5 years later

Life is good.

Life is wonderful.

I never thought that my brother dying seven years ago would ultimately lead me to the greatest happiness of my life.

I've been so blessed.

I have my loving wife, the one woman who has ever owned my heart, the only woman who ever will.

I have my two beautiful daughters.

Eva is seven now, and so incredibly smart, and Cassidy is five, and absolutely loving kindergarten and the karate classes we started her in, even though we have to tell her it's not okay to practice on her siblings.

And I have my adorable two year old twin boys, Paxton and Peter.

They are my spitting image, and I couldn't be prouder…they have the penny colored hair and are identical…except for the eyes.

Paxton's are blue and Peter's are green.

Emmett and Rose are doing well too; they have a four year old little boy named Declan and a three year old little girl named Julia.

Alice and Jasper are great as well. Their son Oliver just turned four, and their second son, Thomas is due next month.

Things with Bella's parents are better than ever, and they love that we've given them so many grandchildren.

They, along with my parents want more, but for now, Bella and I are quite content with our bustling brood of four.

We've made sure that Eva knows about Evan…although we've never made mention of Charlotte…maybe when she's older we'll broach that conversation.

As angry as I was all those years ago when everything happened, and then when the truth of the things Evan had done came out…I'm thankful to him.

I needed to learn how to hold on to hope that life has its own way of working out, and he taught me that…he showed me how to trust that with a bit of hope and faith, I would find my happiness, and finally find and experience all the wonderful things that life had in store for me.

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