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All He felt was a burning sensation that slowly spread from his forehead to his chest. He watched as his hand on the tiny creature before turned Killing Curse green. The burning sensation slowly becoming more uncomfortable until it felt as if a furnace had ignited within him. Then as suddenly as it started it ended. Seconds passed and He felt his chest constrict. He could not breathe. He could not think. Then a sound reached his ears, a soft wail like sound. He blinked and stared as the creature's eyes opened. He reached out and ran a finger down a red cheek that was surprisingly warm all things considered.

"Oh Theodore Morpheus Riddle I wonder what will happen now," He whispered.

Another sound reached his ears and before He could turn around a red light enveloped him.


"Lord Potter-Black, you have been brought here on charges of Necromancy and Dark Magic with the means to bring back the Dark Lord. How do you plead?"

He looked at the members of the mini Wizengamot with a sneer on his face. Snape sat in the 'audience'. Neville was out in a waiting room with Theodore. His lawyer-what was his name again, ah yes Counselor Kilpatrick- stood ram rod straight as if someone had just shocked his ass or something. It was strange seeing how different from his cousin Neville, Kilpatrick was.

"The healers have already run tests on the child and have determined that no sort of Necromancy had been used. Theodore is a healthy albeit slightly underweight 2 month old baby due to an acute case of silver poisoning. My client pleads not guilty your honors," Kilpatrick said.

Did He really plead not guilty? He knew something strange had happened because when He arrived Theodore John Lupin was fighting for his life and an hour later Theodore Morpheus Riddle was born? Created? Constructed? Hell if He knew but his son was alive. Well He knew something, his scar had something to do with it and was now gone.

"Lord Potter-Black, the grandmother Andromeda Tonks nee Black has attested to the fact that you have done Necromancy and Dark Magic."

He felt his magic pulse beneath his skin at the mention of her name.

"That bitch poisoned my son," He hissed.

"Now my Lord I'm sure that is an exaggeration. She says it was a full moon and the child turned ravenous for her flesh. We all know the apple does not fall far from the tree."

"So that gives her the right to feed an infant a bottle of milk laced with silver because she thinks he is going to eat her? If his sire was alive he would have done more than petrify her. She is lucky I even let her live," He said.

"Lord Potter-Black that is a threat you are issuing towards Lady Tonks."

"No that is a fact. If Theodore would have died I would have killed her."

Kilpatrick rested a hand on his arm.

"Your honors please forgive him He is still adjusting from the sedative given to him earlier," Kilpatrick said.

He wanted to laugh as the Wizengamot accepted what was said. As if Snape would allow them to feed him a sedative Snape himself did not brew. He almost bit off the fingers of a mediwizard before Snape came in and called him an uncouth mongrel like his father and godfather. Snape then made the mediwizard believe He took the sedative but no He would not take one just in case He had to run with Theodore. Kilpatrick knew there was no sedative in his system.

"We looked at her memories of the night. It seems she saw a green light and the body of her grandson come back to life."

"The green light she saw was a Muggle device I used to make sure Theo was alright," He lied.

"And might we see the device?"

He motioned for his lawyer to stand and bring forth his laptop.

"You see when it is turned on the devices screen is green when I use the medical program I put on it."

"Show us."

He turned it on and moved through the laptop files to his customized medical dictionary.

"There you see a Medical dictionary. I put all magical and muggle illnesses I had knowledge of within it. It was here that I was able to look at the signs of silver poisoning in werewolves. Theodore was being poisoned. Thankfully I got there in time to save him," He said.

"We have no proof that Lady Tonks did any of what you are accusing her of. We even checked your memories and there was nothing explicit about what she did."

He growled. Before He could respond there was a knock on the miniature court room door and in came Neville with a squalling Theodore.

"I'm sorry your honors but nothing was calming him down," Neville said.

He reached out for his son and as soon as contact was made Theodore became silent with the odd sniffle being heard.

"Can you just sentence me already?"

"As you wish. Do to the fact that no proof of Dark Magic and Necromancy has not been brought forth I motion that all charges are dropped. All in favor for the Necromancy and Dark Magic charges to be dropped say aye. Those opposed say nay."

A chorus of ayes filled the room.

"Let the decision stand as the charges are dropped. Due to the nature of what you are accused of Lord Potter-Black, you and your son will be kept on watch until the child is 11. In the case that any Dark Magic is found where you are located the child will be killed on sight with the belief that he is the Dark Lord and you will be put into Azkaban. You may or may not be sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss. For this sentence you are required to live outside of the Wizarding World. Court dismissed"

He looked at his son and smiled.