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Once upon a time, was a time of peace and prosperity throughout the whole of the universe.

It was known by the royals, as the Great Millennia.

The commoners, however, called it the Silver Millennium, after the high rule of the Lunar Kingdom.

Many people believed that the Silver Millennium was the beginning of time, but in truth, it wasn't.

This is the story of Solaris, the hidden kingdom, the one that didn't get a fairy tale ending.


Before the Silver Millennium, the sun wasn't a hot ball of gases. It was actually quite similar to the moon in more than a few ways. On the sun, there was also a great and powerful kingdom, by the name of Solaris. There was a great civilization, and the Solarians lived happily under the rule of King Apollo the third. King Apollo ruled alone, and although he masked it well, longed for a family. It wasn't that he couldn't find a bride, for Apollo had beautiful maidens throwing themselves at him every day and with reason too. King Apollo was quite the looker with his semi-golden skin and rich silky locks the color of the rising sun. He had striking auburn eyes and a sunny personality. Apollo never married; because all the young maidens wanted was his money, and his position of power. None cared for him as himself.

One day, our young Apollo met a beautiful girl; she was a young slip of a girl really. King Apollo did not know her name, her history; he didn't even know what kingdom she was from! Nevertheless, he fell in love at first sight. It all began with a ride through the woods...

"Bring me Celestial Light!"

The King's booming voice was heard by all, and soon, a majestic golden horse was brought before the King. This great beast was most obviously out of control, rearing up on its powerful hind legs and flaring its nostrils in its agitation.

It truly was a beautiful horse, rare too. Celestial was found as a young calf by Apollo himself, and since then, they had been inseparable. The horse glowed in the light of the Great Celestials-starlight, moonlight, and most powerful of all, sunlight. His hooves sparkled with moon dust, his coat shone with sunlight, and his mane glittered with the very essence of stars themselves. They made quite a pair, Apollo and he; for the King, with his fair looks, was quite valued indeed.

The King easily took in the sight of his frantic servants and the enraged horse. He took control, motioning the servants back with a fluid wave of a golden-skinned hand and vaulting onto the horse's bare back. His fingers tangled into the beast's shimmering mane and his legs seemingly caressing the powerful beast even as he eased the poor horse. His efforts were proved to be effective as the horse easily quieted and stood, legs slightly bent, eyes rolling wildly, and sides heaving as his master slid off.

He patted his horse, rubbing the burnt-orange fur softly. He seemed to remember his audience and quickly dismissed the servants.

With that, King Apollo of the kingdom of Solaris went riding, a sight for all to behold. His slim shadow could be seen against the silvery rays of the setting moon, the exotic horse blurring against its element, its hooves glittering with moon dust and its mane glimmering like the stars themselves.

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