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Ch. 2 Separation and Defending Family Honor

Harry sipped his morning tea and watched as Theo ran throughout the house picking up items. He wondered how long it would take before Theo decided to ask for help. So far it had been an hour of frantic running around.

"5…4…3…2…1…" -"Muuuuummmmy help! I can't find Remmy!"-"And there he goes. Coming Theo!" he yelled.

He walked up stairs and into Theo's room. It looked like a Cerberus had a field day tearing the room apart. Clothing was strewn everywhere and the bed was unmade. He scanned the room and his eyes settled on his wayward son.

"Theodore," he said.

"I know Mummy. I just can't find Remmy. He has to go to Hogwarts with me," Theo whined.

"Did you remember I have magic before you tore apart your room?"

Theo looked at him sheepishly and shook his head.

"Accio Remmy,"

A gray growling mass of fur comes flying towards him. He caught the animal and handed it to Theo.

"I still do not understand why Draco thought you having a crup puppy would be a good thing."

"Draco said that since every familiar is now allowed as long as they are not dangerous I needed a pet. He was going to get me a Cerberus but thought you would want to kill him less over a crup puppy. And besides Remmy loves me. Don't you Remmy?" Theo asked.

Harry watched as Theo attached the magical collar and leach to Remmy. The puppy rolled over and chewed on his leash. Harry waved his wand and the room started becoming cleaner.

"Do you have everything?" he asked.

"Mmmhmm. I checked off the list. If I still need something I'll owl you," Theo said.

Harry nodded and shrunk the trunk and the cage for Remmy.

"Good now let's head to the station."


Theo held the leash tightly as Remmy tried to get away. He was sitting next to his Mummy on the Knight Bus. They had taken a plane from their city in America to London due to the fact that he almost died last time they did international Flooing. Now they were on this death trap headed to the train station.

He felt tears come to his eyes as he thought of home. He was not prepared to leave his Mummy but he was 11 now so it was time to be a man. He then looked at his Mummy and realized that with Francesca there Mummy might not miss him as much. What if his Mummy found another little boy?

"Mummy will you miss me?" he whispered.

His Mummy looked at him and smiled.

"Of course I will," he said pressing a kiss to Theo's forehead.

"Will you find another little boy to replace me?"

"No Theodore. Not even Francesca will replace you."

Theo relaxed.

"Next stop Kings Cross."

"Ah that's us. Make sure you have Remmy held tightly. I do not want to have to chop off his tail but I will if he does not behave," Mummy threatened.

"Okay Mummy. He will behave. Right Remmy?" Theo asked.

A bark like sound was their response as the bus stopped. His Mummy led him off the bus and through the train station until they got to the pillar between platforms 9 and 10. Remmy was going crazy growling at Muggles.

"Alright love. All you do is run at the wall and you'll be through. I'll follow with Remmy. Neville and his spawn should be waiting on the other side by now. You may rest on the train because I can see that you are tired," Mummy said.

Theo nodded and looked at the wall. He took a deep breath and ran at it. He closed his eyes preparing to hit brick and found himself in a crown of people.

"Theo!" he heard.

He turned and smiled as Alistair ran towards him.

"Where's Uncle Harry?"

"I'm right here Alistair. Theo here is Remmy. Little devil bit my finger," Mummy said with a glare.

"Is that your present from Cousin Draco? He gave me an owl. Mummy refused to allow me to have anything with 4 legs because of Trevor," Alistair said.

". His name is Remmy and he is a crup puppy. He's pretty well behaved except I think he might be mixed with something," Theo said.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because he-"Theodore and Alistair come on you're going to miss the train." "-I'll tell you later."

Theo and Alistair walked to their parents. Theo hugged Mummy one more time and kissed him farewell.


"I know. Father will show up because of my name. Every Riddle has been killed by him so with my name it is only a matter of time before he comes for me. When he does show up, I am to find Uncle Severus immediately. We are to then Floo you here. You will take care of the rest," Theodore said.


"If I am unable to get to Uncle Sev, I am to…umm… go to the infirmary?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?"


"Good boy. And if all else fails go to the Room of Requirement. I pointed it out to you on the map. Remember no getting into trouble."

"What if I'm not in Gryffindor?"

"That's fine love. As long as you are kind, to every house that tries to be your friend."

"What if someone tries to steal Alistair?"

"As a friend?"

Theo nodded. His Mummy chuckled and mumbled something about love.

"As long as you and Alistair remember that you are best friends nothing can come between you."

Theo smiled and hugged his Mummy. He then grabbed his trunk and made his way onto the train with Remmy and Alistair. As they settled into their compartment, Theo stared out the window. His Mummy, Uncle Nev and Francesca were waving from the platform.

"Are you ready?" Alistair asked.


"You speak like an American," Alistair teased.

"Well I was raised there you ass. Stop teasing me."

"Hey I was just stating my point."

"At least Mum kinda got the southern speech out of me. He almost died when I said y'all. It slips out every now and then but I'm pretty good at not saying it. Hell he almost gutted me when 'I said 'I ain't doing my homework.'"

Alistair chuckled and settled in for the ride. They then heard the train whistle blow and they were on their way to Hogwarts.


Theo was just nodding off when the door to their compartment opened. A beautiful red headed girl was standing there. There were tears in her eyes and Theo was reminded of Francesca.

"Can I sit in here?" she asked.

"Yeah. You alright?" Theo asked as she sat.

"No. Once the other kids knew who I was they started teasing me about my creature status and my family," she whispered.

"And who might you be?"

"My name is Victoire Weasley."

"My Mummy knew a Weasley."

"Well my Mummy is the veela married to a Weasley."

"Oh you're Bill and Fleur's kid. Mummy didn't know how old you were. He just knew you were alive."

"Your Mummy is a boy?"

Theo looked at her strangely.

"Of course. Mummies can be boys and girls," he stated.

"No they can't. Daddies are boys and Mummies are girls."

"My Mummy is a boy."

"Well your Mummy is a freak."

Theo stood as he felt himself get angry and his magic swell within him. Remmy had perked up from his place on the ground and was growling at the girl. Before Theo could react he felt arms wrap around him and pull him down onto a lap. Remmy laid back down once he felt Theo's magic recede. Theo felt hands run through his hair and force his head down on a shoulder. He allowed his eyes to close and listened to the conversation around him.

"You asked to be allowed into our compartment because everyone was being mean to you and yet you come in here and insult our family. I will allow you to remain in here but do not speak to us and I will keep him from killing you," Alistair said.

"But he-"

"Was raised by someone who loved him. His parents are dead and this man that he calls Mummy raised him instead of having him put into an orphanage. You just insulted this man," Alistair said.

"Well my mother and father told me that men who act like females are unnatural," she said.

"Well your parents are idiots and are unnatural themselves. Our Lord likes men but does that make him unnatural."

"My father says that You-Know-Who is dark and that is why he is corrupted by such things. If he only was Light such unhealthy behavior would not exist."

"Good I'll be sure to relay you feelings to my father, who will then relay it to our Lord."

Theo heard Victoire take a sharp intake of breath. He then heard shuffling and their compartment door open. He opened one eye as the door slammed shut. He looked up at Alistair and looked back down at his lap at the anger he saw reflected on Alistair's face. He turned and buried his face in Alistair's shirt.

"Oi, don't get too comfortable," Alistair said poking him in the side.

"But you smell so good and you're so comfy," Theo said.

"But you weigh like 200 kilograms."

"I do not," Theo mumbled as his eyes drifted close.

"Theo come one. Get up. Don't you dare fall asleep."

Theo wrapped his arms around Alistair and fell asleep to Alistair trying to push him off.


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