A/N: This will be the companion story to Learning to Let Go. It will all be told in EPOV. I know a lot of you have been dying to get inside that boy's brain, so here's your chance. Now, not every chapter from LTLG will be seen here, as some of what happens there was Bella's experience that Edward wasn't around for, but much of it should coincide and match up. I have no set posting schedule for this, but will try to get a few chapters a day up. Finally…this entire EPOV story is for Catastrophia…consider this a very early birthday gift hun.

Today was supposed to be a good day for them.

A romantic day.

They were supposed to be going out to a nice dinner and then go dancing.

He was supposed to get her tulips…he had always told me they were her favorite.

Tonight was supposed to be the beginning of them trying to start their family…he called me to tell me all about it…he was so excited to start trying.

He wanted to be a father…he was ready.

Today was Valentine's Day…it wasn't supposed to be like this…it's just not fair to either of them…or any of us for that matter.

I wasn't supposed to have two police officers showing up at work.

I wasn't supposed to be feeling like I was losing my mind or trapped in a nightmare.

I wasn't supposed to be at the coroner's office, identifying my dead brother's body.