, and if there is one thing I wish to hold onto from this, it is that I love you more than I can possibly say, and that now, I understand that no matter where either of us go, you will not leave me. You are here." Soma took Agni's hand and kissed it, before bringing it to lay against his heart, the beat steady and strong.

"My heart beats for you as well, Agni. May I stay with you, here," he touched his hand to the other's heart, "So that you will stay with me forever?" Agni's clear tears dripped onto the hand on his heart, smiling radiantly, before leaning forward to take the prince's face in his hands. He kissed his Soma everywhere he could, before picking him up and laying him on the bed. His forehead rested against the other's, a gesture that had bonded them long ago.

They loved deep into the night, forgiving and worshipping each other in a dance as old as earth. When Soma lay asleep beside his beloved, Agni circled his arms around the prince and whispered his promise to his friend, his lover, his sovereign, his god, his everything.

"Yes Soma, I will be here. If that is what my prince wishes, then so it shall be. For it is my wish as well."

The End.

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