Amy stood, toes pointed, arms stretched out, ready to perform a cartwheel which she was sure would go horribly wrong. She feebly lifted one foot off the ground and did the cartwheel, landing lightly on her feet, her knees slightly bent and a smile on her face. How Jeanine would envy her if she won that gold medal. The line of people behind her did their cartwheels beautifully put no-one managed to pull it off as well as Amy did.

Thats only the easy part though. She still had to conquer the bars where she would perform a series of flips and the balance beam where she usually tumbled off. Also there was her final routine which she had choreographed herself. She felt a little guilty because she had gone against her mothers word and gone to the gymnastics competition. When she came home with a gold medal though all that would vanish. Amy was sure of it.

She managed to do everything else with the same precision as the cartwheel and she lined up nervously, waiting for the final results. "And now I would like to announce third place. This medal will go to Mary Bennox!" There was a loud applause and whooping then the hall fell silent.

"In second place is Jennie Sparks!" Another fit of celebration.

"And now I would like to announce our overall winner of the whole competion." Everyone waited with baited breathe."Gold medal will go to Amy Candler!" Amy stepped forward and accepted her medal blushing. Out the corner of her eye she saw a flash. She looked over and saw the man who had been taking pictures at her school and gymnastics hall. The smile vanished from her face and she took off after him as he exited the hall at a quick pace. When she got outside she shivered. It was cold and deserted. Suddenly a hand grabbed her from behind and something hit her round the head.

She fell ungracefully to the ground and fell into a deep sleep. She woke up in a dark, damp place. She was alone. Trapped. And there was nothing she could do about it.